Richard Wolffe is doing the rounds, promoting his new book Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House. Looks like the White House is in “blame Rahm” mode:

“[O]ther senior staffers believed that [former Chief of Staff Rahm] Emanuel’s excess energy was a major part of the problem … In place of the rigid discipline of the presidential campaign, instead of their no-drama style and the strategic focus, ideas ricocheted around the West Wing with each firing of Emanuel’s synapses. ‘It’s all tactics and no strategy,’ said one of Emanuel’s close colleagues. ‘That’s something the president feels very strongly he’s missing. How do I get from here to where I want to go? It’s all tactical and it’s all Rahm. He has no follow-through and no management. Nobody is there to check that what was decided in the seven-thirty meeting actually happens. The problem with Rahm is that, yes, he’s brilliant. But he is purely tactical, and he changes his mind based on a conversation he just had with Paul Begala. There are many times when Axe has to shout him down to drop an idea or a tactic. And his style is unbelievably bad. It’s just too abusive.” (p. 55-6).

Nobody dislikes Rahm more than me. But there are people in life that you never, ever mess with because they can hurt you way more than you can hurt them. Rahm is one of those people for this White House.  He was the closest thing to a functioning press shop they had, he knows where the bodies are buried, and he knows how to get his message into the press without leaving  fingerprints.  He can cause havoc in virtually every major story written, and he’ll have no choice but to do so if the Jarrett/Axelrod/Gibbs/Plouffe dipshit nexus  start causing him problems in his mayor’s race.

These guys just have absolutely no judgment. None.