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Over Easy: Monday Fukushima Update

By: BoxTurtle Monday August 25, 2014 8:02 am

How Fukushima channels hot water!


Fukushima Update:

Scientists are documenting severe biological effects, including early mortality, reproductive issues, and population declines in just about every plant and animal species in the area. Including effects on untainted insects fed Fuku contaminated leaves. This is going to get much worse.

A little bit of the inside story early on in the accident. What do you do when you’re taking more than 1 sv/hr and have to close a valve to save the plant?

60km from the plant and radiation readings are higher than the worse of Chernobyl. This is OUTSIDE the evac zone, where the JG is pretending everything is fine. JG appears to have made the conscious decision that a shortened life span and reproduction issues are less impact to Japan than evac.

Childhood cancer is now at 14x normal. The JG is willing to listen to any explanation for this that does NOT involve radiation.

Officially, the USS Ronald Reagan is not contaminated and never received a dangerous dose. Yet the sailors and their families continue to have problems that COULD be explained by radiation exposure. The lawsuits against bankrupt TEPCO expand.

Vice magazine says that no one wants you to know how bad this really is. They’re right. Much like climate change, governments just aren’t willing to face the consequences of this, they’d rather kick it down the road. Speculation: How much pressure from the USG do you suppose the governors of the west coast states receive to not make waves? Do you suppose if they were republican, they’d be standing up to Obama more?

Our government underestimated West coast radiation dose by 500%. A cynic might say they knowingly and intentionally did so, but there’s no information in public to support that.

One of the key things to know is where is the corium? A muon detector is being set up to try to find it. Right now, they are trying to find the proper positions for the detectors, they need to surround the possible locations. There are issues, as the #3 explosion (at least) scattered fuel rod pieces all over and that creates noise that must be corrected for. It is possible that we will have data from the detector this year.

Read about US pro-NPP people trying to convince all of us that Nuclear power is still safe, cheap, and needed. Stop thinking with your wallets and start using your consciences. If you don’t have a conscience, borrow one.

TIME goes off reservation! Yeah, I know TIME ain’t the magazine it used to be, but this is still important. A Dr study has specifically linked rashes to Fuku. Especially in Calif, this is going to make it that much more difficult for the Government to pretend nothing is wrong.

The ice wall still isn’t working. Physics doesn’t care if you believe in it or not.

While ObamaLLP and the JG were assuring us that everything was under control, they were distributing KI tablets to anyone who traveled within 100miles of Fuku and they ordered ships and personnel to remain over 200mi away.

Okay, this ended up being all Fuku. Sorry, but a lot happened over the last couple weeks that needed shared.

Boxturtle (Better spend more time studying the ocean below 500m. We may be living there before long)


Over Easy: Monday Sickness

By: BoxTurtle Monday August 18, 2014 7:41 am


Well, I think I ate something last night that disagreed with me and it’s still disagreeing. So no science post today, as I can barely concentrate enough for this apology.

besides, the conversation is likely to be about the mess in Ferguson anyway.

Boxturtle (With humblest apologies)

Over Easy: Monday Science

By: BoxTurtle Monday August 11, 2014 7:35 am

The Boomslang is lethal, yet legal as a pet


Fukushima Update:

Well, Attaturk stole some of my thunder, so I’ll refer you there. I should note that 2021 date is fiction: They are unlikely to even be able to enter that part of #3 by then. And even if they do, I don’t know what they’ll find. That different explosion scattered fuel rod chunks everywhere and a lot of that is probably still in the building.

There is a way low estimate of 9,000 additional cancer cases due to Fuku. They are using bogus numbers to make the estimate even that low. A better number would probably be around 20,000.

The latest report says TEPCO underestimated Pu release by a factor of 200. Each report, the numbers get bigger. It’s like they’re breaking it to us gently. It’s worth noting again that nobody is sampling or testing for alpha emitters, like Pu or U. It’s more expensive, and the JG certainly does not want to know the answers officially.

They are admitting that the melt in #3 is exposed. First, there were no meltdowns. Then there MIGHT have been a meltdown, but the fuel was still in the RPV. Then there might have been meltdowns, it might have got through the RPV, but it’s still in containment. And so on…

The ice wall still won’t freeze. They are now considering adding dry ice to get it to freeze. How they will keep it frozen is not being discussed.

Well, it ain’t like we haven’t been predicting this. TEPCO is going to start dumping water directly into the ocean, after diluting it with other water to enable it to meet government standards. And pretending to decontaminate it. Note that their major decontamination plant has had nothing but trouble and it’s efficiency has been questioned. We’d best hope Japan’s fishing industry stops this. They’re powerful, but they’ve never really been tested against DESPERATE nuclear power supporters.

Doctors are describing an “outbreak” of cancer amongst Fuku exposed children. The JG still denies that it’s related to Fuku.

Molten Nuclear fuel particles have been found 130km away from Fuku. Zirconium also detected, which means it HAD to come from inside a fuel rod.

A new development that will enable us to scavenge electricity from waste heat. This is actually a practical device and the military is looking to use them to generate about 1000w in the new Bradley upgrade.

Major step forward for supercapacitors, basically putting them on par with lead acid batteries. Graphene, again. We’ve going to be seeing that stuff everywhere.

A water tractor beam. Imagine how useful that will be containing oil spills. Or collecting the trash islands. Or just messing with sea captains minds.

Meet the Boomslang! It’s bite will kill you horribly, yet it is legal for you to have as a pet.

Boxturtle  (I know one person who keeps venomous snakes. She makes good money selling the venom!)

Over Easy: Monday Science

By: BoxTurtle Monday August 4, 2014 7:54 am

Please Curb your Nuclear Power Plant

Good Morning!

Fukushima Update:

They’ve discovered an “island” of debris from the Tsunami off the coast of Calif. It’s hot, of course, about 300x normal but not in the danger zone. You wouldn’t want the crap on a beach near you, though.

And it’s not the only place things are piling up. Canada’s government is only slightly less in denial about the risks demonstrated by Fukushima, they’re pretty heavily in the nuke industry’s pocket as well.

TEPCO is still pretending that the ice wall will solidify and then miraculously work! 15 tons of ice a day isn’t enough, but basic math would have told them that.

Radioactive dust from cleanup work is reaching places 60km away from the plant. They probably should evac additional areas because of this, but they won’t.

And Japan’s plan for “temporarily” storing Fuku debris hits a major snag as property owners refuse to sell or rent for that use.

Oh, and while the government is still SURE that nobody on the USS Ronald Reagan is suffering from Fuku exposure, over 1750 sailors on the ship suffer from “ill defined conditions.”

Oh, by the way, there is 11,000 tons of VERY hot wastewater in the tunnels between the #2 & #3 reactors. WARNING: PDF.

WIPP update: Expect radiation spikes, meaning the WIPP is leaking. They are now saying 368 containers are at risk, but they’ve given a different count every time.  Even so, the current plan is only to close panel 6 and part of panel 7 and eventually accept waste into the other panels. This gives you an idea of how desperate the government is to move this crap from LLNL to someplace where they can pretend it’s contained.

In Australia, the aborigines hunt lizards by setting bush fires. Which oddly helps the kangaroos!

We now have a diode laser that will cut 1/2 inch of steel. WAY more powerful than any diode laser to date.

We’ve designed a material that should be superconducting at comparatively high temperatures. Now we just have to make the stuff.

We can now make solar cells by spray painting.

Neat new catalyst for turning CO2 into methanol.

Octopus that guarded it’s eggs for 4.5 YEARS, not observed eating for the entire time.

Boxturtle (Farmers market was full of baseball tomatoes. I yelled at them)

Over Easy: Monday Science

By: BoxTurtle Monday July 28, 2014 7:26 am

Venus, as seen by radar


Fukushima Update:

Another scientist moves off the reservation: We must do radiation testing of people outside Fukushima prefecture.   Government official: “I don’t want to discuss the issue.” They then proceed to “analyze” the data based on their intentionally flawed methodology, which has the effect of wildly underestimating the actual impact. Though in their defense, we really don’t know what the impact of this kind of radiation exposure is. But we will.

While officially there is little impact to people, Bad things are happening to our close relatives. Monkey blood in the area is showing abnormalities that could lead to plagues amongst them.

The ice wall ain’t gonna help much, just delay the day of reckoning. And I can make the case that the wall will actually make things worse by reducing cooling to the melts and/or turning the entire worksite into a swamp of radioactive water. Speculate on what the ground inside the wall will do when saturated.

Still, TEPCO seems determined that the laws of physics will not apply when they conflict with the press releases. They seem to think that they can order water to freeze at 5 degrees C.

The JG would really like to restart their NPPs, despite citizen opposition. In hopes of restarting Sendai, they are giving iodine tablets to the local residents. Two each. Which is about a half days supply in the event of an accident.

Since Fukushima, Westinghouse has developed a SFP monitoring system that keeps an eye on water level and temperature and has installed the first one at Watts-Barr in Tennessee. This is good, but it DOES raise the question of why it wasn’t done sooner.

But US Nuclear Energy is safe! This story will tell you what the Nuke industry would like you to believe. Please. Be sure to note that the source of this story is the Nuclear Energy Institute.

There is not a lot of news about WIPP that we don’t already know, but here’s something. I do not put much stock in a criticality event. For that to occur, there would have to be at least 11lbs of weapons grade Pu in the barrel. But that 11lbs assumes a perfect sphere of weapons grade metal. IMO you’d need a LOT more Pu in a barrel to have any chance of starting something.

Now this is scary and stupid all at once. A very simple design flaw that could have had catastrophic consequences. I’m torn between blaming this one of having people design radioactive waste storage who do not understand radiation and radioactives and blaming it on administrators pretending that the radiation will never leak. H/T bgrothus.

We polluted the South Pole before we even got there!

The space station is getting a new clock. It’s a pretty special clock, accurate to 1 second every 300 million years and will enable them to prove/disprove some of Einsteins theories.

Can we terraform Venus? Should we?

We made a sponge that will turn solar energy into steam at 85% efficiency. Somebody explain to me again why we need nukes.

Boxturtle (Trouble is trying to earn getting declawed. On my workbench, with pliers)

Over Easy: Monday Science

By: BoxTurtle Monday July 21, 2014 8:04 am

Chaos is in control!

Good Morning all!

Fukushima update:

The #5 reactor has developed leaks. Yes, that’s #5. It was shutdown when 3/11 hit and has been used as a test bed to try things that might work in the other reactors.

More stories about hot ash from #3 going everywhere. This shoots holes in the story about the hot stuff being the result of the #1 cleanup.

Nevertheless, the cleanup IS releasing more hot stuff into the air. When they remove the roof on #1, it will create quite a plume. But if they’re going to clean it up, it’s needed.

Here’s a good description of what’s next for #1.  This should give us our first look at the #1 SFP.

At least one Doctor is publicly stating that Tokyo should be evacuated. It is my view that the primary reason that JG is going along with TEPCO’s lies is to prevent that. I wonder if they’ll use the state secrets act on this fellow.

Meet Dragonfly. It’s aimed at the same things that Stuxnet was. Did it come from Iran? China? Hackers? We dunno. Everybody seems to suspect a government.

Climate Change deniers have been hammering on the failure of current models to match the “pause” in warming that started in 1989. Turns out that if you factor in everything, it matches just fine. We missed the effects of El Nino, for example.

This could be good. A better barrier for the storage of industrial waste.

Fecal transplants enable packrats to eat poison! We’re finding out more and more how important gut bacteria is to overall health. Ever taken an antibiotic and got the runs? You killed the wrong bacteria!

If Twitter had existed at great moments in science. Coffee & cat warning!

Boxturtle (Things have been quiet on WIPP. I’m gonna do some hunting and maybe update the post)

Over Easy: Monday Science

By: BoxTurtle Monday July 14, 2014 8:01 am

Trouble is watching you

Good Morning!

Well, it’s been an odyssey, but I am finally doing an Over Easy Post on my new computer. I still have to install a couple of parts from my old box, they need SATA power and I only have four pin and I’m out of adapters. *sigh*

TEPCO has discovered a transport layer about 25m down that provides an easy passageway to the ocean. A transport layer is an impermeable or nearly impermeable layer of rock. Once the water reaches the layer, it just flows along like a stream but slower.

Consumers are becoming more aware of Fuku radiation in seafood. In response, an independent testing organization has been established. Good.

Fuku has now been confirmed to have exceed the total release by Chernobyl. And while the Chernobyl total DOES include deposits into water, the Fuku total does not.

Google satellite finally updates their Fuku pictures. Check it out, along with some excellent commentary.

They suspect a criticality occurred in the #3 SFP early on. It seems they stored the rods in that pool in two clusters. Not very bright. This would explain the “different” explosion.

TEPCO gets caught in another lie error. And this is AFTER filtering!

It looks like we may have caught one of the very first stars exploding. If we can spot one of those early stars, it will tell us a lot about if our theories of the early universe are correct. New math indicates that these start were, on average, larger than the orbit of Pluto!

Remember the liquid/solid robot in Terminator 2? We developed a process that could actually allow robots to do that.

How do the protons and neutrons organize themselves in a nucleus? For many years, an even distribution was assumed. But perhaps they for themselves into groups of 3 or 4, like a helium nucleus?

We can now form buckyballs out of Boron. The carbon buckyballs have been mainly an experimental curiously thus far, neat but no practical use yet discovered. Boron will probably be the same.

Brand new design for the Lithium Ion battery is three times as efficient and primarily uses sand.

CHEOPS mission to study known exoplanets proceeds at a record pace.

I shall be traveling to Cleveland today, so once I leave I expect you all to act respectable. If Jane stops by and finds another food fight…

Boxturtle (Miserable rainy day here)

Over Easy: Monday Science

By: BoxTurtle Monday June 30, 2014 7:39 am

Currently, this is the best photo of Pluto and Charon we have


Well, the computer saga continues for me. It is certainly a motherboard problem and it is simply cheaper to purchase a new computer. I have done so, and have hopes it will arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. At least Vista will be gone from my house.

Fukushima Update:

Obama LLP still insists that the USS Reagan wasn’t contaminated and isn’t a problem. Yet this sailor died of a very rare cancer.

The Ice Wall that was supposed to solve all their problems with water still won’t freeze. This may be for the best, as we don’t know exactly how much cooling of the corium the groundwater was accomplishing. Potentially more than the water being pumped into the reactors.

Some hope to locate the corium via muon scanning. This should work, IF Tepco lets it happen. I’m one of the many who feel Tepco doesn’t really want to admit where the corium is. If this gets stopped, you can be certain that the JG knows where the corium is but doesn’t want to share.

Asahi Shimbum goes off the reservation and questions if homes outside of the 30km evac zone are safe. Short answer: Probably not.

Farmers haul Fuku cow to Tokyo to demand government look into strange disease that is affecting entire herds. Prediction: While the cause will be undetermined, it will be absolutely positively NOT related to radiation.

They’re seeing abnormal changes in birds all over Japan. While I’m sure that Fukushima radiation is NOT the cause, it is odd that none of these changes were observed in ANY surveys prior to the accident.

They have discovered new methods for contaminated water to get into the ocean. To make matters worse, they’re seeing new record contamination as many of the monitoring wells. Note that they’re still reporting beta emitters and ignoring alpha emitters like Uranium and Plutonium.

They’re finding Fukushima Plutonium up to 69km from the site.   How much longer witth the JG pretent that the #3 explosion did NOT scatter things all over northern Japan?

Google maps has updated their satellite photos for Fukushima. Other than to see that overall that photos seem to reflect reality, I haven’t really had time to look at them. If anybody sees something interesting, please comment.

Do we have the Speed of Light wrong? Recent studies of a supernova suggest we might.

Have you ever heard of  the nitrogen cycle? We’ve screwed it up, mainly by the overuse of fertilizers.

Speculation about an ocean on Pluto’s moon Charon in advance of New Horizons arriving. Speculation is fun, but we really have no data yet.

A step closer to Hydrogen fuels, using ammonia and a cheap cracking catalyst.

We are getting closer to proving gravity waves.

A superconductor holds the magnetic equivalent of 3 tons of force in a golf ball sized chunk.

Boxturtle (Hillary had a book signing near me. KILLED all business in the rest of the outdoor mall)