Watch this demonstration of Kevin Costner’s Ocean Therapy centrifuge devices, which are said to be able to siphon up to 97% of the oil from the water, with the largest one handling around 200 gallons of sea water a minute.

A spokesperson in the video says that they are currently refining the technology to capture the other 3%, so that you’ll even be able to drink the water that comes out of it (well, it’s salt water, but you get the point).

I have to say, with Kevin Costner as our potential hero, this whole thing is shaping up to look a bit like a South Park episode.

Compared to the in-situ burns and deployed booms, this seems to be the most effective way to get the oil out of the water, and could do a lot to address the underwater plumes. Let’s just hope he gets out there as soon as possible and that these devices work, because it’s getting uglier by the day.