VP debate. Paul Ryan admits that The Ryan Budget is scaring people.

1) Joe Biden’s “I’ve known Bebe for 35 years” made me think of Lloyd Benson’s “I knew Jack Kennedy and you are no Jack Kennedy”.

2) “Facts matter!”

3) Ryan seems unaware that Bob Gates is no longer Secretary of Defense or that Gates is GOP.

4) Martha Raddatz: “The #1 issue here at home is jobs.”

5) The 47% are Biden’s mom and dad. He meant that figuratively.

6) Wham! Biden socks him with The Ryan Budget, again and again.

7) Ryan, “Mitt Romney is a car guy”, uh no, Mitt Romney is a car elevator guy. George Romney was a car guy.

8) ”I got a bridge to sell you”, that’s the 3rd time Biden called out a lie.

9) “I just he would tel…, be a little more candid”. That’s 4 times Biden calls out a lie.

10) Medicare: AMA endorsed Obama’s version, AARP endorsed Obama’s version. CBO score of The Ryan Budget says The Ryan Budget will add over $6,000 to senior’s costs.

11) Biden fact checking the heck out of Ryan’s lies about The Ryan Budget.

12) Ryan says that talking about The Ryan Budget “scares” people. Yes, it does!

13) 120,000 families will get $500 billion in additional tax relief under The Ryan Budget. I think that works out to about 466,000 per family. Nice to be rich.

14) The Ryan Budget will cut out the mortgage deduction, the health insurance deduction, and the education tuition deduction, says Biden.

15) Raddatz is trying to get Ryan to do the math (I think she has used that phrase 3 or 4 times so far), but The Ryan Budget does not add up. Ryan dodges again and again.

16) Etch-a-Sketch moment, all of a sudden the Romney campaign is on board with 2014 transition? They have been criticizing Obama for giving out an end date 4-evah.

17) Raddatz carrying water for some faction of military officers on more than one occasion here. Somebody with a chest full of medals did a good job of lobbying her.

18) OK, Ryan has done a good job of memorizing the names of lots of small towns in Afghanistan. Lots of towns, he has studied hard.

19) Biden yelling at Raddatz about Syria, I think her military (Betrayus, couch, Betrayus) water carrying has cheezed him off. However, Joe, style point: the moderator is not your enemy, The Ryan Budget is. Also don’t yell at a woman on TV, ever. You handled that rocky shoal so well with Palin 4 years ago.

20) How does being Catholic influence you on abortion? Ryan believes life begins at conceptions, but would allow abortion in cases of rape and incest? Either you believe that zygote is innocent life, bearing only Original Sin to be washed away by baptism, or you don’t.

21) Ryan admits that The Ryan Budget is scaring people away.

I call this debate for Biden.

Style points. Who did the lighting for Raddatz? That person is not her friend, she is better looking than that.

Ryan looked like Nixon in the Nixon-Kennedy debate; pale, sorta bluish/green tinge to the skin. Looks like his makeup person is on hiatus from True Blood.

Biden has a nice matte makeup job.