For weeks, we’ve been inundated with images of bright orange booms floating idly in the Gulf. We’ve tried to digest images of plane after plane dumping endless gallons of chemical dispersant into already-polluted waters. We’ve sat helplessly as we watch long slicks of oil make landfall on some of our most fragile coastline, smothering any wildlife in its path.

But while we’ve heard an awful lot about them, we have yet to actually see perhaps the greatest danger that lies before us– the massive plumes of oil and dispersant that now lurk hundreds of miles from the Deepwater Horizon explosion site, choking the life out of anything and everything in their path.

Now, courtesy of intrepid diver Al Walker, we have a real, fish-eye view of the catastrophe.

Check out this segment from AP, in which Walker remarks, "It’s just globs of death out there." (h/t bmaz)