More Questions about Rapacious, Reckless, Righty-Radical, Rat-Face Rubio

I have been watching the campaign for the Florida Senate seat for a while now and believe that Rubio been getting a free ride for much of the campaign. Governor Crist only started negative ads about Rubio in October. Congressman Meek still has not had a television attack ad against Rubio individually (and vice-versa), as far as I know. Meek has attached Crist in a television spot. Now, I really have better things to do but if they are going to shy about it, I am going to speak up. I believe that Rubio and Governor Candidate Scott will complete the financial meltdown in Florida started by the Bush family, if they are elected. Florida would be in better financial condition without Jeb Bush’s tax cuts including the elimination of the Florida Intangibles Tax which mainly targeted the super-wealthy. Rubio has gone negative with gratuitous attacks on Obama and neither Crist nor Meek have responded in kind with attacks on the true culprits — the Bush brothers.

I believe we have all heard nicknames for politicians of both parties. Most recently I heard Dave Barry say negative things about the appearance of Governor Crist on NPR. I overheard a woman in a restaurant say similar things about Rick Scott. When I look at Rubio, I see someone who has the facial features similar to a rat; so I call him Rat-Face Rubio. Think of it as joke, if you are offended. Mr. Barry was just joking, wasn’t he? I do not believe that Rubio is literally vermin but I do not believe his is harmless. Unfortunately he has been infected with what I call the GWB/JEB strain of the financial meltdown disease and therefore he is dangerous for Florida and the country. The strain has similar DNA to the Harding/Coolidge/Hoover financial meltdown disease of the 1920s. Republicans for all their talk about free enterprise really know how to run the economy into the ground, while becoming extremely wealthy themselves. The Bush clan, for example, derives much of their wealth from the depression era.

I watched the second Florida Senate debate 14 days or so ago. Rubio talked about Obama being a “disaster.” What does that make George W. Bush? Rubio talks about the debt and spending. Ninety percent of those result from decisions made by George W. Bush. Apparently Rubio does not remember George W. Bush the brother of his patron Jeb Bush. We were on the brink of worldwide financial Armageddon and this petite rat-faced Republican has the temerity to call Obama’s efforts a disaster. Meek did try to counter in the debate but was not clear enough or forceful enough in his response to the disaster comment. Meek did bring up the name of Cheney several times; I suspect because his advisors know that Cheney is not popular. Even Fox News contributor Judge Napolitano thinks Bush/Cheney should have been indicted. Meek needs to do a better job of connecting the Bush clan to the financial meltdown rather than just throw in the name Cheney. Specifically, Meek should eviscerate Rubio if he makes any more Obama is a disaster comments. Crist pointed that many more Floridians would have already lost their jobs already without the stimulus funds. Rubio like many obstructionist Republicans would have preferred more unemployment because that would have made their election job easier. Several studies show that business, in general, has been hoarding cash. Do you think that there may be some businesses out there that could have hired more of the unemployed but held off until after the election? Most businesses are probably waiting for demand to pick up. The employment numbers would be better without the cash hoarding. Where is that Chamber of Commerce campaign to get its members to loosen up?

The main reason that Rubio is on the stage at all is that Jeb Bush is desperate to find that Great Hispanic Hope. First it was Martinez in 2004, where Jeb Bush supported Martinez rather than the more experienced McCollum. When Martinez decided to resign during his term, Jeb betrays Crist to run Rubio. Talk about racial politics. I bet Crist is kicking himself for appointing someone else to the open Senate seat. Never mind that the rapacious Rubio cannot balance his own personal checkbook or that he is connected with all sorts of financial shenanigans. But he will probably be willing to follow orders and has the necessary Hispanic qualification that Jeb was looking for.

Most of Rubio ads so far have been filled with empty-headed platitudes. Even his most recent one where it sounds like he might actually being saying something is just filling air time. He says no more stimulus money. I think everyone is for that, if possible. He fails to mention the possible consequences of that policy; a deeper recession and more unemployment. Rubio is for tax cuts; meaning more tax cuts for billionaires and multi-millionaires. The jobs he talks about creating are going to be mainly overseas for the big transnational entities; his corporate backers. He says he is against increased spending without blaming those mainly responsible, George W. Bush and the Republicans in Congress. Like many Republicans, Rubio is running a campaign based on bullet points. So far his opponents, especially Meek, have not done a very good job of attacking Rubio’s simplistic and reckless campaign.

Heaven help the State of Florida if either Rick Scott as Governor or Rubio get elected. That will make it more difficult for the state to get federal stimulus money, if needed. Thousands more would have lost their jobs already without it. If Scott and Rubio live up to their campaign statements that means many thousands of state workers will get fired in the next year or two; teachers, policemen, firefighters, college faculty, and other state workers. With that many people losing their jobs the multiplier effect means that many other Floridians will also lose their jobs. I hope that Floridians will wake-up and realize the consequences of electing either Rubio or Scott. It will further devastate the State of Florida. Floridians need to think about the consequences of what Rubio is suggesting in his bullet point campaign.

Rubio admits to being a right-wing tea-party candidate. This means that he would not ever support the Dream Act in any substantive form, despite what he might try to indicate in his nuanced position. His base is against it. Despite having many things in common with new arrivals to the United States, it is hard to believe that he would stand very strongly for them. His base is against it. Other Hispanics are starting to notice as evidenced by the article in the La Gaceta newspaper.

His media campaign has been a slick one. One item I find offensive is the one dating back to at least August showing the family and home in Cuba. Actually his father had already left Cuba in the 1950s before Castro and the Communist guerillas took over. Did his father go back to Cuba, no more than a couple of hundred away, to fight them? I believe he stayed in Miami tending bar. Since Rubio brought his family’s Cuba history into the campaign, I believe it is fair to inquire why his father stayed in Florida. Was his father fooled by Castro? If so, then he would have that in common with the Eisenhower/Nixon/Dulles administration. That is another fine mess that started with Republicans. Some of us are old enough to remember the 1950s.

It is ironic that Rubio or his older sibling might be considered a so-called anchor baby but for Castro. That term is not my term. You may remember that Senator Lindsey Graham brought up that term a few months ago when he suggested repealing or amending the 14th amendment. Prior to that, I did not know what the term meant. Where was Rubio’s outrage when the term was brought up then? It was subsequently discussed on various blogs, including progressive ones. Since, the term is not defined it is not unreasonable to wonder whether Republicans like Senator Graham may have in mind retroactive changes to the law where those who cannot trace their United States ancestry back for centuries lose their citizenship. Some of the “elites” do view the rest of us as just visitors. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you contact Senator Graham or like-minded Republicans.

I was unable to watch the Florida Senate debate last week. From reading newspaper accounts, it does not sound like much changed from the previous debate. I did watch the televised debate on October 19; I did not see much difference from earlier debates. Meek went after Crist much more than Rubio. I believe that Congressman Meek needs to direct more of his efforts against Rubio. Maybe they are South Florida buddies; I think some folks are starting to wonder. Even some right wing blogs are saying how “nice” Meek is compared to Crist. Perhaps, Meek is having difficulty changing his campaign strategy to run against two individuals rather just one. Like it not Crist, so far, has taken some votes away from him; Meek needs to adjust his campaign. If Meek is to win, he will need to take votes away from both Crist and Rubio. Meek needs to remind voters who Republicans really are and that they work for a narrow slice of the population: the super-wealthy and large corporations.