Good morning, friends, lurkers and dinerzens.

I was on the road last week and scarce to these parts. I hope everyone is enjoying the last days of teh school free or is glad to see school starting up again.  The temperatures are dropping at night and the air is taking on that edge that portends a new season. I understand I am not the only one who is busy with peaches, apples, grapes, tomatoes and other delights from our yards and gardens.

I was not aware the Park Service and those happy rangers of our youth have now become law enforcement officers.  I was surprised to see tasers and guns as well as enforcement behavior when I was in one of our National Parks last week.  I understand there are actually jails in some of our parks now.  I did a little research on the matter and find that there may be some actual crimes like poaching, arson and dope production that are regular offenses in our parks.  And of course the Park Service in Washington, DC has all manner of demonstrations to contend with.  Including dancing.

New Mexico has become a locus for focus by such organizations as ALEC/Koch brothers and national anti-women actions.  I don’t know if this is merely an opportunity that comes with having the first Latina Republican Governor and a sympathetic Mayor of Albuquerque. But we have seen a lot of national presence lately.