Over Easy: I’m NOT Procrastinating Edition

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Oh, Crap. I just remembered I’m doing Over Easy this Thursday for Ruth, while she’s traveling. No, I don’t procrastinate and I’m not writing this at the Last Minute. Nosiree. That would never happen, I swear to Dog.

A horse

Don't eat me, Wilbur. Go Over Easy, instead!

Anyway, let’s talk about our roots. I’m a fourth generation atheist agitator, mixed race like our president, descended from socialists, homosexual product union of actors, prostitutes, and red diaper babies revolutionaries. Sometimes, I think about what would’ve happened to me if I’d been born in Africa, or Mother Russia, or Ireland, where My People Come from. Or could’ve been sent, if we’d been sent to a colony, like Australia.

Malaysian authorities have a possible elephant murder mystery on their hands after three more pygmy elephants reportedly were found dead on the island of Borneo Wednesday (Jan. 30).

The grim discovery brings the death toll to 13 this month, and according to the AP, authorities are investigating suspicions that the diminutive elephants were poisoned.

Well now that sucks. I mean, really? Who wants to hurt an elephant? People who do that are just mean. There’s a long, ugly story for you: the history of humans and elephants. I still remember the old B&W movie with “Tarzan” about that, I watched as a child. It made me cry, when the bad guy shot the elephant so he could follow her as she trundled to her deathbed to the “Elephant Graveyard” for the cache of ivory he would find there.

Speaking of large pieces of meat:

LONDON/DUBLIN (Reuters) – Tesco, the Co-operative Group and Aldi fired a supplier controlled by Ireland’s most powerful beef baron on Wednesday for selling them burgers shown to contain horsemeat.

The three retailers said they would no longer use Irish supplier Silvercrest Foods because of trust issues relating to where products were sourced, following a similar move by Burger King last week.

The world’s No. 3 retailer, Tesco, reeling from a wave of bad publicity after the Irish food safety authority discovered a frozen burger contained 29 percent horse meat, said it would continue to buy Irish beef from other ABP companies.

Tesco Ireland said the contract, worth 15 million euros, was a small part of ABP’s business and the company also promised to use DNA testing equipment to check the content of products on its shelves.

The move is a blow to Ireland’s 2 billion euro (£1.6 billion) beef industry, which had hoped that the discovery the horsemeat came from Poland might limit the fallout.

“We took that decision with regret but the breach of trust is simply too great,” Tesco technical director Tim Smith said in a statement announcing the termination of its contract with Silvercrest, a subsidiary of Larry Goodman’s ABP Foods.

Um, ick? I guess we don’t have to be afraid we’re the only country that, er, experiments with new and exciting recipes. Darnit, I love horses. We don’t need to eat them, OK? Even if they are cheap.

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s openly gay foreign minister has told Moscow’s envoy to Berlin a Russian draft law banning “homosexual propaganda” contravenes human rights and could harm the country’s ties with Europe, Spiegel online said on Tuesday.

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