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State-Federal cannabis sweep in Colorado illuminates the essential flaws of prohibition

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The search warrant allowed the agents to seize “everything from pot plants and cash to financial records, safes and computer flash drives”.

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This past week state and federal officials raided more than a dozen Colorado cannabis dispensaries and greenhouses and two homes. The agents, including officers from both the DEA and the IRS, had obtained warrants for 10 individuals connected with the raided properties. The Denver Post obtained a copy of the search warrant that allowed the agents to seize “everything from pot plants and cash to financial records, safes and computer flash drives”. No arrests were made during the sweep that took place over the course of several hours on Thursday.

An attorney for one of the individuals cited in the warrant, Laszlo Bagi the owner of Swiss Medical in Boulder, said that the agents seized $1 million worth of plants from his client’s facility and that the agents left no “instructions saying don’t replant. There was no court order of cease and desist. No explanation,” adding that his client adheres to Colorado’s state laws regarding cannabis sale and cultivation.

Also named in the warrant are Luis Uribe, Carlos Solano, Gerardo Uribe-Christancho, David Furtado, Juan Guardarrama, Carlos Solano-Bocanegro, Jared Bringhurst, Felix Perez, John Frank Esmeral and Joseph Tavares.

At the time of the raids on Thursday, which took place a short six weeks before the historic Colorado law legalizing the recreational use of cannabis by adults will allow the commercial sale of the substance for the first time in the nation, with no additional context, some cannabis advocates cautiously questioned the motives of DEA as reported in articles such as the Huffington Post’s report on the raids titled, “Colorado Medical Marijuana Raids Show Industry Still Risky“.

The Denver Post dug deeper and on Friday reported that the, “Colorado marijuana businesses raided this week by federal agents are being investigated for a possible connection to Colombian drug cartels,” and that the targets of the warrants have been “actively purchasing area dispensaries and grow warehouses over a sustained period of time.”

The Post reports that the raids were based upon allegations of “trafficking marijuana outside of states where it has been legalized, money laundering and providing revenue for criminal enterprises, including gangs and cartels.” One of the subjects of the search warrant, Juan Guardarrama, was recently convicted of racketeering in a case that involved Colombian and Cuban gangs in Miami selling diamonds stolen from gem dealers. During the investigation that resulted in his arrest, Guardarrama reportedly asked under cover agents to help him traffic legally grown Coloradan cannabis in Miami and “take out” a Coloradan business partner.

The state-federal action has been lauded by both supporters and critics of cannabis legalization. Law enforcement officials pointed out to the Post that the agents were doing their job, and Andy Williams, a Denver cannabis dispensary owner and a member of the local Medical Marijuana Industry Group confided, “I want the bad actors gone, quite honestly.”

The entire incident serves also to deftly exemplify the fatal flaws of cannabis prohibition, especially in the new world created by the citizens’ initiatives in both Washington and Colorado and where broad and sustained majorities of American adults approve of ending cannabis prohibition.

What we saw this week and what all parties agreed was the most appropriate course of action was, a daylight police raid with its attendant dangers, pulled off in several locations including at a home in a toney suburban subdivision (a mile from Denver Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning’s home). Where alleged international gang members’ properties and possessions were confiscated, although no arrests were made. Where the confiscated property belongs to individuals who had multiple business locations and, in the case of two of the suspects, had received approval to invest $6 million to build a cannabis grow house in Pueblo County to help boost to economic development. Where the legal product of other cannabis distributors was destroyed by state and federal officials (many distributors rent growing facilities that are shared by other distributors- as was the case in this raid). Where the crazy quilt of local townships’ desires to increase economic growth, local and state regulations covering everything from simple city licensing and state registration requirements to state and federal criminal statutes and as always with the inextinguishable human impulse to “maximize profits” (in a manner of speaking) in this world of commerce can, really, only lead to 26 year-old Columbian gang members buying $1.5 million homes in a suburb near you (should you live in one of the two visionary and courageous states that have legalized consumption of the benign and medically important natural and easy to grow substance, cannabis).

The director of the federal law enforcement program called the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, Tom Gorman, told the Post “I have said it before and I’ll say it again — you cannot regulate this illegal industry. You can’t any time you talk about money and profits, and dealing with a customer base and selling product. There are too many loopholes, too many ways to get around it. You just can’t do it.”

Smedley Butler’s formulation interestingly holds true in this “war on drugs” military engagement: “There is a way to stop it. You can’t end it by…conferences. You can’t eliminate it by peace parleys…Well-meaning but impractical groups can’t wipe it out by resolutions. It can be smashed effectively only by taking the profit out of war.” Read the rest of this entry →

Faith in humanity restored : realization that politicians are not humans reiterated

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When I stumbled into the piercing daylight of an early September afternoon on the blasted plains of the Midwest, spun through the automated revolving door of a privately run Lutheran hospital, I landed back in America, the only industrialized country that does not consider health care to be a human right, where handcuffing health care to employment is the law and massive unemployment is the norm.

Doctor with stethoscope

Why isn’t health care a human right everywhere?

I was held as a patient for 5 days. I am a worker with health insurance, my brother is a worker (who works harder than me) who does not have insurance. If my brother would have eaten the subway tuna sandwich that I ate he would have either died (from not seeking medical attention) or have to file bankruptcy after seeking medical attention.

While I was sick I was tended to by Izabella, Amy, Amanda, Rey, I, Michael, Joanna, Yoni, Donna, Niki and a host of other humans. These little big people gave me my health and restored my faith in humans (humans who want/need/have to help other humans). So strange that this obvious notion has been lost or commoditized and industrialized in the US.

I was reminded by this of when, as a recent college graduate, I traveled to Europe and North Africa. While in Morocco, I accepted the offer of a family living in the High Atlas Mountains to share a meal–a meal of cheese, bread, butter and tea, the dairy products were not pasteurized. I left Morocco after being ill for a week, huddled and shivering in my bedsit hotel in Marrakesh. When I arrived back in Oxford UK, where my brother and his wife lived, I called a local doctor seeking drugs to make the intestinal parasite go away. I was given an appointment that morning. I was given an exam with blood work-up. I walked out with a prescription having paid 7 pounds 50. I am an American with a passport. I was treated like a human, a sick human, with care, dignity and humanity.

The reason that humans are denied care in our great land is because of greedy Americans and cowardly politicians. The free market doesn’t determine that profits have priority over compassion. The notion of the free market, however, does allow the weak and covetous among us to pretend that there is something more scientific and practical than behaving with humanity. The fearful and the greedy believe that the poor and sick must live horrible afflicted lives until they expire so as not to create a “moral hazard” (I’m not kidding here) by succumbing to the notion that helping our brethren humans is a requirement.

One of my first experiences back on planet America was riding a packed rush hour subway train. Here the slow, ill, infirm, elderly and pregnant are often left standing while young not-yet-able-to-afford-abandoning-public-transportation workers take a load off, gazing intently at handheld digital devices attempting to convey that politeness is an impolite interruption. I wonder if our job creators and law creators fealty to narcissistic self-promotion, infant-like self-infatuation and naked self-interest has crept into and informed the zeitgeist of America. Or if, at long last, our own self-interest and self-delusion has killed democracy in our country – a land of self-servants incapable of producing public servants.

Time to lend a hand & find our brothers in every man – We’ve always known.
lend a hand by the civilian conservation corps

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Obama DEA employs ‘smashing’ new tactic to intimidate cannabis pharmacies

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The Drug Enforcement Administration in cooperation with a patchwork of Michigan state law enforcement entities has, over the past three weeks, conducted a series of cannabis dispensary searches in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti areas that have been described by the press as “smash and grab” raids.

The series of raids, including two just last week, are characterized by groups of federal drug agents, sometimes supported by local or state police, swooping into cannabis pharmacies in unmarked vans and SUVs with no sirens or flashing lights. The federal agents’ flash Michigan state warrants and seize cannabis plants and cash. In a series of raids beginning on July 30, agents did not leave copies of the state warrants at the three cannabis pharmacies that were raided.

No arrests have been made in the series of ‘smash and grab’ raids, and the searches seem to end as abruptly as they begin when cash is confiscated and dispensary employees begin photographing the raiding agents. The Michigan chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) issued a ‘raid alert’ after the Ann Arbor pharmacy raid.

In addition to these raids, three cannabis dispensaries in Detroit were raided in the past weeks by the Detroit Police using the same pattern of quick entry and quick exit. In these raids, the Detroit Police were accompanied by Michigan State Police, agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and a Detroit city code enforcement official.

Medical cannabis advocates in Michigan are concerned about the new tactics used in these DEA raids, especially in light of the fact that federal agents are serving state-issued warrants. Also of concern is the DEA’s reliance upon state police instead of local police to support the raids. Critics feel the federal agents are choosing to partner with statewide law enforcement entities to preclude local police from participating in the raids in locations, such as Ann Arbor, where there is broad public support for the use of cannabis for medical relief.

The DEA is a federal law enforcement organization within the US Justice Department, an agency under the executive branch. Just last week, a spokesperson for President Obama told the nation that “the president and the administration believe that targeting individual marijuana users, especially those with serious illnesses and their caregivers, is not the best allocation for federal law enforcement resources.” Read the rest of this entry →

Obama tells the truth, Obama re-tells the lie

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Following the punch-a-hippy&sick-person scheme that has worked so well for President Obama, the White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest, responding to a reporter’s question, stated on August 21, apparently reading from a prepared text, that the president will not reschedule the substance cannabis for medical or recreational use, even suggesting that Obama will not even consider rescheduling to allow for medical research of the curative and pain management potential of the promising natural medicine. And that’s the truth.

Obama, I believed you, I trusted you, I voted for you.  marijuana, pot, cannabis, medical marijuana, mmj, protest signObama’s spokesperson then segued serpentine-like into the established position of the administration, that “the president and the administration believe that targeting individual marijuana users, especially those with serious illnesses and their caregivers, is not the best allocation for federal law enforcement resources.” A statement that, on it’s face is difficult to assail as it suggests the Obama team has endeavored to formulate a cogent, mature, reasoned, aware, progressive and public safety conscious program to acknowledge our ill brethren and protect our children. And that’s the lie.

The administration’s continued attacks on the systems of dispensing medical cannabis reveal Obama’s dishonesty and dis-compassion. One has only to scan recent headlines to understand that our leaders are cynically deploying talking points, memes that infer compassion for the sick, as they continue a pogrom of intimidation and aggressive enforcement actions against the very pharmacies that are allowed by state law to provide medicine to “those with serious illnesses and their caregivers.”

Earlier this year, President Obama released his administration’s revamped compassion forward new think war on drugs program (reported here by mLaw). In it’s justification to thwart the onrush of medical progress and quash the nascent small d democratic movement afoot in the US to legalize recreational use of cannabis by adults, the president’s appointees equated cannabis to the drugs heroin and ‘crack’ cocaine. The administration says that it truly believes that there are “addictive” properties to the natural substance cannabis. Because of this, and (of course) for the protection of our children, cannabis has therefore to be dealt with in the same fashion as heroin, cocaine and meth. It’s all about public safety, don’t you know.

Additionally, we as concerned Americans, can’t possibly want criminals to hijack the system of cannabis pharmacies (the administration warns) to traffic cannabis to states that have not yet legalized cannabis for medicinal relief. With this reasoning, the Drug Enforcement Administration, a federal agency under the office of the president, raided the People’s Choice Alternative Medicine pharmacy in Ann Arbor MI on Tuesday August 20. The DEA raided Los Angeles’ oldest cannabis pharmacy on August 8 (cannabis has been legal for medical relief in California for more than ten years). In late July, the DEA raided three cannabis pharmacies in Washington state. All of this follows the May 2013 US Department of Justice coordinated action threatening over 100 cannabis pharmacies in Long Beach, CA and Los Angeles county with up to 40 year jail sentences if the did not close their doors immediately.

Obama’s spokesperson ended the questioning about the future for sick Americans who want to be able to use the medical substance for pain relief by saying that he was, “not really sure what steps are required or what changes could be implemented into the law to have an impact on marijuana research,” adding an attempted joke “this is going to draw me all kinds of traffic on twitter … I’m predicting that now, and maybe I’ll have an update for you later.”

Well, moments before Mr. Earnest stated quite plainly and in apparent earnestness that the administration has concern for “individual marijuana users, especially those with serious illnesses and their caregivers.” One would think that after five years on the job they may have given some consideration to the state of cannabis research in the US and its relationship to the prolonged prohibition of the medically useful substance, you know, in an act of compassion for our sick neighbors.

As it stands today, Obama is happy to continue the cynical self-imposed standoff catch-22 that criminalizes research into the medically beneficial qualities of cannabis; because cannabis is said by politicians and law enforcers to have no medical benefits, researchers cannot procure the drug legally to perform the research that will establish that the politicians and law enforcers are wrong in their assertions. Obama’s continuation of this obvious to all double talk on cannabis research signifies the extent to which the administration desires to help sick Americans.

I live in a country that says it is compassionate and caring for those who are struggling with terminal disease, with debilitating conditions for which there is no cure. I live in a country whose president’s spokesperson replied to a question about our country’s intentional embargo on the medical research of cannabis with a sophomoric joke about twitter retribution.

Obama plays a lot of these semantic games: “no laws were broken,” with respect to the banking criminals, “look forward not back,” with respect to war criminals, “nobody’s listening to your phone calls” with respect to warrantless surveillance of Americans. And most often our courageous White House press corps snicker along with his spokespersons because they are all ‘in on the joke’. Read the rest of this entry →

Uruguay challenges drug warriors with courageous armistice plan; in US, dollars challenge democracy

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Cannabis Leaves

Uruguay is setting progressive policies on cannabis.

The Uruguayan government voted to establish a publicly overseen system of growing and distributing legal cannabis after hours of debate in the legislature.

The government plan would allow individuals to grow their own cannabis, form non-profit cooperatives to grow the medicine and recreational substance and allow private companies to grow the plant for sale only directly to the Uruguayan government that would then sell the substance through a network of government run pharmacies.

The measure, which has the mixed support of Uruguayan citizens, was narrowly passed by the Uruguayan House reflecting the country’s leaders courageous attempt to shatter the worldwide paradigm where drug warring nations fund militarized police actions and drug kingpins reap billions.

The measure was supported by a broad coalition of non-profit groups that undertook a nationwide education program to convince Uruguayans that prohibiting cannabis is not worth the crime, death and suffering that have been the historical consequences of the standoff between drug warriors and drug kingpins, and their country had to take a step that challenges the current paradigm at it’s core by eliminating the cannabis black market.

In other news, the medical marijuana industry has begun a lobbying blitz in Washington DC, working, as described by the UPI, “to head off general legalization of marijuana in the United States.” A spokesperson for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws suggested to Politico that the lobby groups are more concerned with profits than patients, stating; “There are people who are benefiting financially and would prefer to see nothing change.”

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Obama’s drug war: DOJ’s threats and seizures imperil vets with seizures

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Cannabis Leaves

More victims of the DOJs war on medicine.

The White House’s war on medicine; President Obama’s cynical stance of dragging out his and his Justice Department’s ‘analysis’ of how to respond to the citizens in Washington and Colorado who have moved to legalize cannabis for personal consumption by adults using the small-d democratic tools available to them as Americans, while at the same time pursuing providers of medical cannabis with unflinching, dis-compassionate, a-scientific and authoritarian aggression, blitzkreiged into California this week where US attorneys officially demanded the closure of more than 100 medical cannabis dispensaries threatening both criminal and civil actions against the medicine providers and the owners of property that house the pharmacies.

The DOJ warning letters threatened to take enforcement action against the recipients if the pharmacies are not shuttered in 14 days.  The demand letters were sent to 103 medical cannabis dispensaries in Long Beach and Los Angeles County.

A spokesperson for the US Department of Justice, confirming the assertions of the electorate in both Washington state and Colorado who predicated their legalization of cannabis use by adults in their states in part on the theory that selling cannabis as a legal product will provide an enormous benefit for their states in the collection of taxes on the commodity, said in a statement to the press; “All the stores we have seen are generating significant amount of profits.”

In addition to sending the threatening letters to the 103 cannabis pharmacies, Obama’s DOJ filed two lawsuits against particular medical cannabis dispensaries where the federal government is seeking the forfeiture of the property and the assets of the collectives’ owners and landlords.

The complaints filed by the Obama justice department allege that the cooperative owners did not operate medical cannabis pharmacies, but rather, commercial cannabis retail stores in violation of California state law.  The action was joined by Obama’s Drug Enforcement Administration, The Internal Revenue Service, the Los Angeles District Attorney and the City of Long Beach Police Department.

Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell said he was happy to “partner” in the federal crack-down on medicine providers claiming that offering cannabis under doctors’ orders to the sick and dying is in his mind “an illegal operation.” McDonnell did not elaborate on his stated opinion that the provision of medicine to sick patients in his town negitively impacts the “quality of life” for the citizens of Long Beach.

Kris Hermes, a spokesperson for the non-profit medical cannabis advocacy group Americans for Safe Access reacted to the aggressive federal law enforcement sweep of the California pharmacies by pointing out that “thousands of people will be left without safe and legal access” to their medications due to the federal crack-down.

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Obama Reveals his Cynical, Deceptive, Authoritarian and A-scientific approach to Drug Prohibition in the 21st Century

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The White House has released a “plan to reduce drug use and its consequences” that it says is a “science based” drug enforcement scheme. The administration says its drug enforcement policy will be “smart on crime” instead of “tough on crime” by “emphasizing prevention” and medical interdiction to “break the cycle of drug use, crime, incarceration, and re-arrest.” Obama’s view is that “addiction is a disease of the brain” that can be treated medically and as a matter of law enforcement.

The Obama plan is formulated upon dual overarching assumptions; that if a substance has been outlawed federally, then it is a harmful and addictive substance the legality of which cannot be reconsidered; and, that the use of banned substances is a fiscal drag on the US economy. The website promoting the Obama administration enforcement scheme policy begins by reporting that, “illicit drug use cost our Nation more than $193 billion in lost productivity, healthcare, and criminal justice costs.”

The Obama administration asserts that the federal government cannot imprison every drug criminal in the United States because to do so, the policy paper states, is “counterproductive, inefficient, and costly.” The policy white paper goes on to state, however, that the Obama administration views the movements by citizens in the states to use the democratic process to legalize cannabis for medical and personal consumption are extremist and contradict “a public health and safety approach to drug policy.”

The Obama administration claims that its drug enforcement program is science based, but in the US and around the world scientists and researchers have come to different conclusions from reviewing the science that shows quite clearly that the banned in the US substance cannabis has the ability to provide medical relief to patients.

Researchers from the Psychopharmacology Unit of the University of Bristol in the UK created a scale of the relative addictive qualities of abused substances that was reported in their 2007 paper, “Development of a Rational Scale to Assess the Harm of Drugs of Potential Misuse”. The medical researchers found that cannabis scored as less addictive and less physically harmful than both heroin and cocaine, this is the case even though cannabis is classified by the federal government as more dangerous than both heroin and cocaine. The researchers also found that cannabis is less physically harmful and less addictive than tobacco and alcohol, both of which are legal in the US.

Furthermore, suggesting that cannabis is a dangerous and harmful drug is increasingly becoming disconnected from the broadly held medical opinion that cannabis is a helpful drug that is both pain relieving and curative. In fact, over 20 years ago in 1991, the American Society of Clinical Oncology surveyed 2,430 cancer doctors across the US to find that nearly half supported their patient’s use of cannabis. More recently, the California Medical Association, the state’s largest doctor group called for legalizing cannabis in the US for medical use in 2011. In April 2013, a broad based group of 250 doctors practicing in the state of Illinois called for legalizing cannabis for the treatment of diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

And, this year the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press polled Americans to find that 77 percent of Americans think that cannabis should be made legal as a medicine to treat sick patients. The study also revealed that 72 percent of Americans think that the federal government spends too much money enforcing cannabis prohibition and that 54 percent of Americans support the full legalization of cannabis for use by American adults for recreational purposes. The poll also found that 60 percent of Americans do not agree with the US Justice Department’s attack on medical cannabis dispensaries that prevent the sick from obtaining prescriptions for medication.

As the Obama administration attempts to distract Americans by invoking the term “science based” it continues to threaten and pursue producers and distributors of medical cannabis. As recently as this week the Obama Justice Department sent letters to landlords who lease commercial space to state approved cannabis dispensaries in San Jose, California threatening forty-year jail sentences and forfeiture of the property of the landowners.

A letter received by one such dispensary in San Jose, as reported by the East Bay Express, made unambiguous threats to a landowner who leases property to a pharmacy, stating; “The office has been advised that there is a marijuana dispensary … operating at the real property located at …, which property you own or have under your management control. The dispensary is operating in violation of federal law, and persons and entities who operate or facilitate the operation of such dispensaries are subject to criminal prosecution and civil enforcement actions.”

The Obama administration’s determination that all illegal substances are addictive and can promote addictive disorders approaches enforcing drug laws with a broad-brush-stroke approach that lumps drastically different substances together for the purpose of streamlining enforcement determinations to save money and which is fundamentally a-scientific at its core. Moreover, the Obama administration’s effort to stamp out the sale and delivery of medicinal cannabis to patients reveals an amoral cynicism; one that holds out hope for the sick while moving to crush distribution networks for the medicine by imposing convoluted analysis of federal tax laws and employing aggressive enforcement to withhold medicine from those who need it.

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Obama cribs from anti-choice playbook to deny patients medicine

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Washington State’s highest elected officials and law enforcement officials met with their federal counterparts, US Attorney General Eric Holder and top officials from President Obama’s Justice Department, earlier this week to discuss the state’s program for implementing the will of the public, who late last year voted to legalize cannabis for recreational consumption by adults.

The governor and the state’s attorney general expressed their vision for constructing a statewide system that will allow for the public’s demand that cannabis be legal be actualized and that would make the legal product available in the consumer marketplace.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson told reporters that the intention of the state’s lawmakers and law enforcers is to “move forward in implementing I-502.” Ferguson reportedly conveyed to the federal officials that, “We have assembled a legal team in the Attorney General’s Office, and I have made legal implementation of this initiative a top priority.”

The federal officials, however, did not approach the meeting expressing their honest intent to use their offices to ensure that the ship of state will do all it can to facilitate will of the public. As has been widely reported, Attorney General Holder made no public statement regarding the meeting, and nowhere in the reporting about the meeting did the US Attorney General make any statement whatsoever with respect to the intentions of the federal government to facilitate, encourage, support or cooperate with state authorities in their expressed goal to bring to fruition the will of Washington’s people.

Silence on Holder’s behalf, as identified quite clearly in all reportage of this meeting between honest state authorities (who have a vision to bring the public will to fruition in a rational way that takes serious account of public safety) and dishonest federal officials (who are not interested in the will of the public but are sycophantic to the prison industrial complex and to drug warriors who carry out the bigoted ‘war on drugs’ that imperils public safety) can only indicate that Obama’s justice department’s plan is to go ‘full bore’ in implementing the enforcement scheme that it has used in California: let cannabis be legal but, make it impossible for users, even the sick, to access the legal product.

The editors of mLaw equate the federal government’s aggressive attack on our nation’s sick patients, many of whom have lifelong debilitating diseases that cause unbelievable pain and discomfort, to what has historically taken place with respect to abortion rights in the US.  Politicians, on both the state and federal level, who personally disagree with the will of the people as expressed in court rulings as in the case of abortion rights, have abused their power to limit the ability of pregnant women to be able to access abortion services even though abortion has been a legal medical procedure in the US for 50 years.

Obama’s Justice Department’s cynical and calculated attack on medical marijuana dispensaries in California and elsewhere is as bigoted, small minded, rooted in brute political calculation and, in a word, immoral as the abusive power wielding that anti-abortionist politicians have practiced over a half a century that has led to abortion, a fully legal medical procedure in the US, being unavailable to patients in 98 percent of America’s counties in 2013.

The lack of criminal prosecutions for the vast and coordinated illegality and fraud carried out by financial services companies and the nation’s largest banks that led to the New Depression, and the abandonment of our nation’s cherished legal requirement to afford due process to citizens accused of a crime illustrate that the Obama government has continually demonstrated its fealty to industry and the national security state and shown a predisposition to ignore, abandon and frustrate the will of the people as expressed through the ballot.

We have a Democrat in the white house who has used all of his power and the power of the state to make it impossible for sick Americans to access beneficial medicine, a stance that is anti-science, anti-patient, anti-small-d-democracy, anti-human and at the same time, pro-private prison complex, pro-racist drug war and pro-private drug company profits. In light of Obama’s vigor to make it impossible for sick Americans to access medicine, and, of much less import but still of significance, for adults to use cannabis recreationally, many Americans are now, quite reasonably asking, “who does this jackass work for, anyhow?”

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Frum may be dumb, but the ‘choomer in chief’ sure ain’t

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From the ‘choomer in chief’ straight down to the phony fact peddling Frums of this world, all “reasonable people” are trying their hardest to deflect and project in their “very adult discussions” about how to navigate the turbulent waters caused by adult Americans expressing their opinion that cannabis is safe and the drug war is harmful, bigoted and wrong.  In general, both sides of the political perspective are gung-ho about expressing their “concerns for our children” when someone asks what the feds intend to do now that cannabis is legal in the US for the first time since 1937.

Strangely missing from all legacy parties’ analysis of the citizen’s initiatives in WA and CO are the facts that cannabis is a medicine, that cannabis has never in recorded medical history killed anyone, that one out of every 5 deaths yearly in the US is attributable to cigarettes, and that alcohol is involved in 37% of all traffic deaths among persons aged 16 to 20, and that’s not even getting into the deaths, injuries and lasting psychological trauma caused in families where alcohol is the “approved by Uncle Sam” destructive and debilitating drug of choice.

Whether it is to dry dopers like Obama, whose devious targeting of suppliers serves somehow to polish up his “I’m lookin’ real tough” head-fake to propagandized suburbanites, or it is to paid-off-by-parties-that-are-very-interested-that-cannabis-remains-”not legal”-for recreational-use-by-adults squalkers like Frum, why doesn’t anyone point out in these “on-going serious people” confabs that cannabis is safer than America’s legal drugs (alcohol & tobacco).  These “discussions” seem always to devolve into all “reasonable people” agreeing to use discredited faux statistics (whether medical or…wherever one would guess Frum’s boogie-man-misrepresentations to emanate from) for the purpose of instilling fear in Mr. and Mrs. America about cannabis.

If these fake cogitators (but very real cultural custodians) were to be honest, we would be on the way to rescheduling tobacco and alcohol and opening the doors to Amsterdam style coffee shops in every city in the US, given the fear-mongering lies that they proffer as they wring their hands in the face of Americans deciding, knowing and acknowledging that cannabis is both safer than America’s favorite drugs and is also medicine for sick people here in our country (that’s what the doctors really, really say and think).

How about this question for either the fox-enabled republicans or the dominated-by-a-dry-doper by their last 2 presidents democrats:

“When I grew up, I was told that totalitarian dictatorships are the kind of governments that willfully withhold known medicines from their populations, why does our country keep medicine from sick and suffering Americans?”

…cue crickets

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