At 8pm eastern tonight, I will be joining Michael Whitney (formerly of FDL, now of to give a training on online activism for the Occupy movement.

We really hope you’ll join us, and you can do so by signing up here.

Many of you may remember Michael, who directed the activism program here at FDL before I took over for him last fall. I worked with Michael for two years and can honestly say he is a genius when it comes to online activism, leading many successful battles on issues from the environment to civil liberties to drug reform to health care and beyond. Together, we would like to share our knowledge of online activism and organizing for the benefit of the Occupy movement.

The Occupy Movement has already done a masterful job of harnessing the power of the internet to support their actions in communities across the country and the world, and it’s clear that having a base of online supporters has been critical to their ability to not only promote their actions but to protect their camps as well. Firedoglake, and other groups have been host to several campaigns to both further the goals and ideas of the movement as well as ward off evictions, raids and anti-Occupy legislation.

We believe these essential tools, tactics and strategies should be at everyone’s disposal, and thought it would be a good idea to hold a primer on some of the basics of online organizing. We’ll be covering a lot, from formulating your ‘theory of change,’ to writing a campaign email, to building your base of support and getting your message out there as far and as wide as possible.

We hope to have you on tonight’s webinar at 8pm eastern: click here to RSVP.