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Sauschuck forsakes redemption

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This week Americans in several cities and small towns decided to stop waiting for their putative “representatives” (whether in DC or their local statehouses) to, you know, “represent” their interests by legalizing cannabis for consumption by adults. We are all aware – and for some time now – that a majority of Americans seek the end of the violence inducing, life destroying, bigoted, wrong-headed and not in the least effective prohibition of cannabis in the US.

We also have seen push back by self-appointed cultural custodians and propagandized law enforcement who fear losing a raison d’etre for their discompassion, their smug self-righteousness, their bigotry, their orgies of taxpayer-dollar funded militarized storm-trooping police equipment procurement, their drug bust quotas, their tacit support of the dangerous and debilitating drugs tobacco and alcohol and their blithe shit-canning of arrested and convicted cannabis users as not-possibly-able-to-contribute-to-society. It is important to remember that such people are liars, who have supported societally harmful lies for nearly a century.

The comments by police chief of Portland Maine, Michael Sauschuck (an appointed by the mayor public service position in that city, which voted overwhelmingly to allow adults to consume cannabis for recreational purposes earlier this week) exemplify the predictable but tragic ‘sore loser’ mindset of these prohibitionists who are facing their own extinction. Sauschuck stipulated that his police force will not take into consideration the will of the electorate, you know, as in American Democracy, but will rather continue to arrest Portlanders who, following the local laws, choose to use cannabis recreationally.

Sauschuck personally wants to make sure that Portland residents who carefully follow the recently enacted law and possess 2.5 ounces of legal in Portland cannabis for personal consumption but who are arrested by his coppers will be fined between $350 and $1000 and given an arrest record. And, Sauschuk wants everyone to know that he ensures that, should his patrolmen decide to consider that the Portland residents who are arrested because they are in possession of legal in Portland cannabis may have thought of selling the substance, well then that criminal will be charged criminally and face possible jail time and a lifetime of being an ex-con. That is brave Sauschuck’s threat, and he wants you to know it. He assures that the only reason for his harsh application of laws that the electorate of the city he was hired by just days ago rejected out of hand, is because of his respect for the law, the state law that outlaws the use of cannabis. That is the only reason that Sauschuck will forever damage the unlucky college kid’s life. It is, after all, his duty.

There is an alternative, as in Michigan, where cannabis use by adults was legalized in 3 cities (Lansing, Ferndale and Jackson) and where local police have advised the people who they protect that they will honor the “will of the people” and cease arresting cannabis users (and instead use their resources to protect the citizens of their towns from actual crime).

Sauschuck, who was appointed as Portland Police Chief in 2012, was lauded by city councilman Vern Malloch, who said that the city council “couldn’t have made a better choice” upon Sauschuck’s appointment because he’s “fair, he’s compassionate, and he has the utmost respect of everyone inside the Police Department” and because he said he would not speak ill of his fellow police officers. All of which, I suppose, would make Sauschuck a fine work peer. But his job as the police chief is actually to be “fair,” “compassionate” and “have the utmost respect for” the citizens of Portland-not members of its police force.

Another of the confused as to who he is supposed to serve&protect copper Sauschuck’s credentials that propelled him to his position from which he commands that he will simply disregard the will of the people of the fair city of Portland, was his receipt of the Enrique Camarena Memorial Award from the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. This award, according to the MDEA, is granted to a “unit or individual that through outstanding effort continued the battle for which Special Agent Camarena gave his life” – that being “trying to protect his fellow citizens from the too often violent and seedy world of narcotics”.

Now, I don’t want to throw a wet blanket on award winners and the ‘awards’ that they are given- but I have to stipulate that cannabis users are not violent, that is a simple fact. They don’t steal things to support their usage (as opposed to addiction) – and, by the way, cannabis is not addictive (well, less so than caffeine). Prohibition is the cause of violence, not cannabis. And, I just have to point out that the award giver’s description of the “violent and seedy world of narcotics” to describe cannabis users in the United States is fanciful at best if not sleazily bigoted on its face. I suspect that our dry doper presidents would likely have their Secret Service goons tackle and arrest a MDEA member if they had walked up to Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama and called them violent and seedy…although if I had the chance I would probably choose “violent” as one of my personal descriptors for these narcissistic war criminal baby killing machines.

I rather think that, as with many well paid and high status promoters of cannabis prohibition in both politics and law enforcement, Sauschuck and other low level drug warriors really don’t give a shit that their entire structure of bullshit science, lies of omission, misrepresentation and conflation and hair-on-fire scare tactics have led to 80 years of prison sentences, ended careers, lost opportunities, broken families and unimaginable pain from disease suffered by Americans from Maine to Hawaii. They are concerned for only their careers and their personal wealth and status in the world of law enforcement tough-guy high school hippy hazers. Oh so dangerous…

But, it is really unfair (and fairly simple) to castigate this low-level city cop drug warrior for failing to recognize his personal role in the world-wide conspiracy of rich private prison contractors, drug manufacturers and tobacco and alcohol sellers, scheming political hacks (see the list from above of our dry doper presidents) and the whole peanut gallery of cultural custodians and finger wagging teachers and clerics – when we all know (including the small minded and wrong-headed Sauschuck himself) that local enforcers of the drug war are simply low level pawns. And, as it is, these local tin-pot dictators’ days are numbered.

The Barney Fifes and the real owners of the ‘drug war’ and its profits reaped both in trillions of black-market cash and electoral successes over the careers of drug warring pols still have the capacity to do great harm while cannabis is legalized in the US, and this is only more harm on top of the years of harm. When cannabis legalization comes to the USA it must include broad amnesty for the arrested and convicted, or we will not have truly “freed the green”.

Obama tells the truth, Obama re-tells the lie

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Following the punch-a-hippy&sick-person scheme that has worked so well for President Obama, the White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest, responding to a reporter’s question, stated on August 21, apparently reading from a prepared text, that the president will not reschedule the substance cannabis for medical or recreational use, even suggesting that Obama will not even consider rescheduling to allow for medical research of the curative and pain management potential of the promising natural medicine. And that’s the truth.

Obama, I believed you, I trusted you, I voted for you.  marijuana, pot, cannabis, medical marijuana, mmj, protest signObama’s spokesperson then segued serpentine-like into the established position of the administration, that “the president and the administration believe that targeting individual marijuana users, especially those with serious illnesses and their caregivers, is not the best allocation for federal law enforcement resources.” A statement that, on it’s face is difficult to assail as it suggests the Obama team has endeavored to formulate a cogent, mature, reasoned, aware, progressive and public safety conscious program to acknowledge our ill brethren and protect our children. And that’s the lie.

The administration’s continued attacks on the systems of dispensing medical cannabis reveal Obama’s dishonesty and dis-compassion. One has only to scan recent headlines to understand that our leaders are cynically deploying talking points, memes that infer compassion for the sick, as they continue a pogrom of intimidation and aggressive enforcement actions against the very pharmacies that are allowed by state law to provide medicine to “those with serious illnesses and their caregivers.”

Earlier this year, President Obama released his administration’s revamped compassion forward new think war on drugs program (reported here by mLaw). In it’s justification to thwart the onrush of medical progress and quash the nascent small d democratic movement afoot in the US to legalize recreational use of cannabis by adults, the president’s appointees equated cannabis to the drugs heroin and ‘crack’ cocaine. The administration says that it truly believes that there are “addictive” properties to the natural substance cannabis. Because of this, and (of course) for the protection of our children, cannabis has therefore to be dealt with in the same fashion as heroin, cocaine and meth. It’s all about public safety, don’t you know.

Additionally, we as concerned Americans, can’t possibly want criminals to hijack the system of cannabis pharmacies (the administration warns) to traffic cannabis to states that have not yet legalized cannabis for medicinal relief. With this reasoning, the Drug Enforcement Administration, a federal agency under the office of the president, raided the People’s Choice Alternative Medicine pharmacy in Ann Arbor MI on Tuesday August 20. The DEA raided Los Angeles’ oldest cannabis pharmacy on August 8 (cannabis has been legal for medical relief in California for more than ten years). In late July, the DEA raided three cannabis pharmacies in Washington state. All of this follows the May 2013 US Department of Justice coordinated action threatening over 100 cannabis pharmacies in Long Beach, CA and Los Angeles county with up to 40 year jail sentences if the did not close their doors immediately.

Obama’s spokesperson ended the questioning about the future for sick Americans who want to be able to use the medical substance for pain relief by saying that he was, “not really sure what steps are required or what changes could be implemented into the law to have an impact on marijuana research,” adding an attempted joke “this is going to draw me all kinds of traffic on twitter … I’m predicting that now, and maybe I’ll have an update for you later.”

Well, moments before Mr. Earnest stated quite plainly and in apparent earnestness that the administration has concern for “individual marijuana users, especially those with serious illnesses and their caregivers.” One would think that after five years on the job they may have given some consideration to the state of cannabis research in the US and its relationship to the prolonged prohibition of the medically useful substance, you know, in an act of compassion for our sick neighbors.

As it stands today, Obama is happy to continue the cynical self-imposed standoff catch-22 that criminalizes research into the medically beneficial qualities of cannabis; because cannabis is said by politicians and law enforcers to have no medical benefits, researchers cannot procure the drug legally to perform the research that will establish that the politicians and law enforcers are wrong in their assertions. Obama’s continuation of this obvious to all double talk on cannabis research signifies the extent to which the administration desires to help sick Americans.

I live in a country that says it is compassionate and caring for those who are struggling with terminal disease, with debilitating conditions for which there is no cure. I live in a country whose president’s spokesperson replied to a question about our country’s intentional embargo on the medical research of cannabis with a sophomoric joke about twitter retribution.

Obama plays a lot of these semantic games: “no laws were broken,” with respect to the banking criminals, “look forward not back,” with respect to war criminals, “nobody’s listening to your phone calls” with respect to warrantless surveillance of Americans. And most often our courageous White House press corps snicker along with his spokespersons because they are all ‘in on the joke’. Read the rest of this entry →

let’s work together to beat back the sparkleponypoopmunchers

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Now, now Mr. Timbers,

Please don’t misinterpret the point behind the story. It was not that the young drone.king was self-possessed and patronizing, but rather that I became a better adherent when I realized that I could never ‘realize who he is’ in the same way that Christian mystics realize that they can never actually fully comprehend the divine, and are better to simply accept that the are incapable of ‘knowing’ and just get down to the business of uncritical worshipry.

Gosh – although I know you’re are “one of us” (really important in rank tribalist appreciations of the world, don’t you know) crossedTimber – but I was about to request that mmMrbbug do one of his famous psychoanalyses of your previous commentary to, you know, vet your ass to be sure that you are really a member of this club and not an ‘uninvited guest’ as framed above. And I know, because I’ve done the research, that the World Wide Web was designed by its creators to reflect what we are used to here in rancho bernardo – gated communities of like-minded secret-society members concerned about how to fortify our web pages to make sure no sparkleponypoopeaters mistakenly find their way in.

Anyhoo- all this talk about folks who ‘don’t realize’ who president judge.jury.spymaster.king actually is reminds me of a statement made by the BADBAD person.king called GWBush who once said to a citizen who questioned the decider’s newly created government office on faith based initiatives, “Who cares what you think”

I’m glad in this, the world’s oldest constitutional democracy, where regular citizens are elected to represent the interests of the people, where the Constitution protects the regular people from being wiretapped and surveilled when they hold opinions that differ from the elected administrative officials and gives them due process rights to combat in the courts governments that take the law into their own hands, abandon centuries of US and western law and the theories that underpin our laws that have been taken as part of civilized life on our planet for quite literally centuries, and where we can never be put to death on the whim of a deluded and self-infatuated narcissistic political hack of a neo-fascist, that I no longer have to hope that these protections of civilized small d democratic society are there at my disposal – because (though I will never be able to fully realize why) the super-human who we have collectively vested our faith in will only use his totalitarian powers to protect me and also to act as a protecting.despot killing children & rescue teams (silly me, children who have been deemed by our protector to actually be terrorists and rescue teams that our dear leader informs us are a ‘threat to our national security’) for my protection – and, as a Christian, I can’t even dispair about the blood spilled from the dying carcasses of those little kids and the doctors and nurses and rescue personnel operating those ambulances – because to do so would be admitting that I am a sparkleponypoopmuncher who’s admission to this club could be ‘suspended’ by the little league deciders over here…believe me, not gonna do that

Anyhoo, speaking of sparkleponypoopmunchers; me and Mrs.acmerecords had a quite frightening experience yesterday on our way back from getting our toe jam cuticles cleaned by that really deferential plebe of some kind of foreign extraction (read immigrant) when, as Mrs.acmerecords was minding her own business while walking on the sidewalk while responding to a facebook entry about how cute Mrs Obama looks with her bangs, and the ragamuffin child of some homeless sparkleponypoopmuncher who was sleeping (yes, sleeping!) on the sidewalk tripped Mrs. acmerecords, winding her on the cement with several broken nail-extensions. As I was trying to decide how I could file a lawsuit against the waif & homeless mom an ambulance arrived and the next thing I know – me and Mrs.acmerecords are standing in the emergency room of Cook County (now Stroger) Hospital. I do declare, we were surrounded by so many sparkleponypoopmunchers I really was taken aback. All sorts of people, infants, the elderly, young people, little school kids – amazing so many folks a-lookin’ for a hand out of some kind from the government, like being healthy is some kind of ‘human right’ or something, I do declare.

Shocked as we were, we did observe a sterned faced private security guard doing his best to keep the ponypoopmunchers away from the doctors and nurses and health care – good to know that the state has hired a private contractor (who may not be actually from our club- but who was really good at protecting us from these hand-out seeking poopmunchers..I mean, really, haven’t they ever heard of Humana or Kaiser Permanente?) Well, I have to tell you, that privately contracted gate keeper was great – he really did a great job of keeping the riff-raff away from my guaranteed health care commodity. There was one guy, maybe in his 70’s, who showed up at the door in a wheelchair with an open and oozing sore on his thigh that was making quite a mess – and the guard held his arm out across the entrance way to this public hospital- preventing the oozing ponypoopmuncher from entering the emergency room and asked him pointedly and with gusto “where’s your benefit card” and the possible-patient hung his head and said he didn’t have a card. At which point the private security guard paid for proudly by me & Mrs.acmerecords’ taxes pointed toward the horizon and said “go try resurrection” (another hospital/a private hospital some blocks away) and the silly-lazy-unable to afford insurance-ponypoopmunching obviously sick American (I mean human) slowly rolled his wheelchair away from cook county hospital leaving more “room in the inn” (as it were) for Mrs. acmerecords nail extension injury to be treated (matthew 25:35).

God belss the self-appointed gate keepers in our great land of commerce, god bless the private security guards that my taxes pay for that ensure sparkleponypoopmunchers can’t get their lazy-grubbing hands on what is mine because I can afford it and god bless drone.dealing.corporate.lacky monsignor Obama for realizing that health care is not a human right but rather an expense that must be worked for in our “ownership society” (oops, wrong neo-fascist despotic elected human representing a political party that we otherwise refer to as a president)

Keep up the great work bug, keeping the sick and homeless, the members of other less worthy Abrahamic religions, those who do not share your clearly displayed morals, values and sense of obligation as human beings to others –and just plain sparkleponypoopmunchers – out of sight, out of mind and off “your” webpage as uninvited guests

.. and more power to you that your underlings have been so well trained to do your exclusion work for “ya’ll”

/s  …   :)