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To hell with the heelots and then, to the hills

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As this divided, infrastructurally decrepit, middle class obviated, finance industry indentured, environmentally forsaken, compassion suppressing, rich get richer, war is the only answer, private capital coddling country slides off the rails towards the only demise that its choices can afford it, inhabited as it is by government protectors of big business who scream about government overreach, pettifogging mouthpiece Nobel Peace Prize winners who describe their child victims as terrorists expecting that their ‘framing’ absolves them from war crime guilt, humanitarians who call for the cindering of civilians, government regulators who claim they have only the power to de-regulate industries, criminal enforcement entities who wink&grin with private business owners as they say they cannot prosecute crimes unless they are committed by poor people, American patriots whose vision of freedom is to be freed from contributing to the common good and freed to move tax payer bailout money to untaxable off-shore accounts, political party apologizers who gladly accept tens of thousands of deaths every year in America so they can assert that laws created by the insurance industry to protect it from being thrown on the ash heap of history are somehow helping our poor and sick to receive care, I look out my Midwestern window today to have revealed to my weary eyes, a clump of river birch trees accepting its fate of dying to the winter, its beautiful death-shroud of golden leaves quivering in the portent of a northerly breeze. I am inspired today to sing praise to the bull-shit callers, the question askers (and answer demanders), those who will not give in or up as the fresh face of modern US neo-fascism glares threateningly back, the whistle blowers, the debate goers, the seed sowers who call out the collateral victim mowers, the division growers and baby in the bathwater throwers – those who recognize these ‘heelots’ for what they are and know that standing firm is the only stance to take when “standing up”.

Robert Riskin wrote the screenplay for the classic American film “Meet John Doe”, based upon a story by Richard Connel and Robert Presnell. The Capra film was released in 1941, but really reflects the time period of America’s last depression. As many know, the story involves a scheme concocted by a jaded newspaper woman who has been fired when a new owner of her newspaper comes in to “clean house”. The reporter convinces ‘John Doe’, an innocent country boy, to pretend to threaten to commit suicide due to the economic misery and America’s political intransigence to remedy the suffering, which gives the recently fired reporter an exclusive story – saving her job. The scheme careens out of the control of the schemers when the concocted story ignites a massive popular movement among regular Americans who are seeking both relief from the crushing economic depression as well as answers from politicians and the captains of industry. In an interesting fictional parallel to an historic incident, America’s industrial magnates conspire to seize control of the movement and utilize the agitated populace to instigate a coup, taking over America and instituting a fascistic new government that is directed by rich business owners to protect private capital and subordinate America’s workers and neuter the nascent popular political movement.

I know readers will see in this story many parallels to our current times – with the obvious exception being the fact that, during the previous depression, Hollywood would allow such a piece of socialist agit-prop to hit the big screens across America (even with its softening sub-plots) – and I encourage readers who have not seen this film in a long time to seek it out and view it comparing its mise-en-scene with today’s messy scenes in the USA; but my intent of bringing up this wonderful film is to call attention to a scene where ‘the Colonel” (played beautifully by Walter Brennan) gives his soliloquy, expounding on freedom in (from) this modern world.

After agreeing to the scheme, the hoboing John Doe is fed a meal, given new cloths by his newspapermen handlers, and $50 “spending money”. All of which leads to the Colonel frustratedly expressing his philosophy to a room full of regular modern Americans, city folk to be sure – but regular folks, just like those country folks in the American hinterland: Read the rest of this entry →

Frankie’s exceptional exceptions to American Exceptionalism

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Pope Francis

A progressive pope and a regressive president?

In the brave new bizzarro world where the head of the two thousand year old capital serving, land owning, supporter of bloody imperialists and thieving enterprises on 6 of the seven continents known as the Catholic Church comes out as an unabashed adherent to the transmitted ‘teachings’ of the barefooted, long-haired, anti-institutional religion, anti-capital accumulation, anti-money lending institution, supporter of the poor and dispossessed, promoter of the union of brethren humans including our avowed ‘enemies’, exclaimer to a world of owners, “give up all that you own and follow me,” wandering philosopher and proto-hippie known as Jesus of Nazareth, we have the opportunity to reassess the claims of talk-tv screamers, political reamers, surgical strike schemers, imperial pipe-dreamers, military full-steamers, geo-political extremers and America-first home-teamers whose dreams to pillage and plunder abroad and pacify peasants at home have always been couched in language exactly like this; “I believe we should act. That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes us exceptional. With humility, but with resolve, let us never lose sight of that essential truth.” (Barack Obama, Washington DC, 09.10.13)

So, using the exclamations of the nation’s current most vocal supporter of what is known as “American Exceptionalism” (by the way, this word “exceptionalism” always comes up on spell-check as ‘not in the dictionary’) let’s see what we can glean about what exactly “That essential truth …” is here in the good ‘ol USA;

Pope Francis on capitalism:
We must say: ‘We want a fair system; a system that allows everyone to move forward.’ We must say: ‘We do not want this globalized economic system that does so much harm.’ At the center has to be man and woman, as God wants – not money.

Barack Obama on capitalism:

Well, first on the issue of prosecutions on Wall Street, one of the biggest problems about the collapse of Lehmans and the subsequent financial crisis and the whole subprime lending fiasco is that a lot of that stuff wasn’t necessarily illegal, it was just immoral or inappropriate or reckless.

Pope Francis on economic growth:

This is not just a problem of Sardinia; it is not just a problem of Italy or of some countries in Europe. It is the consequence of a global choice, an economic system which leads to this tragedy; an economic system which has at its center an idol called money. Grandparents are thrown away and young people are thrown away…And we must say no to this throwaway culture…A change of attitude… is needed on the part of everyone, moving away from attitudes of defensiveness and fear, indifference and marginalization – all typical of a throwaway culture – towards attitudes based on a culture of encounter, the only culture capable of building a better, more just and fraternal world. Development cannot be reduced to economic growth alone, often attained without a thought for the poor and the vulnerable.

Barack Obama on economic growth:

We can do more. So I’ll push new initiatives to help more manufacturers bring more jobs back to America… Let’s tell the world that America is open for business… Let’s offer incentives to companies that hire Americans who’ve got what it takes to fill that job opening… We’ll give new tax credits to businesses that hire and invest… I’m also proposing a Partnership to Rebuild America that attracts private capital to upgrade what our businesses need most…

Pope Francis on immigration:

let’s work together to beat back the sparkleponypoopmunchers

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Now, now Mr. Timbers,

Please don’t misinterpret the point behind the story. It was not that the young drone.king was self-possessed and patronizing, but rather that I became a better adherent when I realized that I could never ‘realize who he is’ in the same way that Christian mystics realize that they can never actually fully comprehend the divine, and are better to simply accept that the are incapable of ‘knowing’ and just get down to the business of uncritical worshipry.

Gosh – although I know you’re are “one of us” (really important in rank tribalist appreciations of the world, don’t you know) crossedTimber – but I was about to request that mmMrbbug do one of his famous psychoanalyses of your previous commentary to, you know, vet your ass to be sure that you are really a member of this club and not an ‘uninvited guest’ as framed above. And I know, because I’ve done the research, that the World Wide Web was designed by its creators to reflect what we are used to here in rancho bernardo – gated communities of like-minded secret-society members concerned about how to fortify our web pages to make sure no sparkleponypoopeaters mistakenly find their way in.

Anyhoo- all this talk about folks who ‘don’t realize’ who president judge.jury.spymaster.king actually is reminds me of a statement made by the BADBAD person.king called GWBush who once said to a citizen who questioned the decider’s newly created government office on faith based initiatives, “Who cares what you think”

I’m glad in this, the world’s oldest constitutional democracy, where regular citizens are elected to represent the interests of the people, where the Constitution protects the regular people from being wiretapped and surveilled when they hold opinions that differ from the elected administrative officials and gives them due process rights to combat in the courts governments that take the law into their own hands, abandon centuries of US and western law and the theories that underpin our laws that have been taken as part of civilized life on our planet for quite literally centuries, and where we can never be put to death on the whim of a deluded and self-infatuated narcissistic political hack of a neo-fascist, that I no longer have to hope that these protections of civilized small d democratic society are there at my disposal – because (though I will never be able to fully realize why) the super-human who we have collectively vested our faith in will only use his totalitarian powers to protect me and also to act as a protecting.despot killing children & rescue teams (silly me, children who have been deemed by our protector to actually be terrorists and rescue teams that our dear leader informs us are a ‘threat to our national security’) for my protection – and, as a Christian, I can’t even dispair about the blood spilled from the dying carcasses of those little kids and the doctors and nurses and rescue personnel operating those ambulances – because to do so would be admitting that I am a sparkleponypoopmuncher who’s admission to this club could be ‘suspended’ by the little league deciders over here…believe me, not gonna do that

Anyhoo, speaking of sparkleponypoopmunchers; me and Mrs.acmerecords had a quite frightening experience yesterday on our way back from getting our toe jam cuticles cleaned by that really deferential plebe of some kind of foreign extraction (read immigrant) when, as Mrs.acmerecords was minding her own business while walking on the sidewalk while responding to a facebook entry about how cute Mrs Obama looks with her bangs, and the ragamuffin child of some homeless sparkleponypoopmuncher who was sleeping (yes, sleeping!) on the sidewalk tripped Mrs. acmerecords, winding her on the cement with several broken nail-extensions. As I was trying to decide how I could file a lawsuit against the waif & homeless mom an ambulance arrived and the next thing I know – me and Mrs.acmerecords are standing in the emergency room of Cook County (now Stroger) Hospital. I do declare, we were surrounded by so many sparkleponypoopmunchers I really was taken aback. All sorts of people, infants, the elderly, young people, little school kids – amazing so many folks a-lookin’ for a hand out of some kind from the government, like being healthy is some kind of ‘human right’ or something, I do declare.

Shocked as we were, we did observe a sterned faced private security guard doing his best to keep the ponypoopmunchers away from the doctors and nurses and health care – good to know that the state has hired a private contractor (who may not be actually from our club- but who was really good at protecting us from these hand-out seeking poopmunchers..I mean, really, haven’t they ever heard of Humana or Kaiser Permanente?) Well, I have to tell you, that privately contracted gate keeper was great – he really did a great job of keeping the riff-raff away from my guaranteed health care commodity. There was one guy, maybe in his 70’s, who showed up at the door in a wheelchair with an open and oozing sore on his thigh that was making quite a mess – and the guard held his arm out across the entrance way to this public hospital- preventing the oozing ponypoopmuncher from entering the emergency room and asked him pointedly and with gusto “where’s your benefit card” and the possible-patient hung his head and said he didn’t have a card. At which point the private security guard paid for proudly by me & Mrs.acmerecords’ taxes pointed toward the horizon and said “go try resurrection” (another hospital/a private hospital some blocks away) and the silly-lazy-unable to afford insurance-ponypoopmunching obviously sick American (I mean human) slowly rolled his wheelchair away from cook county hospital leaving more “room in the inn” (as it were) for Mrs. acmerecords nail extension injury to be treated (matthew 25:35).

God belss the self-appointed gate keepers in our great land of commerce, god bless the private security guards that my taxes pay for that ensure sparkleponypoopmunchers can’t get their lazy-grubbing hands on what is mine because I can afford it and god bless drone.dealing.corporate.lacky monsignor Obama for realizing that health care is not a human right but rather an expense that must be worked for in our “ownership society” (oops, wrong neo-fascist despotic elected human representing a political party that we otherwise refer to as a president)

Keep up the great work bug, keeping the sick and homeless, the members of other less worthy Abrahamic religions, those who do not share your clearly displayed morals, values and sense of obligation as human beings to others –and just plain sparkleponypoopmunchers – out of sight, out of mind and off “your” webpage as uninvited guests

.. and more power to you that your underlings have been so well trained to do your exclusion work for “ya’ll”

/s  …   :)