There’s this silly old book I picked up the Sullivan county used book store here in Bethel, NY, “SEMANTICS AND COMMUNICATION’ … making me think a lot of what we all on all sides speak to each other , here, on Twitter, all the mediums…(most of which I am not on)…

The book by John C. Condon, jr.has a section called, ‘The Inherent bias’….

He says, “No category is neutral……the meaning of any LABEL is partly in the listener (caps mine).. He continues , “…speakers, advertisers, journalists and so on, are well aware of the impact of classification (in language).’ Examples: one of us may refer to a Senator as , “(the) man who has twice won the best legislator award..(blah blah blah)…In another context he was the “member of the pro labor left wing independent Voters of Illinois Senator’..

“One of the popular propaganda devices is NAME CALLING, and students sometimes are taught tha this is a nasty practice. but ALL LABELLING is NAME CALLING – just as the choice of the word ‘propaganda’ is a name , (a name for what THEY do — WE present ONLY INFORMATION)…” (end quotes)


Other examples he makes are, ‘they harbor terrrorists; we conduct surprise attacks’. etc… woe to us all for our daily NAME CALLING sins, and I include myself in this. My better half is always nudging me to the better side (there are no RIGHT or WRONG sides, much at all today in our world… facts are what we want them to be or believe…not usually what are ‘VERIFIABLE’…….. Just some thoughts for pondering… shall I quote Jesus here? ‘What is truth?”