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Happy Holiday Knitting

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Because the war on Christmas would not be complete without the sacrilege of non-Christmas specific holiday crafts.

This season, Lucy pays homage to Orlando Bloom in the classic slouch hat knitted in broken rib stitch.  The pattern can be found for free at Ravelry, where you can friend me as JaneHamsher.

I also knitted some fishtail pattern wrist warmers for myself, made out of Paton’s Kroy sock yarn:

I very much enjoyed seeing people’s art projects on the equally sacrilegious Happy Thanksgiving Knitting, so if you’d really like to get under Bill O’Reilly’s skin feel free to leave links to your holiday (or non-holiday) artistry in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving Knitting

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Lucy and Jane

Happy Thanksgiving from Lucy and her mom

When your dad is a minister, some old lady is sticking a pair of knitting needles in your hands before you can walk. Like tuna noodle casserole and out-of-tune pianos in the basement, it’s a staple of a church upbringing.

So I’ve been knitting for as long as I can remember.  I like to pick up patterns over at Ravelry (I’m JaneHamsher,  if you’re on Ravelry, friend me!)  My best friend from high school, Mary Jane M, is a bit of a star knitter over there and sometimes I do test knitting for her.  I knitted the Fair Isle sock in this pattern (and took the photo too as I recall, though I think I just snapped the shutter since it was Mary Jane’s foot in the sock.)

Recently I knitted this Burberry-inspired cowl pattern in green. I picked up the yarn at the Knit and Stitch yarn shop in Bethesda.  I wish I could remember what the name of the yarn is because it knits up really nicely.

The dogs and I have a fire going in the fireplace, we’re watching the Macy’s parade, and I’m working on these mittens, worn by Kristen Stewart in possibly the stupidest movie of all time, Twilight.

Lucy wanted to say “happy Thanksgiving” too, so she jumped in the photo.  That’s  me in the green cowl and new red hair.  Katie was attending to other urgent business in the yard.

So happy Thanksgiving, from all of us to all of you.

What’s your hobby, and how are you faring this fine Thanksgiving day?

And Now For Something Completely Non-Political

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2923564211_c84a37673cMy little Kobe is gone and I’m trying to take a couple of days off.  It’s hard to process it all when you’re used to having your head plugged into online politics 18 hours a day.

On Saturday, along with egregious and Mary Jane Muckletone (my best friend from high school) I brought Kobe’s ashes back to the house.  We were looking for a good place in the house to honor him, and decided to create a comfortable place for people to sit and just disconnect from the computer and relax.

So Mary Jane and I spent the day trying to find a really cozy sofa and comfortable fabric to cover it in.  Kobe liked down pillows and soft material, and he liked to pose so that everyone could see him to best effect.  He was a pretty vain little guy, but not without good reason.

I had to laugh the thought of what the two of us looked like in the design showroom, trying to figure out how a dog who had passed on would feel about various fabric samples and which one would have flattered him the most.

Mary Jane is a world champion knitter so we went to Stitch DC nearby and bought some yarn.  Tonight I’m knitting a pair of her wristlets on Ravelry.

Betcha didn’t know I could knit, didja?  Well, I can.

They’re purple.  And very soft.  For a king named Kobe.