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LIVESTREAM: Occupy New Haven Eviction This Afternoon

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UPDATE 1:50PM EAST: ONH appears to have won a stay — more info from liaison Richard R.

A federal judge in Bridgeport ruled yesterday the city of New Haven can evict Occupy demonstrators from the New Haven Green at noon today.

Attorneys for ONH are going to try and appeal the decision this morning. According to our liaison Richard N, Occupy New Haven has some nonviolent civil disobedience planned to resist the eviction. We’ll keep you updated as we hear from folks on the ground at ONH.

From the Hartford Courant:

Earlier Monday afternoon, Kravitz ruled from U.S. District Court in Bridgeport that although the Occupiers have a right to free speech, that right must be balanced with the city’s right to regulate the use of the green. The judge noted that the Occupiers could apply for a permit to protest on the green, but he said if the city granted such a permit, the Occupiers would only be allowed to demonstrate without tents and during the day because park regulations prohibit temporary structures and use of the park in the dark. Otherwise, the Occupiers could apply for a permit to occupy another public space just as they’ve done since October on the Green — with tents, 24 hours a day, Kravitz said.

Kravitz rejected the Occupiers’ motion for a 14-day extension “to digest the decision and comply, as well as to seek appellate review if necessary,” said lawyer Kevin Smith. The city of New Haven filed a motion against the extension request.

“I’m not surprised but I think the decision was wrong,” said Occupier Ray Neal.

Protest BNY Mellon’s Eviction of Occupy Pittsburgh Today

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Occupy Pittsburgh Day of Solidarity Poster

Occupy Pittsburgh Day of Solidarity Poster

As Occupy Supply liaison RF Shunt posted a couple days ago, Occupy Pittsburgh has called for a day of action and solidarity today against their impending eviction from People’s Park.

The occupation was sued by Bank of New York Mellon on December 9th in an attempt to evict protesters from People’s Park in downtown Pittsburgh. BNY Mellon – which took $3 billion in TARP bailouts from the public – claims ownership over the public park even though it was built with taxpayer subsidies.

This morning was Occupy Pittsburgh’s preliminary injunction hearing, and they have planned a big demonstration outside the City-County Building in downtown Pittsburgh starting at 3:30PM. The group will then march on BNY Mellon and onto People’s Park to protest the lawsuit and their eviction.

The best remedy to stop an eviction is an outpouring of support from the community. It’s a lot harder to evict an occupation when the community openly values its presence and demands it stays. One of the ways Occupy Pittsburgh tried to show they deserve to stay in People’s Park was by disclosing their finances, including the amount of support they received from Occupy Supply (emphasis mine):

In one of the first public accountings of money that the Occupy group has spent, court filings said that Occupy Pittsburgh members donated $1,453 towards winterization efforts and received $5,070 worth of winter gear, including clothing and a sleeping bag from Occupy Supply, a national organization that disperses supplies to Occupy movements across the country. The group also said it spent $780 on a mess tent and shelving and storage for the cold-weather gear.

Occupy Pittsburgh chose to disclose its finances not only as a gesture towards transparency but to show that they are being responsible about health and have received overwhelming support for the community. One of the most common arguments used to evict protesters has been that their encampments threaten health and safety in the community and that occupiers are not prepared for winter weather. Occupy Supply and the support of the Pittsburgh community is demonstrating otherwise.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, please consider heading down to the City-County Building at 3:30pm to show you support keeping Occupy Pittsburgh in People’s Park.

UPDATE: I forgot to note: Erie is doing something similar, using Occupy Supply to show city officials that they are part of a national support network that openly supports their efforts and is committed to shepherding them safely through the winter months and beyond. Check out liaison Mark H’s post on his visit to Erie City Council.

Occupy Pittsburgh’s full statement can be found here, and I’ve copied our email to supporters below: Read the rest of this entry →