Those idiots did WHAT?!?


We shall begin today by pissing everybody off. If I missed your vocation, write about your gripes in the comments. Or gripe about my forgetting you. But since I pissed you off to the point of griping, you can’t consider yourself forgotten, can you?

Things to piss off teachers:

A pistol packing preacher trains teacher’s in guns. For safety.

We cannot find the money to support education, yet we can find the money to fund guns in schools.

It’s all your fault. A cheating conspiracy involves the entire school system. Mitt articulates the GOP position.

Things to piss off cooks:

Prices of everything is going up. But if you shop, you know that.

They’re producing food of questionable safety. And they don’t want us to know it. And the companies don’t want you to grow your own seed.

Fish quota’s are dropping. Of course, you might not want to eat fish anyway.

Things to piss off retirees:

Obama supports chained CPI for SS. So do a lot of Dems, maybe enough to get it through with Nancy’s backing.

Since the solution to our budget problems is for you to die sooner, we’re not going to need as many doctors.

And we’ll use patent law to make sure drug prices stay high. Here’s the current boogyman from pharma on reimportation.

Things to piss off Scientists:

Your political science will only be funded if you promote the “national security or the economic interests of the United States” as certified by the NSF director.

The dangers of making science political.

Don’t think you’re safe just because you’re in Canada.

So, what pisses you off because of your profession? I hate it when they use computer laws to suppress whistleblowers.

Boxturtle (Required squid link. Recall, the Humboldt is one of the few maneaters)