Flaming Liquid-Vin

Republic Report has story up about Washington lobbyist and movers and shakers being treated to red carpet cocktail party, film discussion and pro energy film trailers of movies made, by filmmakers I’ve never heard of, that are meant to serve as a counter weight to Gasland.

There were apparently, let them eat cake style, jokes about “Fracktinis” a reference to citizens in areas where fracking is done who now have flaming drinking water.

So, I thought we could make the Fracktini THE signature cocktail of 2012. I mean it folks, this has to be bigger than the pink Cosmo. So, let us begin the Fracktini Recipe Contest.

There are only 3 requirements:

1) It must be an original recipe, no copying a Café Brulee or some such.
2) It must be delicious enough to go viral.
3) Most important of all, it must be a flaming beverage.

Ridicule through mixology, it brings a whole new meaning to “mocktail”.

I’m going on vacation next week, all recipes that don’t sound gross will be tested by me and a panel of beach bumming relatives, not to mention volunteers from the beer-thirty group within FDL contributors as well as any of you who care to test these recipes out an write a review.

Winners will be announced when we sober up enough to type again. Decisions will be based on the criteria above and are entirely subjective and arbitrary. I have no clue what the prize for winning will be, other than fame, glory and possibly saving the drinking water supply for thousands (if not millions) of people.