A Day In The Life Of A Bradley-Bashing Tweep

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Bradley Manning in civilian clothesWhat you are about to read is real. It has been edited for length and clarity. Be advised, reading this will not make you any smarter.

8:15a Good morning everyone! 8:39a As a reminder my blog has a lot of stuff to help Bradley Manning-haters get started. 9:21a I’m now chatting with one of David House’s stalkers. Hello “Natalia…” 11:37a Jane Hamsher is the P.T. Barnum of Manning. FDL’s serious bloggers will soon flee. 12:39p BREAKING: A dispute among Manning supporters is going down elsewhere on Twitter. I’ll see if I can pile on. 12:41p David House believes Manning is his micro-fame meal ticket. 12:43p Ditto Hamsher and David Coombs. 12:45p House is helping Manning in order to get himself a movie deal. 12:46p Hamsher has her eye on producing the movie. 12:50p David House, you are manipulating Manning’s mind. 1:13p Manning’s visitors should be neutral observers rather than friends. 1:37p Does Jane Hamsher not know that Manning is in a suicide cell? She should read Wikipedia. 1:41p How can we be sure that David House is really Manning’s most devoted friend? 1:42p Hamsher, House and Coombs are as disgusting as the plutocrats who are destroying our country. 1:45p I’m now chatting with a lawyer who’s unfamiliar with Manning’s case but is sure that Manning’s supporters are ruining his defense. 1:47p The brig staff who are keeping him alive are the ones who really care. 1:51p This is not about Bradley Manning. It’s about the future of journalism. 1:55p Sympathetic journalists in the mainstream media are covering up the fact that Manning’s treatment is fine. 2:13p The mainstream media are taking their cue from Glenn Greenwald and Hamsher. 2:15p I’m now chatting with Wired’s Kevin Poulsen, a friend of Adrian Lamo. 2:46p Dr. Jeff Kaye’s expert opinion is bullshit. A credible witness is needed. 3:31p Hamsher is hysterical calling the brig commander a sexual sadist. 3:38p She is using Manning as an opportunity to slam Obama. 3:43p I’m now pounding some poor passerby with my knowlege of Manning. She obviously doesn’t spend all day on Twitter. 3:45p You’re wrong. Show me the statutes! 3:46p Can you cite SECNAV rules? I can. This conversation is over. 3:48p If Manning committed suicide FDL would say it was a conspiracy. Enjoy your conspiracy theories everyone. 3:50p The mainstream media have found no story, but a few blogs keep drumming one up. 3:50p The real story is: Smart-mouth prisoner learns a lesson. 3:54p Have you ever considered why the military allows a hacker to visit Manning? 3:57p Could it be that House is a federal informant? 3:58p Could Greenwald and Hamsher be making up claims of torture to hide the fact that David House is a federal informant? 4:00p By the way nudity is not public if it’s only in front of staff. 4:06p Coombs is baiting Hamsher because she’s hysterical. 4:07p Hamsher will get a movie deal out of this. 4:09p Why do I have to do the Washington Post’s job while they cover Charlie Sheen? 4:10p Nobody has any idea how Manning is being treated, but it’s all per regulation. That’s my entire point. 4:25p Anyway what’s right is just a value judgment. 4:39p House is using a fake New England accent. He grew up in Alabama. 4:40p House may be trying to sound like TV millionaire Thurston Howell III to impress young girls. 5:10p David House gives corny speeches to seduce girls. 5:21p House is just a tool of Fitzgibbonsmedia. 5:33p David House is a fame whore. 5:36p He and other Manning supporters would have you believe Manning is in The Hole. 5:45p For all we know House is telling Manning no one else wants to visit him. 5:54p FDL is cashing in on Manning-related traffic. It works out to thousands of dollars per day. 6:19p I’ve been sleeping naked my whole life. 6:33p Maybe Manning was attempting to masturbate to death. 6:36p Dennis Kucinich was denied visitation because he wouldn’t lie like House does. 6:37p Manning’s supporters had to shut Kucinich down. 6:41p I’m now chatting with someone who was in a brig and was never forced to be naked! He does believe Manning’s claims. Oops. Bye! 6:43p If humiliation is torture then every sex partner I’ve had should be in prison. 6:44p Jane Hamsher and friends couldn’t pass Kucinich’s smell-test. 6:50p Here’s a fact: Free all 25,000 prisoners in solitary confinement, or live with it. 7:18p I will pay for David House to take THREE lie detector tests. 7:37p I don’t know whether Manning is guilty, nor do I care. 7:49p All these supporters’ lies about Manning are going to get him the death penalty. 8:09p I’m tired of people having so much bad info. 8:22p Just look at David House’s follower count. It shows most people aren’t buying his schtick. 8:23p Personally I don’t need a lie-detector test. I know House is lying. 8:57p Anyone who would hurt Obama’s reelection chances is simply stupid. 8:59p The second term is when it all gets done. 10:32p How do we know Manning is really forced to strip? Maybe he does it voluntarily. 10:51p I’m now chatting with Dr. Kaye. You coached David House to use the word “catatonic” and you are the Bill Frist of this story. 11:08p A real expert would be doing more than just arguing with me on Twitter. 11:13p My Twitter has become a Team Manning echo chamber. 11:18p Take PressTV.ir coverage of Manning for example. It’s all biased. 11:20p They sent Dr. Kaye after me as an attack dog. 11:26p For the record I’ve never attacked Dr. Kaye. 11:56p Nite all.

Seriously. This goes on every day.