Yesterday (10/27/2009) TheRealNewsNetwork posted the video and text of a riveting speech given by Lt. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on our wars, money, debt, the empire and more. Col. Wilkerson understands economics, military strategy, politics and people. Most importantly he talks with people who are experts in all those professional categories who trust him and tell him the truth. I regard this as an excellent national intelligence estimate. (It appears that President Obama has not ordered that important tool from the CIA.) I appreciate Col. Wilkerson’s regarding us as having sufficient intelligence and reasoning ability to be worthy of sharing this information which is so vital to our lives, our country and the world. We’re very fortunate to have him.

We’re fortunate, too, to have bluebutterfly among us, to whom I owe this ‘finding’. Blue is the best net searcher I know. Thanks, blue.

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At the link you will find both the YouTube video and the text. [Mods, if I get into deep stuff, please help me out. Thank you.]