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Unclear on the concept cavalcade continues to corrupt citizens’ consciousness

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Ripped from the headlines, the news seems to suggest that rank and file democrats are following their standard bearer’s ‘style’ when it comes to solving some of the more pressing and complex problems that we face togehter as a nation. Its good to know that these followers have appreciated the efforts made by the Obama administration to “set the tone” as we sally forth together to solve these troubling and significant criminal and cultural problems.

Democratic leadership acts as anti-equal justice vigilante, taking personal initiative to smash the concept of equal protection under the law with of get-out-of-jail-for-free winks and nods to felonious bankers

President Obama, referring to the his administration’s broad based policy of agreeing to non-prosecution agreements drafted by private businesses who have been accused of criminality, reassured citizens angered by the administration’s apparent disregard for the law when he stated; “Well, first, on the issue of — on the issue of prosecutions on Wall Street, one of the biggest problems about the collapse of Lehman’s and the subsequent financial crisis and the whole subprime lending fiasco is that a lot of that stuff wasn’t necessarily illegal, it was just immoral or inappropriate or reckless…You know, the financial sector is very creative, and they are always looking for ways to make money. That’s their job. And if there are loopholes and rules that can be bent and arbitrage to be had, they will take advantage of it.”

Democratic president acts as anti-international and anti-US constitutional law vigilante, pommeling treaties and settled US law with the truncheon of a non-investigation promise to American torturers

A short two months after winning the election in 2008, and just days before taking an oath that requires him to “protect and defend the constitution”, president Barack Obama, speaking on television on January 10, 2009, advised Americans of his unconventional plan for enforcing treaty obligated, legally codified and constitutionally mandated prohibitions against torturing human beings, stating; “Part of my job is to make sure that, for example, at the CIA, you’ve got extraordinarily talented people who are working very hard to keep Americans safe. I don’t want them to suddenly feel like they’ve got spend their all their time looking over their shoulders…(I operate on) a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards.”

Democratic president acts as anti-health vigilante, taking personal initiative to smash the public healthcare option with cudgel of disingenuousness and lies

Speaking to a gathering of actually important Democratic party supporters in September of 2010 who paid $30,000 each to sup with President Obama, the president took time to put critics of his signature insurance industry bail-out plan called the Affordable Care Act in their place, saying, “Democrats, just congenitally, tend to get — to see the glass as half empty. (Laughter.) If we get an historic health care bill passed — oh, well, the public option wasn’t there.”

Democratic president acts as anti-constitution vigilante, taking personal initiative to bug-splat American citizens with no judge’s order

In a new book regarding the 2010 presidential campaign, President Obama confirms one of the skills that he has consciously honed and perfected since he became president of the United States. Having overseen the conveyance of sky-death to hundreds of innocent humans as he personally ordered hundreds of drone executions, Obama reflected on his new-found passion, stating, “I’m really good at killing people.”

Democratic president acts as anti-privacy vigilante, taking personal initiative to bludgeon the notion of private communication for every member of the human race with complete and unrelenting surveillance

Speaking to a troubled populous after they were informed of the un-warranted and warrantless surveillance of all Americans, and most citizens of planet earth, for the entire time he has been president, Barack Obama sought to calm the concerns of Americans when he advised in July 2013 that, the “modest encroachments on privacy” were “worth us doing” in furtherance of protecting the homeland. Obama reminded Americans that, while not specified in the US Constitution, “There are some trade-offs involved,” when it comes to protecting the homeland.

Democratic leadership teams with Republican leadership as anti-sick person vigilantes, taking personal initiative to scheme to beat back relief payments to American patients with technical accounting brick-bat

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Patriotism, marketism, exceptionalism – destinyism? : The prison of the isms

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Portrait of Columbus

A recent holiday lets one reflect on occupation and power.

Columbus Day can be a warm day or a cold day (and this year was spectacular autumn falling through cool sunshine) but it always provides an opportunity to reflect on the day as a holiday representing as it does a kind of anachronistic celebration of manifest destiny – and we know that we have grown beyond all that…shameful as it is as a part of our history.

It had to be someone, and it was Columbus who ‘discovered America’ and, among other accomplishments, initiated the Euro-American human trafficking biz. We are reminded of both the inhuman brutality and stark commercial natures of this from Columbus’ own diaries where he comments off handedly that due to the free market demands of Euro customers, “dealers” are always looking for young girls and “those from nine to ten are now in demand.”

A few days ago I saw an investigative journalism piece by Raveena Aulakh who writes for the Toronto Star called, “I got hired at a Bangladesh sweatshop. Meet my 9-year-old boss”. In the article, Aulakh describes the harrowing lives of child garment factory workers in Bangladesh where she took a job for a week posing as a willing sweatshop worker. Her nine year old boss, Meem, works making linen shirts for shirt wearing customers somewhere beyond the streets of Dhaka in 12 hour shifts 7 days a week with half days on Friday making $32 dollars Canadian monthly (10 cents an hour). Meem’s dream: to advance from being a sewing helper to become a sewing operator. Aulakh writes that in Bangladesh, “Factory managers prefer younger sewing helpers…Their eyesight is better, their little fingers nimbly trim threads and they don’t fuss about backaches and neck pain.”

Ahh…commerce – always able to find value to be tapped to meet the market’s needs. Why, one may ask, are the market’s needs so important that Meem has to set her tiny feet on the rat race conveyer belt? Why is it so difficult for us to compute the true cost of global commerce as it is paid out in jobs lost at home and slave work created in ‘opened markets’? What makes us deserve to be decked out in daywear assembled out of the attenuated aspirations of the world’s children? Today I am wearing clothing made in Guatemala, Viet Nam and China.

We here in the US recently had a socialist finger wagged in our collective face when Vladimir Putin scolded, “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.” The chastising came after President Obama described his military’s delivery of cruise missiles that will (as we all know, like we know where our linen comes from) level homes and schools killing innocent humans (which we call ‘collateral damage’ so as to not think too hard about the practicalities of the dynamic– in much the same way we call Meem an ‘employee’ so as to not think too hard about the practicalities of the dynamic) thusly:

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To hell with the heelots and then, to the hills

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As this divided, infrastructurally decrepit, middle class obviated, finance industry indentured, environmentally forsaken, compassion suppressing, rich get richer, war is the only answer, private capital coddling country slides off the rails towards the only demise that its choices can afford it, inhabited as it is by government protectors of big business who scream about government overreach, pettifogging mouthpiece Nobel Peace Prize winners who describe their child victims as terrorists expecting that their ‘framing’ absolves them from war crime guilt, humanitarians who call for the cindering of civilians, government regulators who claim they have only the power to de-regulate industries, criminal enforcement entities who wink&grin with private business owners as they say they cannot prosecute crimes unless they are committed by poor people, American patriots whose vision of freedom is to be freed from contributing to the common good and freed to move tax payer bailout money to untaxable off-shore accounts, political party apologizers who gladly accept tens of thousands of deaths every year in America so they can assert that laws created by the insurance industry to protect it from being thrown on the ash heap of history are somehow helping our poor and sick to receive care, I look out my Midwestern window today to have revealed to my weary eyes, a clump of river birch trees accepting its fate of dying to the winter, its beautiful death-shroud of golden leaves quivering in the portent of a northerly breeze. I am inspired today to sing praise to the bull-shit callers, the question askers (and answer demanders), those who will not give in or up as the fresh face of modern US neo-fascism glares threateningly back, the whistle blowers, the debate goers, the seed sowers who call out the collateral victim mowers, the division growers and baby in the bathwater throwers – those who recognize these ‘heelots’ for what they are and know that standing firm is the only stance to take when “standing up”.

Robert Riskin wrote the screenplay for the classic American film “Meet John Doe”, based upon a story by Richard Connel and Robert Presnell. The Capra film was released in 1941, but really reflects the time period of America’s last depression. As many know, the story involves a scheme concocted by a jaded newspaper woman who has been fired when a new owner of her newspaper comes in to “clean house”. The reporter convinces ‘John Doe’, an innocent country boy, to pretend to threaten to commit suicide due to the economic misery and America’s political intransigence to remedy the suffering, which gives the recently fired reporter an exclusive story – saving her job. The scheme careens out of the control of the schemers when the concocted story ignites a massive popular movement among regular Americans who are seeking both relief from the crushing economic depression as well as answers from politicians and the captains of industry. In an interesting fictional parallel to an historic incident, America’s industrial magnates conspire to seize control of the movement and utilize the agitated populace to instigate a coup, taking over America and instituting a fascistic new government that is directed by rich business owners to protect private capital and subordinate America’s workers and neuter the nascent popular political movement.

I know readers will see in this story many parallels to our current times – with the obvious exception being the fact that, during the previous depression, Hollywood would allow such a piece of socialist agit-prop to hit the big screens across America (even with its softening sub-plots) – and I encourage readers who have not seen this film in a long time to seek it out and view it comparing its mise-en-scene with today’s messy scenes in the USA; but my intent of bringing up this wonderful film is to call attention to a scene where ‘the Colonel” (played beautifully by Walter Brennan) gives his soliloquy, expounding on freedom in (from) this modern world.

After agreeing to the scheme, the hoboing John Doe is fed a meal, given new cloths by his newspapermen handlers, and $50 “spending money”. All of which leads to the Colonel frustratedly expressing his philosophy to a room full of regular modern Americans, city folk to be sure – but regular folks, just like those country folks in the American hinterland: Read the rest of this entry →

gots to choose…will it be apple, google or NSA ‘cloud computing’?

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Every time I have recently attempted to update my apple internet phone software I have been offered to accept a free-of-charge service by that same wonderful company (which appears to have the capacity to know exactly what types of products me and mrs.acmerecords want desperately to purchase to define our personal natures by) : to have a cloud named after me, where all of my ideas and schemes and dreams (as revealed in the haphazard and unfocused and advertising driven and mostly out of either sheer boredom or out of shameless consumerist instincts google.industrial.complex searches that I do) can be stored forever by them for my convenience; you know if my computer crashes or in case I ever have a problem buying additional computer hard drives to store my stuff on- you know if, like, best buy closes its doors and tiger direct gets bought up by some sparkleponypoop development company from china or san francisco or some shria law or something. 

While I am sure you all know that I would gladly send my first born male child directly to bill gates or whoever is the current black faux-turtleneck wearing dude from – if it was 1) in the interests of national security and 2) would result in my being compensated with stock options, I would without hesitation – but unfortunately, due to the current economic climate in these united states, me & mrs.acmerecords have forestalled our patriotic.progenation.pact to bring forth into this marvelous nation of commerce another credit card carrying American citizen (& don’t lay that ‘not patriotic for not ‘re-stocking’ the shelves of America with newborn.consumption.nodes’ criticism on us because we do indeed consume a great deal…just have a look at our shopping history as transcribed by the whole foods wellness club or as methodically collected by our good friends at the local jewels (Albertsons) and you will see that we can be accurately data-mined to appear as good americans by these proud American citizen.corporations) – my question to ya’ll over here in rancho bernardo is : with the federal government getting into the cloud computing storage business, does it make sense to establish a relationship with one of the 2 companies that is always trying to get me to ‘cloud-up’ my personal information, if you will; meaning the wonderful, friendly and consumer conscious folks over at google.industrial.copmplex, or that bastion of technologically freeing/but slave producing electronics repackaging business given that both of these government supported private entities are currently trading better on the NASDAQ than the publicly supported uncle sam project known as the USofA- when the honest and protecting US government wants to provide this NSA cloud computing system for free (or slightly free)? 

Believe me, I am really proud that our great has (belatedly to be sure- but necessarily given the competition’s head start) finally decided to monetize their complete and unbridled collection of every thought, inspiration, communication, desire, intent, expression, wish, hope, yearning, muse, belief, aspiration and, well, purchase (those boyz over at boozy.hamilton are like a freaking dyson on steroids) – but me and mrs.acmerecords are really concerned as to whether the good ol’ USofA can actually compete with real class outfits like apple & google – I don’t know but I do know that all of those government policy deciders likely started their careers at Goog-App-Rosoft and then were welcomed back by these patriotic citizen.corporations after writing all that ‘legislation’ and developing them groovy ‘cost plus no-bid contracts’ and such. 

I assure you all over here in the rancho that I’m not dissing the good ol’ corporation of America here – but really, do you all remember the product release event for that government product called the ‘taxpayer bail-out of private finance companies’?  When that happened, there were no dancing girls, there were no free swag bags, there was no gigantic flat screen TV with neato-cool digitally enhanced images of dick fuld, anthony mozillo, lloyd blankfein and jamie diamond festooned with gigantic lobster bibs, wolfing down currency from a taxpayer packed feeding trough – No, all we got was the BADBAD.person.king gwbush saying sheepishly that ‘capitalism got drunk’ and had to be saved by socialism ! 

by socialism ?!? – you will never hear that bootstrapping and never supported by government contracts or tax advantages or unique copyright protections bill.gates or that faux turtleneck guy saying the word socialism – f*ckin’ no way…these men are heroes of American freedom.commerce who deserve to be both lionized & patronized (as in buying all their neato products) by regular.dullard.americans.

Even the drone.spymaster.king.bobama himself  (when advancing the NSA’s cloud computing product that he unveiled recently with the help of a guy named Ed Snowden – and he didn’t even call that guy ‘snowy’ or some other corny.cute nick name) couched the requirement that regular americans have to be tracked like some kind of criminal with a warrant served out on their collective asses, not as submitting our sparkleponypoop.privacy to the data collection and analysis systems of some kind of socialist.gulag type of ‘big brother’ (no sir), but in a way that both me and mrs.acmerecords can understand readily – having recently ‘traded-in’ my older model cadillac when I contracted to purchase my new.used bmw over the course of the next 84 months, or the ‘trade-up’ mrs.acmerecords recently did when she agreed to be tracked wherever she goes by her new apple internet phone – we were advised by our dear.protector that all we have to do to get in on the at least ten year old ground floor of the NSA cloud computing revolution is to ‘trade-off’ our rights – if that’s all they’re asking (as me and mrs.acmerecords surely ‘have nothing to hide’ as good patriots always suggest they don’t) we would be right ‘on board’- kind of like turning ourselves in for our own protection for crimes that we do not know exist and, in any event, we have not committed – dude, sign me up!

Unfortunately, me and mrs.acmerecords have for so long been inundated with messaging by true americans from both political parties that “government is not the solution, government is the problem” and “reagan was a transformational president” and all of these new ‘public/private partnerships’ our grand.drone.decimating.decider.but.not.that.decider.king has been talkin’ ‘bout since he was elected, I have a really hard time detaching myself from the nurturing and individuality creating companies that, basically, are now more wealthy and powerful than the good ol’ such as the google.industrial.copmplex and – and ‘trading-off’ to be monitored by what is without qualification the best country in the world, that is just not as good as the best companies in the world, as we have been told over and over by our protecting politicians…a real consumer.quandry – - 

But wait – mrs.acmerecords just told me that the government has a magic ‘prism’ & that, when this conundrum is viewed through this magic crystal – one can see that the government and these amazing.capitalist.companies are actually providing the full range of cloud computing services to all americans…hand in glove, in tandem, as partners, as one fine-tuned machine – as a public/private partnership, what a relief.  


Now I know that 1) I have no choice in the matter and, 2) if this public/private partnership is anything like the public private partnerships that led to non-prosecution agreements between the largest private financial companies on the planet and the US government regulators (sic), or the fabulous called QE1 through infinity – we Americans have nothing to fear and nothing to lose – once all them rights are safely ‘traded away’. 

America über alles