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Human Rights in the Market State

By: athena1 Saturday July 6, 2013 6:14 am

In case y’all missed it, we don’t actually live in nation states any more.  This is a global “market state”.

Deal with it.

The old, failed constitutional order might have called for an archaic notion of “human right and civil liberties” (things like political asylum) but it’s now only the “human right” to not be ethnically cleansed.

Civil liberties are now things like this:

For example, organ farms (really “hospitals” that removed organs from paid donors) arose in Pakistan, the Philippines and various other states to supply first-world demand for transplants


Wanna talk about “freedom”? Oh, hell, this is really “freedom!”


In Russia at this time, a new form of civil right was introduced. It permitted any citizen or registered company to buy shares in the state, thus giving weighted voting according to the number of shares purchased.


But this isn’t scary or even worthy of comment, much less mockery. Surely Philip Bobbittt is just some obscure type.

All good liberals must mock those  who see this (Terror and Consent. Shield of Achilles) happening.

Forever, amen.  Lest the almighty gods of snark  rebel (coz, yanno, snark matters much more than analyzing wars and geopolitics and financial crime  and all that silly stuff.)


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By: athena1 Wednesday June 19, 2013 8:48 pm

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Monsanto cries “Sabotage!” So, Whodunit?

By: athena1 Thursday June 6, 2013 8:24 pm

I’m coming to terms with my pleb status in our neofeudal order. So,I have to just giggle at the latest Monsanto (rent extraction) controvery.

Monsanto says sabotage may be behind GMO wheat in Oregon as more farmers file suit

Read more:



So, whodunnit?


Was Iranian activists/terrorists operating as Bolivians/Mexican spies posing as migrant farm workers?

Was it “radical green” folks? (unlikely, IMO)

But, how did this happen? I really don’t know.


Something is happening with the housing market

By: athena1 Sunday January 6, 2013 7:46 am

And I don’t approve, personally.

I’ve been watching the housing market since the pre-2008 pop. Poor people around here started being able to get perfectly good homes for $6-12K around 2005 in my neighborhood. (the same houses that were selling for $60K  just a year before.) I guess it makes sense that bubbles pop in the hood first.


But now prices are skyrocketing again. I guess the bankster “hoard [houses...don't put them on the market...just hold onto them] to inflate prices” trick is working? Housing prices have about doubled over here in the past few months. And this is not a gentrifying neighborhood, or a hood targeted for “urban renewal”. Blight is actually increasing again after several years of refilling with owner occupants.


I’ve seen this trend start and fall back a few times over the past several years, but never this hard-core. Is this bank house hoarding combined with QE3 kicking in?

Are the people screaming about pragmatism and ideological purity still around?

By: athena1 Sunday December 23, 2012 5:59 am

On New Years Eve or on Christmas Eve or late Christmas night, we’re about to get screwed. That’ll probably be when votes are cast and bills are signed. Remember the NDAA? Remember how Olbermann was the one guy in the MSM freaked out about the NDAA? And then CNN assigned him to cover the dropping of the big apple, and he was giggling and tipsy while Washington was busy signing into law the NDAA?


2.0 about to happen.

I already have figured out how to fit my mom into my kids’ bedroom. It’ll be 6 people in a 600 square foot house now.


“Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.”




Hello, Congressional Progressive Caucus members and staff

By: athena1 Thursday December 20, 2012 11:29 pm

We are the watching and active and coordinating Left.

We’ve noticed how you operate, CPC reps and staffers. We are not amused. We are angry, coordinated, and at this early point semi-connected to the unions, churches, and various other “power players” in our local communities. If you agree to cuts in ANY parts of the safety net for the poor, not just Social Security, we will consider you a lost cause.

We need LEADERSHIP, and you’ve let us down, time and again. But we, your real constituents, are willing to just let the past go. But only if you stand up and LEAD. And Grayson, your following us, is NOT leading. Don’t pretend that you’re a real leader here, and we’re just hanging on your every word. Say something like “Thanks, Jane and FDL peeps, for showing the way. Here’s my ideas for fixing the political system,”. Because FDL peeps were weeks/months/years ahead of y’all.

I know we are willing to try, if not able, to bring a Green candidate to power in Washington. Or in a Mayoral office, even. But probably Washington.

We are everywhere. We organized globally.

You, Stoller, ( I don’t delude myself that Grayson would ever read/write here) have your ear on the ground. But hear this: We are angry to the extreme.


By: athena1 Wednesday December 12, 2012 7:27 am

No comment. Just wow for now.


The Austerity Anthems (warning, profanity)

By: athena1 Sunday December 9, 2012 11:33 pm

Let me introduce you to Katie Goodman, the funniest, most talented woman you’ve never heard of.

I’m not a fan of the “All Republican suckitude all the time” channel, but this is great:

This one is wonderful (pre-occupy, even!):

And her newest one, that she says she wrote for Occupy. (She stopped by our local OWS facebook page yesterday and gave us this little gift.)

All hail my new hero!