We have some exciting news to share with you all today: you can now log in and/or register for a MyFDL account using your Facebook and Google+ profile!

New users can now use their Facebook or Google+ accounts to register their own MyFDL account, complete with a free blog and access to the comments sections of all FDL sites. No more filling out forms, remembering passwords or waiting for confirmation emails — just connect your account and you’ll be all set to participate in our community.

If you’re not currently logged in to an account, you’ll notice these buttons in a few places: in the blue MyFDL bar at the top of the site, on our login and registration pages and in the sidebar on the right side of the MyFDL front page. Click the one you want to use to login, allow our tool to access your social media profile, and bam! You should be logged in to your new account.

Already have an account at MyFDL? No problem! You can access your account using social login instead of entering your username and password, so long as the social media profile you’re using has the same primary email address as the one you use for your MyFDL account.

This feature is completely optional, so if you prefer not to connect your social media profile or want to create an account the old fashioned way, you can.

We’re already working on expanding our list of available services to include others like Twitter and LinkedIn, and hope to introduce those options very soon. We’re also working on beefing up the account integration to give you more features and flexibility in creating and maintaining your profile.

Our hope is that social login will make it easier for more of our readers to dive in and join the MyFDL community. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, or if you run into any problems while using this new feature, please don’t hesitate to contact us at tech@firedoglake.com.