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FDL Comment Moderation 2.0

9:54 am in Uncategorized by Jane Hamsher

Starting today we’re implementing a new moderation system across all the FDL sites, including MyFDL.

Many people have expressed the desire for members of the community play a stronger role in developing actions, content and community standards for FDL. The membership program is one of the ways we’re trying to be responsive to those wishes, and our new content moderation system is another.

If you look down to the bottom of each post, you’ll see a link that says “flag this post as inappropriate”:

You’ll see one at the bottom of each comment, too:


While we’ll still be screening comments for spam and inappropriate language, we’ll also be looking at the number of times a comment or a post gets flagged by members of the community, and factoring that into whether or not someone is appropriate content. It doesn’t mean that a group of people can gang up on one diarist or commenter and get them booted, but it does mean that if something upsets a lot of people, we’ll know that and can take it into account when making those decisions.

But that system depends on your participation. So if you see something you think has crossed the line, let us know. Disagreeing with someone’s respectfully expressed political perspective is not sufficient reason to flag a comment as inappropriate. Eliminationist rhetoric, threats, hate speech and free iPhone spam are.

There’s a vast gray area between the two polarities, however, and as a community we make decisions about what is appropriate and what is not every day. If those standards were static the job would be easy, but because of the fluid nature of language and the evolving ways people communicate online, they change all the time.
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Welcome to the New MyFDL

11:48 am in Uncategorized by Jane Hamsher

Welcome to the new MyFDL.  Our amazing tech crew has worked tirelessly for months to build social networking features into the site, and there is a lot of great new stuff:

1. Across the top of the page you’ll see your toolbar, where you can create an account or login   Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to control your MyFDL features from the toolbar.

2.  Every registered user has their own page, and clicking on anyone’s name in the comments will take you to their page. You can now add a picture of yourself, make friends within the community and have your own blog.

3.  You can join a group for your Congressional district.  We hope that people will be able to use these groups to organize locally in in the future.

4. Comments on MyFDL diaries are now nested, something a lot of people have been asking for.  We’ll see how it works on MyFDL as a way to test it for the main site.

5. The back stage area for writing diaries is MUCH spiffier.  Try it out.

My favorite part so far are the photos in the profiles. It was GREAT to click on msmolly’s name in the comments today and see her beautiful smiling face! It’s wonderful to be able to see who you’re talking to.

So what do you think?  Let us know in the comments.  The programmers are still working out the kinks so make a note of it here if you find something that’s not working. And thanks everyone for their patience.

Special thanks to Michael Whitney, Brian Sonenstein, Egregious, Rick, Rayne and all our programmers who have been working so hard on this.  It’s pretty amazing.