A komodo dragon

A komodo dragon

Science topics are underreported in the MSM IMO. Global Warming certainly doesn’t fit with their corporate direction, they seem disinterested in Fukshima as well, and frankly a lot of science disagrees with the editorial opinions of the reading public!

With those thoughts in mind, here are some points for discussion. As always, the off topic is on topic at Over Easy.

Have you heard about the Sinkhole? It was a salt cavern used to store Lots Of Things. There are fears the salt cavern was used to store radioactive waste. Nobody is talking much, but it looks to me as though the salt cavern has no integrity left and that hole is goinfg to expand until that cavern is filled.

Fukushima still gets worse, though you wouldn’t know it by the MSM.  Don’t think the Ocean is the only body of water getting hit. TEPCO plans to cover #3 with this. Nice Idea, but I don’t think the corium is in the building anymore.

Some good news. Nanoparticles as drug delivery is showing promise.

Here’s a use for Scotch Tape you probably never thought of.

Israel is getting a taste of their own medicine. It ain’t Stuxnet, but it’s causing trouble.

Interesting take on pipelines. Seems overall they’re safer, but when they do fail they’re much worse than tankers. Plus, tankers burns a lot of carbon tranporting the oil.

Maybe some more good news. Rare Turtle may NOT have been last of his kind.

The Higgs is already boring. It fits the Standard model too well.

Is housework killing the female komodo dragons?

Photo by paddynapper under a Creative Commons Share Alike license on Flickr