Let’s pretend that the Democratic and Republican parties are armies.  To remain a functioning force, each “army” needs “supplies” (votes) from its base.  (Money is a secondary supply but it is useful only insofar as it can provide the primary supply of votes).  Each “army” receives most of its supplies from its home territory (its “base”).  The Republican “army” always maintains close geographical and logistical contact with its base.  The Democratic “army,” however, has been led on a forced march far from its base, in a rightward direction, crossing the great chain of the Justice Mountains that has shielded its base territory from attack (some the best known tall peaks of this great defensive mountain chain are Mount Social Security, Mount Medicare, Mount Public Education, Mount Civil Liberties, and the towering twin peaks of Mount Middle Class Opportunity and Mount Working Class Solidarity).

Lately, led by its “generals” Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, the Democratic “army” has traveled so far rightward that their Republican adversaries have been able to seize key passes in the Justice Mountains, cutting off the Democratic “army” geographically from its base.  This occurred following failed peace negotiations in which the Democratic generals agreed to the payment of a huge ransom,  with the poorest inhabitants in their base being forced to pay the most.  To the surprise of the Democratic generals who had counted on the Republican “army’s” acceptance of such generous peace terms, the Republican Grand Marshal “Tea Party” Limbaugh adamantly refused the ransom offer, instead attacking the Democratic forces at close quarters (there was indeed little distance between the “armies” during this terrible combat).  The fighting ended in a complete strategic victory for the Republicans after they succeded in throwing the Democratic troops off the steep slopes in what has become known as the Battle of the Fiscal Cliff.

Now separated from its home territory, the Democratic “army” can no longer rely on it for supplies.  To the Democratic “generals’” horror, the Republican “army” in its rear is now seriously threatening to actually invade the home territory that these generals, in their arrogance, believed would always be theirs.  Already, Republican leaflets are being dropped and propaganda broadcasts initiated.  A full-scale invasion of the Democratic base following the next great “battle” (election) is anticipated.

As for the Democratic “army,” its only real alternative is now to become an unconventional force and forage for supplies in the wintry regions of the Land of the Right where it is now encamped (lately these regions have been warming rapidly, a fact unacknowledged by the native inhabitants).  But the local populace is hostile to the foreign “army.”  Propaganda from the Republican commanders with whom they identify has convinced the populace that the Democratic soldiers are an enemy group who will steal their property, kidnap their kin, assault them in horrible ways, sexual and otherwise, and force them to worship strange gods, or no god at all.   All of this is completely false but the right-wing populace believes it.   (The psy-ops division of the Republican “army” is far superior to that of their Democratic counterparts).  So the native population has shut its its hearts, its doors, its fortunes, and above all its votes, on what it perceives as the hostile Democratic occupiers. To add to the Democratic “army’s” distress, it is far too conventional and hidebound  a force to change its basic method of operations and engage in the now necessary guerilla strategy of, as Mao put it, “swimming like fish in the sea of the people.”

In sum, the Democratic “army” is cut off from its base with no prospects of sufficient supplies, and is incapable of adjusting its operations to face the difficult situation where it now finds itself.  How long can it survive?