Recent events show a complete and thorough disconnect between the speeches by President Obama and Democrats in Congress and the actual legislative priorities and bills passed.

There is a scene “The Facts of Life” in the musical “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” based on the characters by Charles Schultz.  The scene starts with Lucy van Pelt telling Linus her little brother “These are fir trees.  This is where we get furs from.”  The scene ends with Linus asking his older sister “Why is Charlie Brown banging his head against the wall?”

Last night, our local public television station broadcast the movie “We’re Not Broke” about how most large technology and pharmaceutical companies evade federal taxes by hiding their assets overseas.  The US Uncut movement first drew attention to this issue which later was a core issue for Occupy Wall Street.  These large corporations evade taxes while benefiting greatly from government services.  Corporations restructure through leveraged buyouts that facilitate discharging their pension obligations putting more demand on government services while their CEOs complain about our national debt.  Democrats join Republicans to claim the USA is broke and cannot pay for Social Security, Medicare, police, firefighters, teachers, and science.  President Obama created the Simpson-Bowles commission to push his austerity agenda.  President Obama and the corporations that control the mainstream press desperately painted these popular protests as a national security issue to distract us from the crimes and thorough corruption exposed in this movie.

Last week, US Representative and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced an economic agenda for women who are central to families and the middle class.  As you know, the main legislative actions by Democrats in the US Senate are passing President Obama’s Austerity Budget and crusading for “Immigration Reform” to use H-1B visas to steal middle class jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  The Austerity Budget is justified using the lies in the movie “We’re Not Broke.”  “Immigration Reform” is being sold with similar arguments (the system is broke) as used for the Bush Tax Cuts and the 2004 Corporate Tax Repatriation Holiday that increased the debt and transferred more wealth to the very rich.  Google, Intel, Pfizer, and others use the same Arguments for H–1B visas now promising to stimulate the economy and create lots of good, middle class US jobs.  It didn’t work in 2004 with tax repatriation, nor with Bush tax cuts for the 1%.  They’re lying yet again on Immigration Reform.

This week, the City of Detroit filed for bankruptcy.  It was an engineered situation where the State of Michigan strangled the city, reneged on promised state aid, and blamed pensions for city workers.  The federal bailout of the Detroit car companies demanded huge pension concessions from car union retirees while demanding almost nothing during the bailout of Wall Street banks around the same time.  There is no federal bailout now for the City of Detoit to protect pensions and help the local economy.  President Obama and the Congressional Democrats are conspicuously silent on pensions for Detroit residents.  US Rep. Nancy Pelosi has no interest in Detroit women or Detroit families.  The Wall Street Bailout continues, but US Democratic Senators Tammy Baldwin, Patty Murray, and Amy Klobuchar push Austerity for the middle class in their Senate budget and their push for H-1B visas.  It’s all lies.

“Why is Charlie Brown banging his head against the wall?”