(photo: luna715 / flickr)

Greg Mitchell thinks that’s a possibility.

But now Gallup has just found an astonishing surge in those who say right now they want one-party control. Since Obama is doing well at Gallup right now–maintaining a 6% lead today–this would suggest that many folks may also vote for Dems for Congress in an effort to give him something to work with.

So, the Ryan Budget appears to be sinking 1) The Romney campaign, 2) Ryan’s re-election campaign (did you hear he’s too chicken to even debate Rob Zerban?), 3) and creating a desire for Democratic party hegemony in Washington. (read this link)

The Ryan Budget was treated like a serious document by the press who didn’t bother to report on it contents. Now that Paul Ryan and The Ryan Budget are finally getting some attention, people, I mean voters, are horrified by what’s in it.

And they are running in the opposite direction. Maybe they will keep running until they are to the left of Simpson-Bowles?

[rubs hands gleefully while waiting for next new polls to come out]