Good Morning, Catfolk and Animal Lovers!  I hope everyone found they had much to be thankful for last week.   My thankfulness is deep, and I love having a day to ponder it.

I support “buy nothing” day every year, but my (used) laptop died a couple of weeks ago, and my desktop computer is more than 10 years old.  It is barely creaking along, and I finally gave in and ordered a new computer on-line, because of the sale price, but still waaaay beyond what I can consider “buy nothing” for this year.

I told Margaret I had a cat story this week, and she said she could use a break, so here is my cat tale.  I feed the ferals around the block from my house three nights every week.  This week, after feeding one night, I saw the neighbors gathered around, and one of the cats was up a tree.  Apparently she had already been there overnight, and it was getting dusk, and cold.  They got a ladder out, leaned it against the tree, and the cat climbed higher.  I went back to where the cats are fed, and I got a dish with food, climbed up the ladder and set it in a crook hoping she would be hungry enough to brave the downhill climb of terror, but it was not quite enough.  So I went back to my house, got a can of wet food, added to the container and held it in my hand as high as I could reach.  She was too frightened.

The neighbors left me with the ladder.  I climbed up again, and she came down enough to put her front paws on my hand to try to eat, but I knew she was not going to come down, and I could not stand it if she had to be up there another night.  However, it did occur to me that if she was using my hand as a kind of platform, maybe if I could get some kind of a platform, she would get on that and I could lower her down.  So I went back to my house thinking of a low box that my cats sleep in on the porch, but I also have a metal garbage can with a big round lid, so I got that and went back to the ladder, put the food in the lid, and climbed up again.  This time, she was motivated to eat, it was just about dark, and she climbed right onto the lid and began to eat ravenously.  I was able to steady the lid against the tree and slide it down until it was low enough for her to jump down.  It was wonderful!  She was spayed at the same time as Adorable Boy.  You can see that he is totally adorable.

Also this week, my neighbor took her car to a new place, and I was her ride home.  When I got to the garage, she was installed next to a big cage with a fantastic white parrot inside.  We had to take grapes and fruit when we went back for the car at the end of the day.  It is not possible to not be in love with a garage that has a parrot, love birds, parakeets, cats and a dog.  I think maybe there were some other birds that I am forgetting, but they also did a good job for less money, so woo hoo!

I know I should have some lol cats, but maybe you can add them to the comments.