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Reflections on the Occupy Bushwick/Williamsburg May Day Morning Commute

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Occupiers march across the Williamsburg Bridge

At 7:45 am I loaded up my cart with 200 copies of the first issue of the Brooklyn Occupant, 20 umbrellas, a dozen foam core signs with prints from, and headed out to Occupy Bushwick’s May Day Morning Commute. As I looked at the pile of supplies I gathered, I had a twinge of doubt as to whether there would be enough people at Maria Hernandez to distribute them to. The facebook event had climbed from 162 to 188 confirmed attendees during the night, but being a musician who uses facebook to invite people to gigs, I’d become understandably cynical as to the accuracy of RSVP counts in the digital world.

As I walked up the southwest pathway of the park towards the center circle, I could only see about a dozen people standing around in umbrellas and panchos and my heart started to sink a little bit. I knew that the numbers would climb a bit before we commenced our march, but the image in my head of only 15 people chanting and holding banners wasn’t going to be very inspiring or impressive. I shook off these pessimistic thoughts as I walked up to the circle and gave a big holler and shouted “Happy May Day!” I figured if we’re going to be small, might as well be spirited.

Naturally, there was a disproportionate police presence standing around, but that’s pretty much the status quo for all Occupy events. Moments after I started pulling out supplies from my cart, a community relations officer walked up beside me and asked “Who’s in charge here?”, which prompts me to laugh a little bit before I say “Everyone, but I can talk to you about the event if you have any questions.” The officer was very polite with me and after I told her what our route for the march was, she said “I know why you’re marching and I just wanna make sure you guys are safe,” and gave me a look that undeniably signaled her suppressed support for the cause.

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4 Ways Occupy Wall St. Has Already Succeeded

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OWS - This is Just Starting

Since the beginning of the Occupation, there has been a war of perception for Occupiers to fight on two fronts. From some on the right, we are fighting against the simplistic assumption that the Occupation is just a bunch of whining beggars looking for handouts. Others on the left, we are an unserious, misguided nuisance. From my vantage point working within the movement, I believe the Occupation has proven its worth in many ways overlooked by those who haven’t been witnessing it first hand.

Here are four reasons why I’m proud to continue supporting OWS:

4. We Have Forced the Police State to Reveal Itself

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Occupy Bushwick Rolls into it’s Fourth Week this Thursday 2/23

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No, we don’t have a camp. What we have is a small group of people who are dedicated to meeting each week, discovering the character of our community and how we can use the Occupation movement to serve our neighbors’ interests.

This Thursday will be the fourth General Assembly we’ve held. I’ve been writing about my personal story in the Occupation and covering the initial meetings of this new GA for a local blog, It started with four strangers on a website and now we’re up to 12-20 regulars two meetings later. Each week a different member starts off the meeting with a teach-in or skill-share on a subject they are comfortable leading discussions on.

Anyway, I’ll try to cross post here more with local reports as I love the coverage FDL is doing on other towns. Occupy Town Square in Tompkins Square will be going on this Sunday, be sure to spread the word! I’ll be trying to attend the Musician’s Solidarity Council GA as well as popping by Parents for Occupy Wall St.

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An Occupy Wall St Proposal

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Been a long time reader of this blog, but especially since the daily coverage of Occupy Wall St. started. I live in New York and have been so exhilarated to live in this time and place to witness what may be the turning point of American politics. I wanted this moment to be a part of my story, and so I decided to take my girlfriend/baby mamma down to Liberty Plaza and ask her to be my wife using the people’s mic to help me out:

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