It’s about time we exhale and allow our selves the possibility of being empty for a moment. Release our hold upon things in which our ego identifies with and give that tiny little space a spot on stage for a moment, shine a light and let it dance a jig or three.

Funny, or rather tragic, in how we identify with things made in this materialistic world. The one belief in which we struggle to ask and question, yet it is clinging to the very root that’s suffocating our souls. What if you were to hand write letters to all of your Christmas list receivers? I’ll go long on stocks of paper and ink this year, for I sense a change. Also funny to note how our attention and defense rise when we see that word…change. Don’t worry about your DNA that’s already changing within you due to powers beyond your controlling mind, but keep on, sail with that boat for awhile. All I’m going to try and say is that to me, this boat has already sailed and we’ve seen the outcome.

Which pushes me to another rock upon your shore. We create our reality, this very existence that is upon us is the very same result in which our souls are demanding we take a long and vivid look at. Past lives have gotten us this far, to this point in “time,” and yet still we try and refuse the drum beating that is resonating deep, deep within our beings. Characters arise through the cracks and what do we do? Reach for the duct tape and write crazy upon their foreheads and move on, look away, nothing to see here.

The issues upon this draft are none that we normally debate about, and I would go out on an oak limb here to say, maybe, just maybe that’s by design. A design that none of us here are capable of understanding within the shallow context and view of our world that we hold dearly to our ego. As if we’re pulling it deeper into our chests without knowing that we’re actually in reality, causing our breathing to taper.

I could write pages about love versus fear. I could pull up some “neato” links for scientific studies on what love actually does to DNA and the like, you know, as in your likeness to human form……or I could just state plainly, with a stale piece of bread, the world is changing for the life within, as the density of our beings create that space that is without thought, nor vote. It is already done. Be at peace with all that is, maybe, just maybe you were born into those two clumsy shoes to be a witness of one of the greatest moments in human history? Maybe you forgot to tie your shoes and stumbled on the way down….yet on the way down you noticed something on the front porch that had never received your attention until now…..the damn reindeer are off two degrees and Rudolph’s nose isn’t blinking. Things like this will alter your neighbor’s reality. A scraped shin and a broken reindeer….what could be worse?

I’ll serve some pancakes and some warm syrup to tell you what could be worse. You were caught in fear and materialism that consumed your everyday thought, your everyday motion. Thrusting yourself into headwinds that will never stop, debts that can never be paid, rights that will never be realized, a human soul never fostered to a warm sunny spot upon the stars. My oh my the stars, I wonder what a local news piece would be on the simple fact of planetary alignments, or maybe just maybe a beautiful human story that calms you to know that there is light outside your door, maybe not in Rudolph’s nose, but further, beyond your fence.

You know what’s hard?! Telling old people about how the Federal Reserve works and our modern day monetary policy. Why would I want to step on the toes of old people who have saved and been promised their “smooth sailing” until…..until their death. My death. What a wonderful time in space eh? And we’re told it has to be this way…..with what authority? And not that I look for authority to fill the void, because personally I believe in the beauty of humanity. I believe that people are not born to do evil deeds in the name of…..well in their own name I guess. Crazy how we’re at a point in Earth’s history where there has never been so many souls, yet we have never been so divided in our own little bubbles. And we’re told that there’s over population….HAAA!!! Compared to what model?! I hear scientists saying, well given the Earth’s resources, we’re already 20% over population and we need to curb that in order to stay within the production threshold. HAAAA, please, please for the life of all, understand that the current system is not designed for such a number, so of course these kind of themes are going to get tossed around, positioned into that mind of yours, so that you believe in scarcity. When’s the last time we took John Lennon’s words to heart and tried peace? Oh ya, never. Funny how we haven’t even tried all avenues and yet we’re told that there’s only these solutions……

There are many, many solutions out there for our problems, but I will tell you this, we won’t arrive at them with the current system, and to me, I don’t have to be a voice that reminds you that we live on a beautiful planet that is calling for our help…..I believe deep down you already know that, you can already feel that, you have already read about all the corruption, the murder, the nightmare that is being played out before our eyes. This is by design my friends.

I think it’s time we all take our own designs into perspective and discuss those deep questions as to why and how we’re here. Where do we go from here, are there certain things we can all agree on? Like outlawing war and murder….what would that look like without a monetary system that rewards darkness?

I don’t know, but I do know my dream isn’t restrained by the planned course of this humanity, it has something to do with the universe as a whole and finding that resonating feeling within. I won’t go too far into the tangent of cancer, but….what is cancer? Cancer is defined as cells that have lost their knowledge toward their purpose in life, they have lost their dreams and have been persuaded to replicate, even if it means death of the host. Wow. It takes a humble soul to realize that maybe we are the cancer, maybe Earth’s lesson in all of this is that yes, continue the way you are and you will understand, at a cellular level what you are doing to me……….

Rise up, beyond your mental shackles, and do a little Bob Marley dance to release yourself from mental slavery.

All the love.