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Microchips: Military Uses and Criminal Allegations

By: cfasw Saturday May 5, 2012 4:03 am

People are already familiar with micro chipping their pets to track them in case they are lost.  These microchips are implanted beneath the skin between the shoulder blades and contain a number of a registry that holds information about the pet’s owner.  The microchips are designed to work for twenty-five years.

Microchips are known as RFID (radio frequency identification devices) chips that contain an RF transmitter and receiver.  This “talks” to a reader via radio waves.  The reader can also encode information onto the microchip.  No batteries are needed by the RFID chip which runs on the power base of the reader and so they are work as wireless devices.

In this recent video taken in Sacramento, California, Bonnie Kellerby’s scanning produces sudden, rapid ticking from a meter that picks up radio frequency signals from her body.  She says she has been illegally implanted with microchips in her skull and learns in this video that the radio frequency meter also suddenly ticks rapidly when placed near her arm.   Mrs. Kellerby regularly meets with a group in Sacramento whose members have been scanned and believe they have been illegally microchipped.  They say that microchip implanting can occur during surgical procedures.

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The blog reports that chips are coordinated with these automation devices:

*wireless and wired sensors: photo-eyes, motion detectors, environmental  monitors, etc.

*feedback devices: light-stacks, displays, etc.

*automation control systems: triggers, servos, motors, robotics, etc.

RFIDs were developed by the military for use in aircraft in the 1940s (video).  This technology has become smaller and more diverse over time.  RFID’s with tags include antennas that can only operate “about a baseball field away” according to the video that refutes the theories that these chips are used for nefarious purposes such as government tracking of people.

An MSNBC 2004 news report announced that the FDA approved a micro chip to be used on humans.  The reason was to carry medical information needed by doctors in a medical emergency.

A 2007 CNN report by Brian Todd discusses how the military planned to use microchips for troops to differentiate between friends and enemies on the battlefield.

One option is placing a tracking microchip under a service member’s skin

The high cost of microchipping every soldier prevented the military from using them at the time.

Uses for microchipping humans has continued and does not seem to be diminishing.

NBC’s Tom Costello reports in 2010 that microchips could inform hospital emergency teams of your name and medical information if you were taken in to the emergency room and unconscious in an ambulance.  These microchips are being heavily sold as being necessary for checking identities as well as tracking people for their safety.

Legislation by Wisconsin, North Dakota and California prohibits employers from requiring microchip implantation of employees.

An Ohio security company microchipped two employees who agreed to be microchipped for security reasons.

According to an internet news site:

As WorldNetDaily reported, when former Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson joined the VeriChip Corp. board of directors, he pledged to get chipped and encouraged Americans to do the same so their electronic medical records would be available in emergencies.

However, consumer privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht reported in a press release (2006) that the microchips can be “skimmed and cloned by a hacker” according to a blog post by security researcher Jonathan Westhues.

With so many possible breaches in security regarding human microchipping, our government should provide the means for citizens to have them located and removed.  There are too many risks of having microchips developed and used by criminals implanting them into involuntary subjects, or having them hacked into to illegally obtain someone’s medical records.

The controllers of these medical technologies have too much power if they were to become criminals benefiting from understanding the technology, then victimizing people with them.

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Satellite Control

By: cfasw Saturday May 5, 2012 3:54 am

Satellites collecting data over every inch of the earth may mean the end of our privacy, and our right to think, speak, move our bodies and be the free people we were born to be on earth.  The United States Constitution speaks about the civil liberties of our citizens in the First Amendment, civil liberties such as the right of free speech, press, religion, assembly, and to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Civil liberties, expressed simply and clearly by one site, are “freedoms that are guaranteed to people to protect them from an over-powerful government.  Civil liberties are used to limit the power of a coercive government.”

Civil liberties are denied to citizens without the protection of information being freely communicated, without transparency of government and without the ability to organize.  Our freedom and liberties are the embodiment of “America, the land of the free” where people come to throw off suppressive regimes of power, and to live the life that they dream of by working hard and obeying the laws of our country.

Marketing these ideals brings idealized fantasies of becoming wealthy and successful, that by working hard you can attain a lifestyle to be envied by those in less fortunate countries, where wealth is unknown to the mainstream population.

But America as a marketing tool to attract investing and build faith to invest in American commercial enterprises seems to have become the outside story that buries the ugly truth; that for many, America is anything but free.

An article published in on Pravda and on Global Research in 2008 describes one writer’s accounts of how satellites are being used to suppress society from outer space, that NASA’s satellites used by the military will be able to enslave and physically capture U.S. citizens, or “targets”.

The article goes on to explain that by monitoring a person’s every move a satellite can be used to scan a person’s brainwaves and subject people to electronically induced “bludgeoning”.

In Big Brother: Spying on Americans, The Threat of Satellite Surveillance, John Flemming wrote:

Besides tracking a person’s every action and relaying the data to a computer screen on earth, amazing powers of satellites include reading a person’s mind, monitoring conversations, manipulating electronic instruments and physically assaulting someone with a laser beam.

The article goes on to describe the horrors of a satellite program that can invade a person’s nervous system to torture anyone located on the planet.

President Reagan’s Star Wars initiative proposed a satellite surveillance network designed to shoot down missiles but was not adopted by the U.S.  However, according to Flemming, spy satellites were already actively invading people’s privacy.  He wrote that a surveillance satellite network “was bound to be abused, yet no group is fighting to cut back or subject to democratic control this terrifying new technology.”

As fantastical as it sounds, technology has become so advanced as to “see” behind walls of buildings and “scan” a person’s brain activity to learn the thoughts, emotions and memory of the subject.

Take for example, the magnetoencephalograph, or “MEG”, that is “a measurement instrument specifically designed to measure electrophysiological cerebral nerve activities”.

Technologies such as the MEG are not normally the concern of the public.  Advanced capabilities to scan people are usually thought of as being used by airline security or in the medical profession.

But in times of war, the uncertainties of strengthening political tides, and a desire for security systems to gain more approval by the public as a necessity of public safety after 9/11, creating more technologies for public surveillance seems to have created a cash cow for corporate-government partnerships.

Flemming indicated the government “Brilliant Eyes” satellite program which says, “The BE midcourse mission is performed with a very narrow field of view (less than 1 degree) tasked, staring, visible and M/LWIR sensor.”  How has the public been able to understand the true capabilities and consequences of such a program?

In his article, Flemming gives us a clue by explaining that the human body emits infra-red radiation and that Brilliant Eyes was designed to exploit this by picking up these “wave bands”.  Brilliant Eyes was to detect satellites in space to prevent collisions, detect missiles being launched from the ground and was created to provide a satellite spying defence system for the U.S.

But for tracking a person on the ground, how does one understand how a satellite could do this, to the extent that brainwaves could be monitored, or worse still, as Flemming wrote about, how could such a satellite system intrude upon a person’s nervous system to harm them?

An infrared tracking system project being developed by students Cornell University explains that by placing a beacon on a target to be tracked sends out infrared signals that can be tracked by receivers.  Basic knowledge about how radio waves travel through the air and are sent and received by antennas help explain infrared systems.

Wikipedia describes infrared homing as,

a passive missile guidance system which uses the emission from a target of electromagnetic radiation in the infrared part of the spectrum to track and follow it. Missiles which use infrared seeking are often referred to as “heat-seekers”, since infrared (IR) is just below the visible spectrum of light in frequency and is radiated strongly by hot bodies. Many objects such as people, vehicle engines and aircraft generate and retain heat, and as such, are especially visible in the infra-red wavelengths of light compared to objects in the background.

This helps to explain how aircraft or satellites can track human beings from sensing the heat of their bodies.

The Space Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) program replaced the old Defense Support Program (DSP) system in 2001, whose purpose is to provide missile defense via satellites.  The fact sheet reports that not only have twenty-three satellites been slated to be launched by 2005, but that “the first GEO satellite is expected to launch in calendar year 2011.”

The Air Force fact sheet about the Space Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) reports that,

Sensors will cover short-wave infrared like its predecessor, expanded mid-wave infrared and see-to-the-ground bands allowing it to perform a broader set of missions as compared to DSP.

The Northrup Grumman site explains their role in SBIRS:

Northrop Grumman Electronics Systems sector provides the infrared payload, electronics and ground processing for the mission data processor to the Lockheed Martin-led Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) High team.

With the capability of tracking heat-generating human beings and sending signals to their bodies such as with neurophone technology, a person could be tortured from thousands of miles above earth.  Neurophone’s bypass the ears so that a person can hear through other parts of the body.

Putting the pieces together and discovering how signals work through the electromagnetic spectrum using wavelength technologies to interface with the human body, many advances in torture and control of the human population could be utilized by satellite technology and surveillance.

When the public is being mentally or physically suppressed by outside interference of frequency waves that can be used by criminals, citizens could potentially become slaves of technology to remotely control minds and bodies.

Flemming made a great contribution in his article about how technology can be used from satellites orbiting the earth to harm human beings on a grand scale.

To protect civil liberties of our citizens and of those citizens from around the world who suffer from being denied their basic human rights, taking on satellite and energy-based technologies must be part of the process of protecting our basic human rights and survival.


More information about advanced technologies can be found here.  A petition to stop harmful technologies is here.

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Satellites and Citizens United

By: cfasw Saturday May 5, 2012 3:46 am

Corporate spy satellites and various military-spy agencies may be the basis of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that some fear is taking over our form of government and democracy as we know it.

The Constitutional right to privacy as stated in the Fourth Amendment is, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

And yet people from around the world have spoken out about how they are being monitored and tortured through the use of satellite and other surveillance and energy weapons.

Many suspect that the power given to corporations in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission are part of the process giving “rich, white men” the power to dominate and control our country, not stopping at the borders, but controlling people around the world.

An NPR article reports that in Citizens United, the Supreme Court (1/21/10) handed down a law “giving corporations and unions the freedom to spend as much as they like to support or attack candidates.”

Citizens United has been seen by many as reversing the people’s votes as electing candidate’s into office to giving wealthy corporate sponsors the means to control elections.  It also gives the right of corporations “free speech” as was intended by the framers to be reserved for “people”, not corporations.  Many argue that people are not corporations.

Voting into power the leaders who put corporate interests over the people’s interests can be dangerous in that wealthy corporate owners can change the very face of our system of government.  It puts corporate power in control of our form of government.

In our world, as the Citizen’s United law demonstrates, having enough money can buy you power and domination, it can also buy you whatever kind of world you want to have since the people’s voices can be squelched in a system that regulates people’s right to free speech.

Protests could be eliminated in a corporate owned government which some might argue that the U.S. is quickly becoming.

Rights to privacy and the fourth amendment could be written out of the Constitution.  “The right of the people to be sucure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated…” as the Fourth Amendment states might mean the end to our privacy as we know it.

Suppressive Tactics Over The People

A seizure and suppression of the people could become a main reason for so much money being spent on our satellite program.  Al-quada and the enemies the U.S. describe are reasons for the satellite network to have become so large and expensive and the need for warfare has become such big business.

An estimated 40-billion dollars for intelligence is needed, according to one site.

Our spy satellite program is the National Reconnaisance Office (NRO) that celebrates 50 years of operation.  Their site reports, “From our inception in 1961 to our declassification to the public in 1992, we have worked tirelessly to provide the best reconnaissance support possible to the Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD). We are unwavering in our dedication to fulfilling our vision: Vigilance From Above.”

It is believed by many that as part of the satellite program, brain and body scans are being transmitted and recorded into a vast array of computer networks.  Targeted individuals suffering from the effects of energy based surveillance and intrusions into their homes and very lives are a telling sign of what could be yet to come.

In his Satellite Surveillance, Harold Hough wrote:

Declassifying information will expose mistakes made years ago.  Rather than risk embarrassment, the intelligence community would condemn the information to top secret dustbins.

Finally, release of information about spy satellites would reveal that they have bene used against US citizens.  While most of the public supports their use against the enemies of the US, most voters would probably change their attitudes towards reconnaissance satellites if they knew how extensive the spying has been.  It’s better, the bureaucrats reason, that this explosive issue never surfaces.

The military has created more ways to explore seeing through walls of homes, and now to “seeing everything” with their new Gorgone Drone.  In a Washington Post column, a writer explains that it is a “system, made up of nine video cameras mounted on a remotely piloted aircraft, can transmit live images to soldiers on the ground or to analysts tracking enemy movements.”

Again, Hough explains what may be the reason Citizens United has passed and put the corporations in charge, and justifies what satellite surveillance is being created for today:

…the technology for making these tools better is denied to the citizen while it is used by the government without check.  History has shown us that a government that doesn’t have any limits on its actions uses its power for repression.  History also shows us that a tool reserved for governments becomes a tool for tyranny.  If the heavens are restricted to the citzen and the halls of government are left without supervision, maybe we will become the servants while the satellites remain the spies.