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To hell with the heelots and then, to the hills

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As this divided, infrastructurally decrepit, middle class obviated, finance industry indentured, environmentally forsaken, compassion suppressing, rich get richer, war is the only answer, private capital coddling country slides off the rails towards the only demise that its choices can afford it, inhabited as it is by government protectors of big business who scream about government overreach, pettifogging mouthpiece Nobel Peace Prize winners who describe their child victims as terrorists expecting that their ‘framing’ absolves them from war crime guilt, humanitarians who call for the cindering of civilians, government regulators who claim they have only the power to de-regulate industries, criminal enforcement entities who wink&grin with private business owners as they say they cannot prosecute crimes unless they are committed by poor people, American patriots whose vision of freedom is to be freed from contributing to the common good and freed to move tax payer bailout money to untaxable off-shore accounts, political party apologizers who gladly accept tens of thousands of deaths every year in America so they can assert that laws created by the insurance industry to protect it from being thrown on the ash heap of history are somehow helping our poor and sick to receive care, I look out my Midwestern window today to have revealed to my weary eyes, a clump of river birch trees accepting its fate of dying to the winter, its beautiful death-shroud of golden leaves quivering in the portent of a northerly breeze. I am inspired today to sing praise to the bull-shit callers, the question askers (and answer demanders), those who will not give in or up as the fresh face of modern US neo-fascism glares threateningly back, the whistle blowers, the debate goers, the seed sowers who call out the collateral victim mowers, the division growers and baby in the bathwater throwers – those who recognize these ‘heelots’ for what they are and know that standing firm is the only stance to take when “standing up”.

Robert Riskin wrote the screenplay for the classic American film “Meet John Doe”, based upon a story by Richard Connel and Robert Presnell. The Capra film was released in 1941, but really reflects the time period of America’s last depression. As many know, the story involves a scheme concocted by a jaded newspaper woman who has been fired when a new owner of her newspaper comes in to “clean house”. The reporter convinces ‘John Doe’, an innocent country boy, to pretend to threaten to commit suicide due to the economic misery and America’s political intransigence to remedy the suffering, which gives the recently fired reporter an exclusive story – saving her job. The scheme careens out of the control of the schemers when the concocted story ignites a massive popular movement among regular Americans who are seeking both relief from the crushing economic depression as well as answers from politicians and the captains of industry. In an interesting fictional parallel to an historic incident, America’s industrial magnates conspire to seize control of the movement and utilize the agitated populace to instigate a coup, taking over America and instituting a fascistic new government that is directed by rich business owners to protect private capital and subordinate America’s workers and neuter the nascent popular political movement.

I know readers will see in this story many parallels to our current times – with the obvious exception being the fact that, during the previous depression, Hollywood would allow such a piece of socialist agit-prop to hit the big screens across America (even with its softening sub-plots) – and I encourage readers who have not seen this film in a long time to seek it out and view it comparing its mise-en-scene with today’s messy scenes in the USA; but my intent of bringing up this wonderful film is to call attention to a scene where ‘the Colonel” (played beautifully by Walter Brennan) gives his soliloquy, expounding on freedom in (from) this modern world.

After agreeing to the scheme, the hoboing John Doe is fed a meal, given new cloths by his newspapermen handlers, and $50 “spending money”. All of which leads to the Colonel frustratedly expressing his philosophy to a room full of regular modern Americans, city folk to be sure – but regular folks, just like those country folks in the American hinterland: Read the rest of this entry →

Frankie’s exceptional exceptions to American Exceptionalism

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Pope Francis

A progressive pope and a regressive president?

In the brave new bizzarro world where the head of the two thousand year old capital serving, land owning, supporter of bloody imperialists and thieving enterprises on 6 of the seven continents known as the Catholic Church comes out as an unabashed adherent to the transmitted ‘teachings’ of the barefooted, long-haired, anti-institutional religion, anti-capital accumulation, anti-money lending institution, supporter of the poor and dispossessed, promoter of the union of brethren humans including our avowed ‘enemies’, exclaimer to a world of owners, “give up all that you own and follow me,” wandering philosopher and proto-hippie known as Jesus of Nazareth, we have the opportunity to reassess the claims of talk-tv screamers, political reamers, surgical strike schemers, imperial pipe-dreamers, military full-steamers, geo-political extremers and America-first home-teamers whose dreams to pillage and plunder abroad and pacify peasants at home have always been couched in language exactly like this; “I believe we should act. That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes us exceptional. With humility, but with resolve, let us never lose sight of that essential truth.” (Barack Obama, Washington DC, 09.10.13)

So, using the exclamations of the nation’s current most vocal supporter of what is known as “American Exceptionalism” (by the way, this word “exceptionalism” always comes up on spell-check as ‘not in the dictionary’) let’s see what we can glean about what exactly “That essential truth …” is here in the good ‘ol USA;

Pope Francis on capitalism:
We must say: ‘We want a fair system; a system that allows everyone to move forward.’ We must say: ‘We do not want this globalized economic system that does so much harm.’ At the center has to be man and woman, as God wants – not money.

Barack Obama on capitalism:

Well, first on the issue of prosecutions on Wall Street, one of the biggest problems about the collapse of Lehmans and the subsequent financial crisis and the whole subprime lending fiasco is that a lot of that stuff wasn’t necessarily illegal, it was just immoral or inappropriate or reckless.

Pope Francis on economic growth:

This is not just a problem of Sardinia; it is not just a problem of Italy or of some countries in Europe. It is the consequence of a global choice, an economic system which leads to this tragedy; an economic system which has at its center an idol called money. Grandparents are thrown away and young people are thrown away…And we must say no to this throwaway culture…A change of attitude… is needed on the part of everyone, moving away from attitudes of defensiveness and fear, indifference and marginalization – all typical of a throwaway culture – towards attitudes based on a culture of encounter, the only culture capable of building a better, more just and fraternal world. Development cannot be reduced to economic growth alone, often attained without a thought for the poor and the vulnerable.

Barack Obama on economic growth:

We can do more. So I’ll push new initiatives to help more manufacturers bring more jobs back to America… Let’s tell the world that America is open for business… Let’s offer incentives to companies that hire Americans who’ve got what it takes to fill that job opening… We’ll give new tax credits to businesses that hire and invest… I’m also proposing a Partnership to Rebuild America that attracts private capital to upgrade what our businesses need most…

Pope Francis on immigration:

Faith in humanity restored : realization that politicians are not humans reiterated

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When I stumbled into the piercing daylight of an early September afternoon on the blasted plains of the Midwest, spun through the automated revolving door of a privately run Lutheran hospital, I landed back in America, the only industrialized country that does not consider health care to be a human right, where handcuffing health care to employment is the law and massive unemployment is the norm.

Doctor with stethoscope

Why isn’t health care a human right everywhere?

I was held as a patient for 5 days. I am a worker with health insurance, my brother is a worker (who works harder than me) who does not have insurance. If my brother would have eaten the subway tuna sandwich that I ate he would have either died (from not seeking medical attention) or have to file bankruptcy after seeking medical attention.

While I was sick I was tended to by Izabella, Amy, Amanda, Rey, I, Michael, Joanna, Yoni, Donna, Niki and a host of other humans. These little big people gave me my health and restored my faith in humans (humans who want/need/have to help other humans). So strange that this obvious notion has been lost or commoditized and industrialized in the US.

I was reminded by this of when, as a recent college graduate, I traveled to Europe and North Africa. While in Morocco, I accepted the offer of a family living in the High Atlas Mountains to share a meal–a meal of cheese, bread, butter and tea, the dairy products were not pasteurized. I left Morocco after being ill for a week, huddled and shivering in my bedsit hotel in Marrakesh. When I arrived back in Oxford UK, where my brother and his wife lived, I called a local doctor seeking drugs to make the intestinal parasite go away. I was given an appointment that morning. I was given an exam with blood work-up. I walked out with a prescription having paid 7 pounds 50. I am an American with a passport. I was treated like a human, a sick human, with care, dignity and humanity.

The reason that humans are denied care in our great land is because of greedy Americans and cowardly politicians. The free market doesn’t determine that profits have priority over compassion. The notion of the free market, however, does allow the weak and covetous among us to pretend that there is something more scientific and practical than behaving with humanity. The fearful and the greedy believe that the poor and sick must live horrible afflicted lives until they expire so as not to create a “moral hazard” (I’m not kidding here) by succumbing to the notion that helping our brethren humans is a requirement.

One of my first experiences back on planet America was riding a packed rush hour subway train. Here the slow, ill, infirm, elderly and pregnant are often left standing while young not-yet-able-to-afford-abandoning-public-transportation workers take a load off, gazing intently at handheld digital devices attempting to convey that politeness is an impolite interruption. I wonder if our job creators and law creators fealty to narcissistic self-promotion, infant-like self-infatuation and naked self-interest has crept into and informed the zeitgeist of America. Or if, at long last, our own self-interest and self-delusion has killed democracy in our country – a land of self-servants incapable of producing public servants.

Time to lend a hand & find our brothers in every man – We’ve always known.
lend a hand by the civilian conservation corps

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Democratic credulity and the scientific religion of free marketism

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In case there is any lingering hope, that hasn’t yet changed to disbelief or rage, that Democrats have finally torn the gauzy film of free market scientific-theologism from their eyes, we now observe the spectacle of Mr. Obama (a real true Democrat) slathering praise on the lizard-like manipulator consigliore of profit privatization and debt socialization, Mr. Summers, asserting in broad daylight that Summers makes an “outstanding” candidate to head up the Federal Reserve.

Larry Summers - Caricature

Larry Summers – Caricature

I really think that Obama believes that Mr. Summers would be a “terrific” head of the Federal Reserve. And whether he knows it or not, his man-crush on lizard Summers is a significant tell signaling the religion that our Democrat in the White House practices; free market scientific-theologism.

Let’s take a look at some of Mr. Summer’s career achievements in the world of your own personal finances that may help you understand just why our dear democratic leader swoons in defense of Mr. Summers.

When he was an appointee of that other fabulous freemarketeer Democratic president, Bill Clinton, Summers worked on some really high-minded, forward thinking (one might even say world shaking in their outright speculative adventurism) programs that we Americans are still reaping the rewards from : the non-regulation of over-the-counter derivative financial gambling bets and the de-regulation of the nation’s banks that allowed them to enter the world-wide non-regulated casino.

I know that the 15.2 percent of Americans without a job in July 2013 (as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) would surely thank Mr. Summers for his vision for their future, that is on the off chance that Mr. Summers happens to visit the homeless shelter.

Likewise, the households in the US that lost an estimated $16.4 trillion in net worth between 2007 and 2009 will, after a little free-market reeducation provided by our Democratic leadership, certainly wish to thank Mr. Summers for the ‘tough love lesson’ they have received about the free market of financial sector regulation that benefits everyone equally…it’s just like science!

Although it seems to most people that letting greed addled phonies “regulate themselves” as they were (quite literally) making billions in personal wealth by misrepresenting the value of their gambling products may be a bad idea; at the time, Mr. Summers went on record before the US Congress and reassured those corn-pone chumps that “the parties to these kinds of contracts are largely sophisticated financial institutions that would appear to be eminently capable of protecting themselves from fraud and counterparty insolvencies.” I guess in the end, these banking felons actually did do a good job of “protecting themselves” – not so much my retired 3rd grade science teacher…who maybe should have studied the science of ‘free markets’ instead of biology.

It is, however, good to know that – in the long run (or bank run, whatever) – Summers finally agreed with Keynesians when he quoted John Maynard Keynes telling Newsweek in 2009, “When circumstances change, I change my opinion.”

More thoughts from this vessel of magical economic thinking and action;
Mr. Summers says he is in awe of “the economic logic behind dumping a load of toxic waste in the lowest wage country is impeccable and we should face up to that…. I’ve always thought that under-populated countries in Africa are vastly underpolluted”,

And, Mr. Summers may himself not think that fed chair candidate Janet Yellen is up to the task (given the existence of, well, her ovaries) due to the fact that women, Summer’s asserts, have a “different availability of aptitude at the high end” than us testosterone addled free market he-men.
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soft totalitarianism : self-censorship and acceptance of corporate surveillance

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The revelation from one of the world’s few remaining independent press organizations, the Associated Press, that, subsequent to the federal government’s attempt to criminalize the act of reportage, its traditional sources regarding governmental wrong doing (or just plain government doing) are choosing to keep mum should be of no surprise to the AP, and also to us, the citizenry.

When confronted with the specter of rulers who make the game up as they go along their merry way committing both immoral and illegal acts (and also, immoral illegal acts) who then claim that they have self-created authority to do these things, which meet the standards of their underling rubber-stampers (which cannot in any case be reviewed by ‘regular citizens’) –many Americans have recently fumbled with, have attempted to define for themselves based upon what they know now is true about how the government operates and from whom it takes orders, have almost brought to utterance but are hamstrung from personally accepting a concept that has been reviled, ostracized, belittled, ignored (all in a self-serving fashion that countervails appreciable extant reality) but is none the less likely the single most apt way to characterize the relationship between our current leaders of commerce and leaders of our nation: that we are living in a neo-fascist state.

Moreover, many citizens are realizing that, with the metastasizing fashion that corporate finance has seized all world markets and made pariahs of those earthlings who do not participate in the predatory system of structured western commerce; we live in a globalized neo-fascist economy where even sovereign state governments are powerless to effect change using systems of democratic governance.

Benito Mussolini, the historic patriarch of the world’s first broadly acknowledged fascist state, is reported widely (but not definitively) to have once described the government that he controlled as “corporatist” as opposed to fascist, because fascism is the melding of the state and corporate interests. Which of these players actually is the controller in this dynamic is less important in my mind (I am not a historian) because when the state’s interests and corporate interests merge, the interests of the populace – the citizens who are supposed to direct polity in democracies – are not the foci of the energies and concerns of the state and our corporate masters.

What concerns fascists, both corporate and political, is often rather; for politicians, the concern to maintain power (do the bidding of corporate controllers) and concentrate power (e.g. presidential signing statements), and in the corporate world, the concentration of power (monopolization) and the maintenance of power (wealth hoarding) – really the same thing, none of which directly speaks to the concerns, needs or wishes of the governed.

When the media complains now about their inability to mine sources due to the government’s threatening actions, they must not want to remember that they (meaning DC media types – but the same holds true at the city and state levels) have over and over again chosen to trade their being given “access” to ask questions of those who govern for their acquiescence to power itself – not embarrassing, not alleging anything untoward, not bringing up unseemly or embarrassing matters; generally kissing the ring, if you will, of the political class in America largely for selfish careerist reasons.

Examples of this fake-style journalism are myriad indeed- to name a few; why no questions to the candidates for president last election on the illegal occupation of Palestine, why no questions about the presidential assassination of American citizens with no due process, why no concern in the media that Dodd-Frank has been neutered by politicians in both parties, why so much agreement that ‘no laws were broken’ when the private banks destroyed the world economy and were consequently made whole with tax dollars handed out in an impressive bi-partisan manner to these private companies with no pre-conditions, why is it fair to make these private parties whole with tax dollars, why no reportage about the corporate/government cooperative program to attack and criminalize the Occupy movement, why no media interest in the detainment and torture of Bradley Manning, why no reporting on the massive surveillance state in the US that has been known about for more than 10 years, with lawsuits being filed, admissions of wrong doing on the part of the highest levels of government, laws being retroactively changed to protect corporations, presidential candidates running on the issues of transparency, illegal surveillance and privacy, as candidate Obama did? The list is nearly endless.

What one can very easily calculate is that the press is understood by the powerful as a tool of propaganda and has been turned into no more than a career building mechanism by reporters and a money maker for media owners, none of whom understand as our founding fathers did that a free and contentious press is a bulwark against totalitarianism and fascism, a necessary component of a free democratic society.

From one standpoint, the questions that are not answered might reflect that concerns such as those referenced above just may not be seen to be of interest to the media because they feel their audience does not care about these. We know this is not the case subsequent to the recent revelations of the massive surveillance state and Americans’ genuine, concerned and almost frantic interest in the story.

From another standpoint, the questions that are not answered are providing cover for politicians who want their anti-democratic programs to never be discussed – in other words, these media professionals are conspiring to cover-up government abuses. And, the same can be said of the press when it comes to writing about corporate excess and corporate crime…we have seen over the past twenty years or more that questions about matters that are ‘sensitive’ to the corporate elite remain, quite simply, never asked and buried.

So, with respect to the media coverage of corporate crime and political malfeasance we see an agreement to present a charade of press freedom as a free press. The political class depends on fake-reporters that self-censor to maintain control and (as we have become aware due to recent revelations), to enlarge the national security state and diminish or negate the rights of Americans to confront and challenge the national security state. A beautiful form of control that relies upon individuals to abandon their sense of community and commitment to the ongoing project of a democratic country. We don’t have the need for Pravda, just look at what a free press we have…soft totalitarianism.

Sadly, we too, the citizenry, have ‘traded-off’ to secure access. Access to coupons, targeted advertising, special offers, reduced prices, free gifts – consumer treats that flow like an unstoppable torrent as we daily agree to the ‘terms of service’ contracts that are presented to us by corporations so we can use the products that they develop.

In light of the revelation that the federal government has been and intends to continue to record every possible communication and transaction that we make, many Americans are rightly concerned about their loss of privacy and its attendant freedom (the right to be secure in your persons, homes, papers and effects). Revealing, this anger and disbelief and concern, as we have each individually and on thousands of incidental occasions over the past ten years consciously, willingly and happily relinquished our anonymity and autonomy to the enticing, invasive and unstoppable culture of complete corporate surveillance.

No need to take away our rights when they have been gifted away to our leaders of commerce by you and me…Soft totalitarianism.

‘beware of maya’ george harrison

them sparkleponypoopmunchers will just have to get used to the ‘trade offs’

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ahhh..the inexplicablity to regular dullards of the complex nature of constitutional protections that have no meaning or application “if you only knew what we know and how much we are protecting y’all”

its just those plain ‘ol super human thought processes only accessible to the but now are super.humans because lesser party hacks voted for them

gwbush : “I asked the White House counsel’s office and the Justice Department to study whether I could authorize the NSA to monitor al Qaeda communications into and out of the country without FISA warrants…Both told me I could. They concluded that conducting surveillance against our enemies in war fell within the authorities granted by the congressional war resolution and the constitutional authority of the commander in chief…Before I approved the Terrorist Surveillance Program, I wanted to ensure there were safeguards to prevent abuses. I had no desire to turn the NSA into an Orwellian Big Brother. The Terrorist Surveillance Program had been carefully designed to protect the civil liberties of innocent people.”

bobama : “In the abstract you can complain about Big Brother and how this is a potential program run amok, but when you actually look at the details, I think we’ve struck the right balance…You can’t have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience…We’re going to have to make some choices as a society … There are trade-offs involved.”

I remember that part of the constitution that said party hacks can disregard the constitutional rights that I think are available to me to protect myself from the deranged despotism of party.hacks cum neo-fascists

- its right there under the “trade offs involved” article of the constitution…google it!

and, I don’t want any folks ‘roud rancho bernardo mistaking my intent here – I am NOT comparing gwbush’s strain of indefensible corporate/militaristic civil society destroying activities to the indefensible corporate/militaristic civil society destroying activities of bobama !! no-sir…if y’all think that just consider this : i really really think that obama has a wonderful smile, and i realize that if i do not support corporate hegemony and the imperial militarism required to enforce it that I must be some kind of koran reading sparkleponypoopmuncher.

HAHA LMFAO those sparkleponypoopmunchers are realy funny HAHA can hardly keep down that bite of balsamic infused sot la trape I’m noshing ’bout now

Anyhoo – all this talk about ‘not believing our elected leaders (who have been shown over and over to be unabashedly lying)’ and ‘protecting our freedoms by destroying them’ and all the calling out of them sparkleponypoopmunchers who simply do not understand the necessity of ‘protecting our homeland’ (after our killing more than 100,000 innocent civilians in just one of our current undeclared wars ~ read : illegal invasions under the geneva conventions) reminds me of an incident that myself and mrs.acmerecords experienced first hand that really really made me glad that I have relinquished my capacity for critical thinking and delivered myself as a naked new-born infant into the hands of our dear.protecting.surveillance.addicted.drone.shooting.democratic.hero –

After finishing a quite delicious meal at our local smith and wollensky steak house where me and mrs.acmerecords shared a wonderful dry aged 48 oz porterhouse (for 2) we decided to make a little pilgrimage to our city’s federal building to just look on in awe at the building in our town that houses the types of folks who understand as we will never be able to that we must give up our rights if we are going to keep the ponypoopmunching islamacists from breeching the fortifications of our great land of commercial (nee constitutional) rights -and maybe take a few pictures to display on our facebook pages –and, when we turned the corner on Monroe, we were met with the troublesome sight of maybe 500 swarthy individuals (who were by my estimation largely of Latino – as opposed to Arabic extraction, based upon the various statues of Christ and Mother Mary that they were fondling and carrying about – but remember, as bobama’s joint chief sez, there is a fundamental and un-American connection between Latin Americans and islamacist.terror plotters that has to be recognized and dealt with that has something to do with cannabis, or something) who were all up-in-arms and shouty and marching around and singing songs and making speeches – a regular Arab-spring kind of uprising right here in the city center of my town.  

Shocked to the foundations of my and mrs.acmerecords porterhouse stuffed probosci,  I turned to one of the hundered or so gentle and helpful policeman on the scene (who was decked out in full body armor, carried a hundred plastic hand cuffs and had a very useful protective helmet and face protecting shield) who informed me that the group of crazy ‘rights demanders’ had gathered in Chicago on what is known around the world as ‘international workers day’ that commemorates an incident that happened right here in chi-town called the Haymarket Riot (in 1886) – where a bomb was thrown by a still-to-this-day unknown terrorist that killed some terrorists and some police – and thankfully, the leaders of the protesterrorists, who were not actually at the event, were executed – Can you imagine? A ‘holiday’ celebrating terrorists and common workers? I do declare ..thank god for the protections that our sainted secular elected official enacted as laws just last year to protect our fragile democracy from the opinions of protestors…  I mean, haven’t these ponypoopmunchers ever heard of Labor Day??  And all of this allegedly happened to secure the eight hour work day (made law in the US in 1937) – and, all of this happened in the ‘home town’ of  our dear leader?!?  Can you ever think of Mrobama saying that he’s-a-gonna-put-on-his-marching-shoes to support unionized workers if collective bargaining is ever threatened on his watch – to, you know, protest for worker.terrorist rights?  I mean- really you gots to be crazy to think something like that – Obama? A protesterrorist ponypoopmuncher – - hello… bizzaro world, folks! 

Apparently these ‘protestors’ had not yet received the message that ‘trade-offs’ must be made for our collective protection that eliminate what we have been otherwise informed are ‘inalienable rights’ -  because they were carrying around placards with pictures of our dear.spymaster.child.incinerating.leader.bobama with words on them like “war criminal”, “liar” “as bad as bush” etc (downright glenn.greenwald of those rabble) rousing themselves into a ‘I demand civil rights and equal protection’ frenzy that our hard working (and brutal to be sure – but understandably under-protected and under-armed) city police could not possibly handle on their own.

Thank god that my town is led by that fantastic protector of corporate wealth Rahm Emmanuel (formerly in bobama’s white house as the guy who was formally tasked with calling sparkleponypoopmunchers “retards”) because this staunch protector of our had the foresight to call on bobama’s department of homeland uber-security goon squad to ensure that these un-American americans don’t get too exorcised trying to exercise their mis-perceived “constitutional right” to petition the government with grievances – can’t have that in a free (unless we trade off our freedoms to quell our anxiety over amorphous ‘threats’) country like America.  And the good folks at the CTA were kind enough to provide buses to carry-off protestors who became too noisy to lock them up safely out of sight in one of our city’s very own ‘black site prisons’.

Although me and mrs.acmerecords quivered mightily at the strange site in modern America of citizens who have the temerity to stand up against corporate fascism – the presence of the homeland-goon squad was comforting and reassuring…to simply know that our.dear.leaderS are vigilant in protecting the rights that mrs.acmerecords and me can afford (which have not yet been ‘traded away’) made me proud to be paying my tax dollars in support of those red white and blue goons (who by the way were tethered by a secure chain to a snarling and foamy mouthed attack dog – or should I say snarling and foamy mouthed protector of my god-given and not yet traded away right to not become aware of criticisms and challenges to our dear.drone.dealing.spy.king and our corporate constructed paradise of rights – if y’all can afford them)

Anyhoo, good thing is I found out that the pot-banging and rights clamoring rabble did not make a difference – in my town or my country ..whew!  No unions for low wage workers!  No citizen rights for taxpaying workers!  No end to imperial wars!  And best of all… all the people in rancho bernado can sleep easy knowing that the idea of a ‘living wage’ is still sparkleponypooponaplate !! Almost turned into a shria-law state or some kind of ponypoopmunching utopia or something.

God rest ye well, stormtrooping homeland security goons for protecting me from those dangerous religious song singing people who have different ideas from my own, rahm who protects us every day from the ‘retards’ who dine on sparkleponypoop and our dear.protector for understanding the complex set of trade-offs contemplated (but never actually expressed) by our founding fathers.  We may not know why our freedoms have to be removed for our safety – but we can be certain that terror.protestors will again (on May 1) stand around on street corners mouthing ponypoopdreams and wiping sparklepony dung from their chins as they are securely surrounded by a phalanx of body-armored real americans ready to place their ”billy club to the fucking skull” in support of our beautiful American freedom to participate in structured commerce.


‘the flag follows the dollar, and the soldiers follow the flag’  smedley butler