11:46am: Huuuge thank you to the nearly 100 people who have brought us almost halfway to our goal in just our first day! Please help us turn out as many voters as possible on Election Day in support of marijuana reforms across the country.

In less than 60 days, we will have the chance to make history.

With marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballot in an unprecedented 3 states, this November could be a turning point that begins a national wave of reform. To get there, we need to raise at least $5,000 over the next week to set up our phone bank, identify supporters, register voters, promote these initiatives and get folks to the polls on Election Day.

Remember, Just Say Now is a 100% grassroots-powered campaign, so we’re counting on you. Can you please chip in $20+ to help us raise at least $5,000 to make 2012 the year we legalize marijuana?

Donate $20+ to Just Say Now’s Get Out the Vote campaign and help us reach our $5,000 goal to build support for marijuana reform initiatives before Election Day.

Just Say Now played an important role in the 2010 election, launching over 30,000 calls to voters in support of marijuana reforms in various states. We hope to smash our record this year, but our ability to make an impact hinges on our capacity to contact prospective voters.

Our straightforward 5-step plan is designed to push support for these initiatives over the top and drive voters to the polls- but the more help we get from activists like you, the more we can do. Here’s what Just Say Now plans to do from now until Election Day:

Step 1: Raise at least $5,000 to set up our phone bank, identify supporters, register voters and run advertisements in support of these initiatives.

Step 2: Drive volunteers to our phone bank to call hundreds of thousands of voters across CO, WA, OR, AR and MA in support of ballot initiatives there.

Step 3: Provide strategic support to the campaigns to give them the best chance possible to pass these initiatives.

Step 4: Educate everyone on when, where and how to vote for these initiatives, and make sure they do so on Election Day.

Step 5: Analyze lessons-learned and prepare to support the next round of marijuana reforms taking root across the US.

It’s time to finally begin to end the war on marijuana and bring sensible reform to our nation’s racist, oppressive drug laws. Can you help us achieve this historic victory by donating $20+ to our Get Out the Vote efforts for marijuana reform initiatives nationwide?

HELP MAKE HISTORY: Donate $20+ to support Just Say Now’s GOTV efforts to legalize marijuana in 2012.

I can’t stress the monumental opportunity we have before us with 3 marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballot in Colorado, Washington and Oregon during a general election, when turnout is at its highest.

But even though we have the advantage of multiple ballot initiatives and strong, well-organized state campaigns, we still have quite the uphill battle before us. For example, Colorado’s Amendment 64 enjoys a 9-point lead over the opposition in the polls, but is still hovering just under 50% support overall. The polls are very, very close there and in other states, and could easily break either way, which is why your active participation in our campaign matters so much this year.

It’s our job to make sure eligible supporters in these states are registered to vote and know when, where, how and why to vote for these initiatives. If we can hit our fundraising goal of $5,000, we can start to turn out the vote for marijuana right away.

Click here to donate $20 or more to turn out voters in support of marijuana legalization this year.