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Pull Up Your Cat

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Good Morning, Caturdenizens and animal lovers of all kinds!  We are ringing in a new year with our animal companions and friends, and it’s a new opportunity to gather ’round and share our stories of the week.

I’m filling in for Margaret, who is writing today, working on a Book!  Something she and we all hope will be an important resource for young people struggling with gender ID.  So much appreciation to Margaret for this important task, and I’m wishing her a good day of words.  I am sure Neko will help.

The White Cat has been losing weight for some months now.  She’s been overweight for a long time, and the weight loss has been gradual, but impressive.  I noticed her gums were looking pale, so I took her to the vet yesterday.  She has lost 4 pounds in 10 months, and that is a lot for a cat, about a third of her weight a year ago.  She is not really thin, and after a careful exam, we decided she should have some blood work done with the idea that perhaps she has some kind of a thyroid condition, which is treatable.

The blood draw was difficult.  I could hear her cries, and she was struggling with the techs, she can be a biter.  Poor thing.  They gave up on getting it from her neck, and they went to a back leg, which was no less difficult for them or for her.  They finally managed to get what they needed, and she was very glad to get out of there.  I should  hear about it in the next few days.

Here is a nice white cat.  So what’s up in your world?

Comfort and Joy

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I missed the Caturday farewell last week, and I am eager for Southern Dragon to have days off  and a most well-deserved day of rest from his diligent labors all wek at FDL. Like the other regular posters, he has created a special kind of community through his efforts, but I am going to miss our day of sharing all things critter, and especially tiger, kitteh and cat.

Not to step on his toes or be morose over the matter, I am hoping perhaps we can (as a community) take on a shared responsibility, a bit like happens with PUAC, to continue our tradition of Sunday communion to celebrate the four-leggeds (and some birds) we love and feed and share stories of the beauties of nature and the joy they bring to our lives.

Sometime recently, a cougar kitten had become a familiar sight at The Black Hole, our family business in Los Alamos.  It seemed to be an orphan and at about 20 pounds,  it was really too young to be on its own.  And, plus also. it would not remain safe there if it grew up in too-close proximity to hoomans.

Enter a box, a string and a pork chop.  Yes, that trick we all tried as children was employed to capture the little guy, and he was relocated to a refuge in a distant National Forest where he will be nurtured without human contact until he is old enough to be released to the wild.

That’s my story of the week.  Our cat enclosure is essentially finished now, and the cats have been able to venture outdoors again, we hope more safe now than before, from random dogs.  I can’t hang out much and host as (un)Occupy ABQ is holding out at a foreclosed home at the moment.  I’ll try not to end up in jail again, but I can’t say for sure.  What say you?  Got any creature tales of comfort and joy that you want to share this week?