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Our Newest Minority Group…White Folks!

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Lillian Gish

This would be funny if it weren’t so hateful and ridiculously stupid.  My partner (who is white) received the following e-mail from a longtime family friend living in Texas.

This was written by a female friend and says it all:

I am up, still in disbelief after going to sleep early.  I woke up as the acceptance speech was being made and was not really that surprised. It was clear to me from the beginning of the night what was ahead.  I will rethink watching so much Fox News now because it gives me a false sense of living in a country that still has a value system.

What I have decided is that I am still trying to live in the America that existed when I was a girl, where the majority of Amercans (sic) were hard working, white Americans and descendants of the Greatest Generation. We have always had minorities but they also originally came to America looking for opportunity for which they were willing to work hard to achieve. There was still an Amercan (sic) dream and the first President I can remember told us to “ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country.”  I didn’t really understand that statement fully till the last four years, but it is very clear to me now. The other and most important thing is, we were a Nation who not only included all races, but could still include God…that is no longer the case.

Bill O’Reilly said it best last night.  White Americans are now the minority because of the birth decline among us.  After all, can anyone really afford to have more than two children when you are middle class and the economic burden is on your shoulders with no help from the government that you dont (sic) have to pay back….we get nothing for free and were not raised to expect such…Yes my children had a few govt school loans (a very small amount) and every dime had to be paid back.

To go on further with what Bill O’Reilly said, the white Americans have declined, the minority population has risen and we now have a majority of people who ask “what can the country do for me?”.  They want more stuff and they want it given to them.

This is still America but it has changed and after this election I believe we turned a corner and will never go back.  If the majority of the population could not see it after these 4 years, this Nation has shown that we are now are a Nation with a majority of takers.  The free fall began 4 years ago and buckle your seat belts because we are doing nothing but picking up speed now.

I am a minority in Amerca (sic) and my voice is no longer heard.

Well, my word! How could this colored girl have lived fifty-six years in America and never notice that white people were a downtrodden minority?  Well, maybe, because they AREN’T!

This e-mail is so full of utter bullshit it, I could fertilize my garden with it for the next century.  All the usual myths are in place: only white people are hardworking (no doubt Texas slaves were sitting on their rather large and shapely buttocks sipping mint juleps while the white folks picked the cotton), nonwhites are all shiftless, baby-making  hand-out seeking, America destroying a-holes, God is dead because a black man ascended to the White House, all the really bad stuff started when…you guessed it, a black man was elected to the White House, the Social Security collecting”Greatest Generation” (how I absolutely hate this term. This “great” generation is largely responsible for the mess we are in) would rather take an awl to the eye than accept charity, America has lost it’s value system because “gasp” people are demanding a living wage, safer working  conditions, affordable healthcare, a robust safety net, equal rights, and a stop to the plundering of the working class by Wall Street and its cohorts, the TBTF banks.

Still,  this poor woman feels her calls for a return to the 1940′s have been all but drowned out in a tide of sweaty, dark  people who wrested the reins of power from whites through sheer fecundity.  Oh, wait, that hasn’t happened! Whites still control all the levers of economic power and governmental policy making. They constitute roughly 70% of the total population.  Phew! Her nightmare is over, for now

Well, she did get one thing right: Fox News gave her a false sense, if she had any to start with.  Perhaps, she should consider doing something radically different with her time besides penning racist screeds to her friends.  A trip to the library would be a good start. Check the history section.

And, by the way, would you REALLY vote for John F Kennedy, the man you were so fond of quoting,  if he were running for president today?

Not in a Texan minute. Thought so.

by ADC14

Emory University Apologizes to Jews. Where’s Mine?

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It took more than half a century, but Emory University  finally got around to apologizing to Jews for it’s gross antisemitism in its now defunct dental school. How nice. How ethical. But why stop there?  How about an  apology to African-Americans who attended Emory University Medical School and received a quick course in racism along with their basic anatomy.  I attended Emory’s Medical School in the late seventies. Coming from the North, the South’s ugly, overt racism, in general, and Emory’s, in particular, proved a severe shock to my psyche. This was the 70′s for Pete’s Sake!  Atlanta was billing itself as the next great city ! A black mayor was in office! Wasn’t this was the “new” South!

I was totally unprepared for:

1. Surgical residents routinely referring to their black patients as “uncle” and “auntie”.

2. A head of  surgery bragging openly about how he personally made sure no Jews or blacks ever finished the surgery program. Emory assigned this miserable  man to me as a mentor. I believe he was assigned to me to “keep me in my place” which he attempted to do at every turn through denigration and intimidation.

3.  The despicable campaign Emory launched against medical students from the all-black Morehouse Medical School, implying Morehouse students were intellectually inferior and poorly trained.  How they would ruin the medical training program at Grady Hospital which Emory’s white doctors had monopolized for decades. They threatened the city with pulling-out from Grady and taking all their fancy toys home. Screw the patients. Emory just was not going to abide working alongside black attendings as equals. Emory went so far as to institute additional testing for all medical students training at Grady. They told us at a meeting, it was  Morehouse’s fault because Morehouse would lower the standard of care at Grady and more testing was needed to weed them out. We had to be tested as well, otherwise, it would appear “prejudicial.”

4. Surgeons flubbing operations on black patients then quietly covering up their mistakes. It’s been 30 years, but I still vividly  remember watching in horror as one of my patients spilled liters of bile from his abdomen after a over-zealous, haughty Chief Resident perforated his common bile duct.  The attending instructed the resident : “let’s leave that out of the operative report, shall we.” The patient died shortly thereafter.

5. Being pulled aside by the lone black resident in the Internal Medicine program who informed me that  “Emory likes their niggers quiet. Do not show-up the white folk if you want to finish.”

6. A white doctor deliberately damaging a  black woman’s uterus during an abortion so she could never become pregnant again, while during expensive fertility surgery on a well-to-do  white woman, a white female surgeon opined, “Now these are people who should be having babies.”

I could go on and on but this diary would become as long as a bed sheet. I survived Emory, but I did not thrive. There were only four blacks in my class and half of them  flunked out.

So now, on behalf of my colleagues from Morehouse Medical School, on behalf of all those black patients disrespected and sometimes destroyed by racist doctors, on behalf of my fellow black students who either exited Emory Medical School without a diploma or were dropped from residency programs by Emory’s racist department chairmen, on behalf of the painfully few black attendings at Grady who lacked the courage to stand-up to power, and on behalf of all people of color who struggled through Emory University School of Medicine despite all the crap thrown at them, I ask Emory University, “When do we get OUR apology?”

I’ll check back in another thirty years.