Tonight at 8pm eastern, Occupy Supply will be hosting a free, online discussion titled, “Beyond Signs & Flyers: Media and Marketing for the Occupy Movement.”

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There’s no denying that Occupy’s technological savvy greatly aided its swift ascent to prominence last fall. Occupy websites and livestream channels openly challenged the corporate media silence by reaching out to their communities on their own. Taking heed from the Arab Spring’s use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media, Occupy was able to channel its message far and wide without having to rely on mainstream TV coverage.

Some Occupy groups have gone beyond promoting their messages on social media and the internet to focusing on the airwaves as well: Occupy Little Rock and Occupy Traverse City in particular have made extensive use of public TV and radio broadcasting in their media strategy. Tonight, we’re giving these trailblazing media activists an opportunity to share their skills and talents for the benefit of the movement, and are very excited for our panel.

We’ll start with Andrew Boyd, Co-Editor of the new book Beautiful Trouble: Toolbox for the Next Revolution, a collaborative effort of activists and artists to promote change on a local level using new, innovative tools and methods. From the book’s website,

Beautiful Trouble is both sophisticated enough for veteran activists and accessible enough for newbies. Both artists and activists will find it useful, as it showcases the synergies between artistic imagination and shrewd political strategy. Beautiful Trouble is for everyone who longs for a more beautiful, more just, more livable world – and wants to know how to get there.

It is precisely this “artistic imagination and shrewd political straetgy” that Andrew will be discussing tonight as he explains how creative, direct action can be used to earn free air time for an Occupy. We’ve touched on this previously, discussing how Occupies facing eviction can stage dramatic, symbolic actions before media onlookers. We’re very excited to hear Andrew’s thoughts on how direct action can be used as a media tactic for the Occupy movement.

Following Andrew, we’ll be speaking with Adam Lansky, producer for Occupy Little Rock Radio. Adam will walk us through how Occupy Little Rock got on the radio and how they create content to spread the word of the 99%. Adam shared the following media/information with us to prepare you all for tonight’s conversation.

Radio spots:

Occupy Little Rock Radio Proposal: Click here to view document.

Finally, we’ll be speaking with Morgan Burke-Beyers of Occupy Traverse City TV. Morgan will talk about broadcasting on public access tv channels and the process by which you can create and submit content to be put on air. Morgan sent along this short film about Occupy Traverse City to share with you all:

I’m very excited for tonight’s panel and discussion and hope we can all learn some innovative and creative ways to spread the word about the Occupy movement.

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