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Craig Ferguson on Obama’s Negotiating Skills

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Democrats just seem to be missing the negotiating gene.

Yesterday someone told me about a Senator who was going to trade their vote away on the tax cut bill — which they deeply oppose — in exchange for the right to have a symbolic vote they knew they would lose.

Made me want to put my head through a window.

Or, at least invite them over for a game of poker.

Harry Reid spent what — $25 million dollars? Like three times as much money as anyone has ever spent in a Nevada political race, to beat a complete mutant.  Maybe the worst political candidate of all time.

Now everyone’s running around like it was the biggest Democratic victory of 2010.  And you know what’s worse?  It was.

Roland Burris and the Senate Ethics Problem

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I’m a bit conflicted about this.  The Senate has opened an ethics probe into Roland Burris’s conflicting testimony about his relationship with Rod Blagojevich — as it should.  But the moral authority of the Senate to cast judgment in the situation is seriously compromised by their lack of action with regard to Ted Stevens, who was actually convicted on federal corruption charges:

The Senate Ethics Committee has reported that it did not take any disciplinary actions last year, even though Alaska Republican Ted Stevens was convicted of seven felonies.

It was the second year in a row that the panel reported no disciplinary actions against any senator.

The committee’s year-end report, required under the 2007 lobbying overhaul (PL 100-81), does not include names of senators or staff members who might have been investigated without disciplinary actions being recommended. But it does pull back the curtain on the secretive panel’s activities.

The one-page document, released late Jan. 30, reveals that the committee did nothing — even privately — to admonish Stevens, whom a Washington, D.C., jury convicted Oct. 27 of seven felony counts of lying on his Senate financial disclosure forms. 

The Washington Post is calling for Burris to resign, but if they ever called for Stevens to cash it in, I can’t find it.

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