You really want my gift?

Fukushima radiation has reached the North Pole!


Miserable mix of cold rain/snow here. Supposedly, no real accumulation expected just enough to make the roads crappy and put a lot of schools on 1-2 hour delays.

LOTS of bad “news” out of Fuku over the last week. It’s not really news to those paying attention, but it is being publicly admitted for the first time.

Reactor #1 actually melted down in about 5 hours after the earthquake. They were looking at about 1/3 of Japan’s land being uninhabitable and about 40% of the population having to move. It is not clear what made that unnecessary, though I suspect they redid their radiation limits and then pretended that nothing else was happening.

China has banned shellfish from the entire US West coast. But don’t worry, WE’RE still allowed to eat it. That is a perfectly normal geoduck (pronounced  gooeyduck) clam, btw, even though it looks weird. and faintly obscene.

Japan is suppressing health information. No shock, but I wonder how long they can keep it up.

The USS Ronald Reagan sailed through the Fuku plume. This ship is set up to operate in high radiation areas, so there’s no way it wasn’t detected. Now some of the crew is suing because of horrible health problems.

And here’s the real winner: Fuel fragments WERE ejected from the reactors. Shockingly, the fragments resemble the mysterious black dust found everywhere around, including in Tokyo. This means massive damage to fuel rods and a LOT more gaseous releases than has been admitted. I’m gonna hope that all of that fuel is from #3, because if it’s from the other reactors things are a lot worse. But once again, we here have known this for awhile.

However, since the universe is going to collapse into a baseball much sooner than we thought, why worry?

Prediction: In 10 years, Graphene will be the wonder material that plastic was. It’ll be everywhere.

MAJOR step forward in superconductor theory. I wonder how long it will be before pr0duction catches up to theory. Superconductors that operate at or about room temperature without degrading almost instantly would be a revolution.

Water volcano or geyser seen by Hubble on Europa. We should be able to scan that for organics. And to think we used to think that Mars was the best shot for life in the solar system. I’d say it’s now down to #5 on the list: Europa, Io, Titan, Enceleadus, Mars. Now consider all those super Jupiters we’ve detected and realize that life is very possible on their Moons.

Yet another flu with major epidemic possibilities. This is bird flu, the H7N9 variety. Worry about anything that humans can catch that isn’t an H1 variant, as our immune system have little experience with them.

We found a new fish species. Pretty cool, eh? That’s aquarium material.

And a new porcupine. I’m glad there are no porky’s in my area, as I’m SURE my dogs are stupid enough to get their noses filled with quills. And I had to help a black lab with that problem once and she ended up hating me more than the porcupine.

Boxturtle (Have a Happy, Politically Correct, Non-Sectarian Holiday Season!)