I had to say this. I had to. I cannot stand seeing ignorant boneheads misled by cretinous drivel from pimped-out city officials who think sadism toward taxpaying citizens is lawful and okay.

Below is my comment on the supposedly liberal LA Weekly. Now mind you–the Weekly turns out some great stories, there are some sharp knives in that toolbox–however, it also doesn’t follow up. No follow-up on the billboard issue, which supposedly was to have been discussed by the City Council (and was on the agenda) for October 18th…but then I could find no information about it, and the Weekly, which had alterted me to that meeting, said and did nothing to report on what was said. (I’m sure they gave the green light for the billboards because they really haven’t given a fig whether Angelenos actually want more construction in a dangerous, dirty and chaotically-crammed downtown.)

Anyway, the story is about how much Occupy L.A. supposedly cost taxpayers. (Seventeen million)

How much did it cost taxpayers to clean up the REAL mess after Occupy L.A.? Rembember? Remember, rembember, the first day of December…when the Santa Anas stormed and the trees were dismembered…all across the Southland the wires were flailing, the smog was sailing, the palm trees were hailing the sidewalks with fronds and the water was blowing right out of the ponds;
Doesn’t anyone remember the WINDS that came right after Occupy LA and busted out this entire wasteland from the desert wash to the mountain peaks? Doesn’t anyone remember the meteorologists saying they haven’t seen winds like this in over ten years? Let’s hear about how much THAT mess cost taxpayers!

Or how about how much US taxpayers have paid for the failing levee system that caused Katrina! (I just watched Harry Shearer’s movie on it.)

But where is the outrage?

The right to protest is the most American of rights and the show of domination, humiliation and force is deeply disturbing. And if you think it isn’t, maybe you should turn off all that gun and explosion-porn on TV that tells you what you’re supposed to think is normal.

Here’s my comment…wonder if they’ll erase it. Anyone who supports the Occupy movement, please feel free to visit the LA Weekly and show some support for it..because these are public pages and people read them. STAND UP FOR YOUR PEOPLE.

Link to story and comment is here.

Wow, what a bunch of jackasses. Merry Christmas! How many homeless and mentally ill people did the LAPD and Sheriffs bring down to the Occupy site—where the people were fed and sheltered? How many meals did they feed people for free? How much does the city owe the Occupiers for providing these social services? How much does the city owe the Occupiers for smashing apart their library (How many books were in it? Two thousand?)

You know personally? I can’t understand where’s the coverage of the fact that the protesters are actually suing the city–as they SHOULD–for the city’s unlawful detainment of them, sometimes in solitary for days, on misdemeanor charges!!

Or how about the city’s questionable representation of taxpayers who might like to see less than 200 MILLION DOLLARS lost to fraud in two years (As the Controller reported)! Or how about if the taxpayers would like to see our money not held by the very banks the city is suing for fraud? Where are the representatives of the people to speak up against this?

They were at City Hall–where they belong!! Every night! Serving food for the hungry and GIVING PEOPLE A FORUM TO SPEAK about civic issues. They ought to get a medal! Teachers ought to be bringing their kids down NIGHTLY to see what real civics in action looks like.

And for this 80-year-old women get bound in zip-ties, left on buses and told to stay their old asses home.

This is what this city has sunk to—and yet the taxpayers are expected to put up with (as the Weekly’s reported) a glaring feild of electronic billboards blazing at the 10/110 interchange; the construction and insane cramming of a NFL *used 8 times yearly* stadium that oh, isn’t supposed to cost the taxpayers anything….just whatever it will cost to mop up all the dead bodies from the accidents on the freeway interchange, right?

Thank GOD for Occupy LA. I feel represented for the first time in ..well, maybe ever! Because I know I won’t get ignored (like when I write or call representatives now)if I’ve got something to say; because I know people will talk about the stuff they won’t talk about on the Teevee or apparently even here at the Weekly; dear god has the entire world gone completely f’in bonkers that they really think it’s OK for the banks to steal from us (as they are ….29T says Ford Found study..?!!!) and the protesters are the criminals because they did what it took to get the word out—camp?! What were they supposed to do?

You know how long people have been protesting? Since 2003 when millions of them got into the streets over the Iraq war. They’ve been protesting, wrighting books, speaking on radio, being kicked off the TV (a la Donohue) and NOTHING WORKS. So all of you jackasses who think protesting is something you should do without any kind of civil push-back (nonviolent resistance like refusing to move) —what are you, high? Too much of California’s finest? Someone had to do something to get attention! Occupy is doing it! And I can’t thank them enough.

The L.A. Times is holding a caning ceremony for Occupy L.A. over here, too.