As the youngest member on staff, I have come to understand the valuable role Firedoglake played in its 10 years of existence.

In past year, I went from being a reader of FDL to becoming a member of the News section with my colleague Dan Wright. The experience is valuable into understanding how important our efforts are, especially when receiving comments from you.

Currently, Firedoglake is experiencing distributed denial of service attacks from an unknown origin. We do not know who is causing this or what led to this, but we do know it is increasing our tech bills. It is affecting our operations in providing our news and analysis not only from members on staff, but also citizens interested in giving their take on issues.

Based on present conditions throughout the world, there will be more stories for us to tell, analyze and discuss. Yet, if these constant DDoS attacks continue, Firedoglake’s voice will not be included in these talks.

Our efforts led to excellent coverage of the Chelsea Manning trial, reporting on privacy, the latest in health care, how marijuana rapidly changed in its value and, judging by the efforts of our team, more to talk about.

With the funds raised, we can bolster our defenses against these attacks and expand the website’s capabilities so the frequency of downtime during any of these attacks can decline.

Most importantly, it is readers like you that drive us to report on the stories occurring worldwide. Whether it be a question, a relevant point or even an idea that translates into a post, it shows how FDL acts like a community with all readers involved.

Help fund our efforts to ensure the site can stay active. Your efforts can allow us to continue the work we enjoy doing on a daily basis and guarantee our voice will continue to be active in contemporary issues.