Good morning Firepups.

The OWS #N17 action should be getting under way any moment. According to the twitter feed for this some 500 people have already massed at Liberty Plaza and are getting ready for the first celebration of the day.

I’m going to update this from top to bottom as things progress. (To watch the”>go here.)

7:32 AM
Police have closed off Wall Street completely. Anyone wishing to walk onto Wall Street must should employee ID for some entity that is on the street. IDK what this means for employees of small businesses that may not issue such ID.

NYPD on scene not sure if press will be allowed in.

4 Helicopters overhead.

7:39 AM Allison Kilkenny took this pix of police check pint at Broadway and Cedar St. Like a barricades for the last 2 months, the police activity is going to seriously disrupt the work day on Wall Street. I wonder if NYPD realizes they may delay the opening bell at the Stock Exchange if key people can’t get through their checkpoints in time? (Photo here.)

7:47 AM
Cops in full riot gear with zip tie cuffs/ NYPD trucks arriving with barricades. Some marchers tweeting fear that cops will try t barricade them in so they can’t march. First wave of marchers sets off eastbound toward Nassau Street

7:55 Press are being threatened that they will be stripped of press credentials if they step off of sidewalk.

Individuals have shown up with black flags. Agents provacateurs? Not sure what the black flags are about.

8:13 AM
A second wave of marchers, said to be bigger than that first wave in the pix, has set off from Liberty Plaza following a green flag. They are taking a differnt route trying to go around blocked off streets.

Police have now shut down lower Broadway.

8:17 AM #OWS just tweeted that Mayor’s office is putting out disinformation/smear that OWs intends to shut down subway system.


However, like the cops who are bulloxing up financial sector’s morning commute to work with stupid barricades and checkpoints, Mayor’s office disinformation camapaign may end up shutting down city if folks think they can’t use subways to get to and from work.

Dumb as rocks actions by Bloomie and Kelly HARMING ability of NYC to go about the business of business.

8:34 AM there is evidently a Robin Hood Marching Band. Twtpix courtesy of Melissa Gira!/melissagira/status/137160119631888384/photo/1

8:46 AM
Arrests have reportedly begun at 60 Wall Street, which is where the working groups hav ebeen meeting. Tweets indicate that all streets leading to Stock Exchange are either filled wth marchers or blocked by police.
Workertells cop “I work at 48 Wall Street how do I get in/” Cops says he can’t.

Kelly doing far more harm to financial service workers ability to get to work than is OWS. This is political malpractice of the most egrigious sort by Bloomie and Kelly b/c the city gov’ts own actions are doing more harm to the 1% than anything else. Bloomie and Kelly will end up pissing off both their constituents and the MOTU overlords. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Marchers over 1,000 strong

8:55 AM
Reports of police violence at Wall and Hanover. Call for a medic at Pine Street

Kevin has a liveblog up at dissenter now and unlike me, he knows how to get his video and pix to embed, so I’m goin gto wrap this up now and send you over there.