Does that total cute overload get you into the holiday spirit?  No way my cats would put up with the dress up day, but “Kittens are dumb,” according to the spay and neuter women in my neighborhood, “they go right into the traps.”  So, I guess kittens might be subject to this kind of indignity, without fully realizing the humiliation of it.

This was a very sad week for teh cat people in my neighborhood.  Two beloved kittehs died.  Birdie was the smallest of the litter of 5 in a colony I feed occasionally, and she was the favorite of her primary feeder.  She was hit by a car, (it was sudden) and she was in great health, thanks to the trap, neuter and release program.  I guess that is the best we can hope for with the ferals: we feed them and love them the best we can for as long as we can.  But it is still tragic.

My neighbor, who lost her beloved Blanca to dogs a couple of months ago, lost Elijah to cancer.  The symptoms came on rather suddenly, and even after spending a fortune on tests, there was still no diagnosis of the actual type of cancer, so the vet would not treat it.  Eli was a fighter, but it was too much.

I have been working on a couple of projects at my house, and this is always a Big Deal for the cats.  Change!  Stuff moved around!  We must inspect and oversee it all!  Otherwise, not much else to report.

Of course, SD, “the Dad” is on my mind and in our hearts.  (((Hugs))) and wishes for your return home to the kittehs soonest!

What’s up with your cat, cats or other beloved animals?