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The Fukushima Shuffle, part deux

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Should I run now?

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We have been systematically lied to by own “democratic governments.”  As a matter of fact we have ALWAYS been systematically lied to by our “democratic governments.”  The reason is simple:  They do not now, and never have, represented their people.  They represent the ambitions of the wealthy and their corporations.  They work for profit and they lie to protect their interests.
The clusterfuck that is the nuclear industry, in every country, is a horrifying example of this. We ask for assurances, for the truth.   However, the politicians, government regulators and other revolving door corporate marionettes control the dialogue (and I use “dialogue” tongue-in-cheek.)  They speak only condescension, silence, and lies.  Don’t worry, they say. There is no danger.  You are being an alarmist.  All those people died of cancer, NOT radiation.  Building ( tax-payer-funded-welfare-for-the-rich-subsidized) nuclear plants creates jobs.  Nuclear plants are green. We have done the required maintenance.  There are no natural disasters that could harm the plant.   All lies.
We are talking about a danger to the very existence of life on this planet as we know it.  This is no small fucking thing.  Can you even really imagine it?  And these assholes lie to us.  Seriously?  WTF.

Don’t believe it?

Read some of this:

or maybe this

And Now For Something Completely Different…

Local Official: Japan gov’t did not reveal plutonium-241 detection


Local Official: They found plutonium in every sample — Radiation-absorbing bacterium is everywhere on paved surfaces

Before Fukushima: 100 Bq/kg of cesium is nuclear waste — After: 100 Bq/kg of cesium is safe to eat


And last but certainly not least-  If you were one of those “radiation is good for you nuke industry shills/ trolls”, this should set you straight:

“It is not really reported that strontium is so dangerous that it used to be used for chemical weapons of the Nazis.

Yes, THOSE Nazis.  So there, if the Nazi’s used it, you know it’s got to be bad.


Update 6 June 12

The lies are starting to unravel.

It’s emerged that at the height of Japan’s nuclear crisis last March, the authorities in Fukushima concealed radiation data vital to safely evacuate people from that area.”


Nuclear agency, TEPCO, knew in 2006 tsunami could trigger power loss

“The government’s nuclear safety agency and Tokyo Electric Power Co. had acknowledged as of 2006 the risk of a tsunami-triggered power loss at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, agency officials said Tuesday.

According to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency’s officials, the awareness was shared at a study session that was launched in response to the 2004 Sumatra quake and tsunami in Indonesia and joined by several utilities.”

And again we ask, what did they know and when did they know it?  This is so typical.  I would not be shocked if some bean-counter (accountant) over-ruled an engineer, and emphatically declared that the capital required to harden existing facilities was better spent on PR.  Or on the CEO’s bonus.


Scientists tested 15 blue fin tuna in California for Fukushima nuclear contamination.  And they find ALL 15 are contaminated.  (But the levels are “safe”, according to the US Government.  Hahahaha.  Safe like cigarettes? or DDT? or agent orange? or Aspartame?  Yeah. I’ll buy that for a dollar.   When the FDA speaks about food safety, the truth is usually bypassed, in proportion to the perceived threat to corporate profit.)



Nektar 1975.  Still seems relevent.

The Fukushima Shuffle

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I became a daily lurker on FDL right after the Tohoku quake and tsunami, reading everything posted about the Fukushima meltdown by Lobster et al.  I firmly believe that what occurred on 3/11 will effect our lives more directly and with a far more terrible consequence than anything related to what happened on  9/11.  What has happened and continues to happen at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is the most horrific man-made disaster this world has ever known, the effects of which will have to be measured millenially. This is frightening.   It never occurred to me that there could be anything more heinous than the irradiation of  all life on this planet.  Yet, sickeningly, there is. In an almost feverish race to reveal themselves as criminally insane, the democratically elected governments of the much-vaunted West have vomited only deception and deceit about these meltdowns.  This strikes me as nothing but an obscene attempt to limit the economic impact of this tragedy to the very elites that helped cause it. Yes.  That same 1%.  But, wait for it folks…..there’s more:

It’s Official: Canned Fish from Tohoku Will Go to Developing Countries, With the Help from UN

Another “win” for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who operates the ODA (Official Development Assistance). They have managed to obtain support from the United Nations on this one.

I first wrote about this particular ODA in June last year, with the follow-up post in September when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally requested the appropriation for the 3rd supplementary budget.

Now it’s official, with the help of the UN. Canned fish from Tohoku will be given to people in developing countries in the world so that the fisheries in the disaster-affected areas can recover and “baseless rumors” disappear.

The fish cans will go to Cambodia and 4 other countries and will be used in school lunches to feed school children.

From Sankei Shinbun (3/30/2012):

食料支援で風評被害解消 被災地の缶詰を途上国に

Food aid to dispel baseless rumors, by sending canned food made in disaster-affected areas to developing countries


The Japanese government exchange letters with the UN WFP (World Food Programme) regarding the ODA (Official Development Assistance) so that people in developing countries will be able to eat processed marine products made in the areas affected by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The purpose is to promote [the recovery of] fisheries industry in the disaster-affected areas and to dispel baseless rumors [that food in Japan is contaminated with radioactive materials].

政府が平成23年度第3次補正予算に計上した10億円を元手に、WFPが青森、岩手、茨城、千葉の4県の水産加 工場で製造されたイワシやサバなどの水煮の缶詰を調達。カンボジアなど5カ国で学校給食などに役立ててもらう。加藤敏幸外務政務官は書簡交換の式典で、 「甚大な被害を受けた被災地の水産加工企業は、操業の全面再開に向け努力している」と強調した。

The Japanese government allocated 1 billion yen in the fiscal 2011 3rd supplementary budget. Using this money, WFP will purchase cans of boiled sardines and mackerels made in factories in Aomori, Iwate, Ibaraki, and Chiba Prefectures. The cans will be shipped to 5 countries including Cambodia for the use in school lunches. Toshiyuki Kato, parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [No.3 politician at the ministry] emphasized in the letter exchanging ceremony, “The marine product processing companies in the disaster-affected areas have sustained grave damage, and they are doing their best to resume full operation.”


There are a few citizens’ groups who oppose this particular ODA program as they are worried about the effect of the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident. The top officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explain that the radiation measurement will be conducted, and only those products without any worry of safety will be exported so that the baseless rumors that still persist overseas are dispelled.

When the Japanese government officials say “without any worry of safety”, their safety equals 100 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium starting April 1, 2012.


Lemme get this straight…..The UN in concert with the Japanese government will force starving children in developing nations to eat radioactive canned seafood so that the 14 Billion dollar Japanese fishing industry doesn’t suffer economically from the fallout resulting from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown.  Wow.

Welcome to the pinnacle of the age of reason.