"Trash House" by malingering on flickr

"Trash House" by malingering on flickr

The Beacon Hill Patch is reporting that a group of frustrated local residents staged a protest at the home of Robert Gallery, President of Bank of America Massachusetts.

Volunteers cleaned up and bagged trash that had accumulated at a home where BofA foreclosed on and evicted a young family over a year ago. The home has been vacant and fallen into disrepair since, accumulating fines.

After cleaning up the eyesore, the group took the bags of trash to the local BofA branch, but they were turned away. So they went to Mr. Gallery’s home in the very posh section of Boston known as Beacon Hill and dumped them there, along with their demands.

Demands include that the bank:

  • Halt all foreclosures and evictions until underwater mortgages can be renegotiated.
  • Stop the crackdown on small business lending.
  • Rescind its proposed mass layoffs and take steps to protect and create Massachusetts jobs.
  • End its board members’ policies that exclude Bay State families from key programs like weatherization.
  • BTW, how cool is it that we have avenues for micro journalism that allow a story like this to be reported? Considering the underwhelming coverage of the Wall Street occupation protest, if it were not for citizen journalist we might not even know that average Americans are rising up in protest and taking to the streets.