The thing is… I have questions…

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I will be the first to admit to loving a good mystery. I love all the twists and turns a really good story takes, and I love it when I’m challenged to find the answers. I will also admit that I’m prone to loving a really well thought-out conspiracy. You know the kind that makes you stop and think… hmmm could this really be?

I know in some circles saying out-loud that you believe in any sort of 9/11 conspiracy will get you labeled as a Muslim loving, anti-American whacko. The thing is… I have questions. The other thing is… I put nothing out of the realm of possibility when it comes to our government and what certain people in power would do to its citizens, for money and more power.

 All we have to do is look at past history to know what people in power are capable of. If we are naïve enough, or just ignorant enough to place our collective heads in the sand and do or say nothing, then I suppose we are as much to blame as the people who are inflicting the pain on the people.

 We no longer live in the land of the free, that’s a fact we all must face. Next time you are at an intersection look at the cameras on the lights… Count how many there are, and then ask yourself what the hell they are looking at and why, and just who is doing the looking? Every street, every corner, most every store front, parking lots, cameras, cameras, cameras. On your cell phone, in your car there are GPS trackers, following your every move. On Star may be a wonderful thing when you’re driving, but just know that there is someone who knows where you are every minute of every day.

Most of the intruding on our so-called privacy happened after 9/11 in the guise of the Patriotic Act. This thing that was supposed to make us safer and more secure as Americans has only proven to have taken away our cherished rights and freedoms as Americans.

I can remember as a child the phone in our home was on a 2-party line. A private line was too expensive in those days, and we shared the phone line with a Mrs. Hart. She was an elderly lady, and a member of a group of elderly ladies we kids liked to call the “Gestapo.” She listened on the phone all of the time, as did most of the ladies in the Gestapo. The information they would gather would get passed along their “network” with speed that would put the modern FBI to shame! It was the 1960’s version of wire-tapping in our little town. It was unnerving, and I spent hours complaining to my Mother who just shrugged it off as a fact-of-life sort of thing. I didn’t agree with it when Mrs. Hart did it, and I sure don’t agree with it now when our government is doing it.

 In February of this year 2011, the following 3 provisions of the Patriot Act were voted on an approved for extension. We can no longer only blame the Bush/Cheney band of tyrants for such intrusions in our lives. The Obama Administration actually asked for a 3-year extension instead of the 1-year that was being voted on.

  •  Section 6001(a) of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Protection Act (IRTPA), also known as the “lone wolf” provision, which simplifies the evidentiary showing needed to obtain a FISA court order to target non-U.S. persons who engage in international terrorism or activities in preparation therefor, specifically by authorizing such orders in the absence of a proven link between a targeted individual and a foreign power; 
  •  Section 206 of the USA PATRIOT Act, which permits multipoint, or “roving,” wiretaps—i.e., wiretaps which may follow a target even when he or she changes phones—by adding flexibility to the manner in which the subject of a FISA court order is specified; and 
  •  Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, which broadens the types of records and other tangible things that can be made accessible to the government under FISA.

 Don’t let the mumbo-jumbo fool you. The fact is this just gave the FISA court the power to get business records and any other “tangible things” on the basis of reasonable grounds and a certain belief that what they are after is in some way relevant to an investigation. The thing is… there is no “probable cause” requirement that these records must be connected to terrorism at all. Hence, I will just call this the Mrs. Hart’s Patriot Act.

 The one thing I know is that had this country truly been under attack on 9/11, it would not have mattered if President Bush were dressed as Jesus reading the Bible to a group of Nuns; the Secret Service would have taken him, and placed in a safe, secure environment.

One has to wonder, if one is prone to wonder; if 9/11 was a conspiracy, then who was really responsible for taking our freedoms away from us, and why. One would also have to wonder why we don’t have them back, and why the government continues to put its nose in our phone calls, emails, car trips, intersections, store fronts, and any other means of collecting data we don’t know of.

 I don’t feel safer, I feel violated… There’s so much more we don’t know, so much more our government does not want us to know.

 The thing is… I have questions…