Let’s be clear. The Insurance Industry will protect their profit margin, and the profits to come, at all costs. Republicans need money in order to take back congress and win the presidency. They need the public option to fail.

Pitting Profits against Patients is economically unsound, unethical and a conflict of interest. When you think about this, it is outright ghastly. We are paying billions for Insurance Industry advertising, exorbitant salaries and billions more for them to lobby against us to increase their profits and remove competition. Without a non-profit government run public option, prices will not be lowered; it would accelerate the increase in % of GDP spent on health care. This will force tax increases to an unsustainable level, heavily subsidize profits for the Insurance Industry, bankrupt our country and the Democrats will be blamed.

Because of profit driven Insurance we pay between $3-6000 more per person than any other industrialized country, we don’t have universal coverage and we are rated 37th as a nation for our Health Care (just above Costa Rica). Free Market means the Insurance Industry pits patient care against profit margin. The less treatment you provide, the more money you make. The more people you refuse to cover because of pre-existing conditions, the larger the profit margin.

The top 10 rated countries have universal coverage, require non-profit health care whether it’s public or private sector, and have sustainable % of GDP. Singapore, rated 6th, has the lowest % of GDP because it requires public health care to compete with private.

The Insurance Industry launched a full force attack against the public option. Why do you think that they are fine with the co-ops, or privately run public option, but adamantly opposed to a government run public option? It’s because it would cut into their profit margin. Stocks for the Insurance Industry soared at the idea the White House might be willing to substitute co-ops or privately a operated public option, because neither are viable competitors.

Republicans are comparing a government run public option to Medicare. They state the obvious, that Medicare is going bankrupt. Medicare is going bankrupt because it is used to hold money paid in over decades, then at 65 when seniors need the most expensive care, we pay the bills. A government run public option is absolutely nothing like this. The services would be the same, but it is exactly like a non-profit private insurance without the advertising, exorbitant salaries, and billions to lobby congress.
Republicans argue that “Europeans” have higher unemployment; in the “double digits,” and their % of GDP is growing faster. This is patently false: the top 10 rated countries for health care have unemployment rates equal to, or less than ours. They spend between 3.6% and 11% of GDP on healthcare. We’re spending 17+% of GDP on healthcare this year. If we had universal coverage under our for-profit model, it would skyrocket the % of GDP spent, financially cripple our citizens, and bankrupt the nation.

Republicans scream for Tort Reform, and how much that will save. It will not save anything; it benefits Insurance companies and doctors at the expense of the patient. Doctors pay less for malpractice insurance, but it also spares them from high consequences in cases of egregious malpractice. The worst part of Tort reform is that it increases the Insurance Industry’s profits. If a health insurance company is sued for refusal of treatment, or tests requested by a doctor for their patient, they will literally have zero consequences. Suggested is a limit of $250,000 per patient. Patients lose, doctors and the Insurance Industry win.

Republicans want competition across state lines? It sounds great in theory. The problem is it becomes "a rush to the bottom." Insurance Companies will move to states with the least regulations. You buy insurance thinking you’re covered, as your state requires, but it’s not required in the state where the insurance company is located. Patients get less coverage, outrageous "out of pocket" expenses, but pay the same premiums; this increases the profits for insurance companies.

The Blue Dogs are insisting on Co-ops. This was tried from 1930′s -1940′s and failed; funding was cut off. They do not affect Insurance Industry pricing (GAO study done March 2000). Co-ops that become actual competition (e.g. blue cross/blue shield) are bought up and run by the Insurance Industry to keep prices steady. They remain non-profit but do not affect % of GDP or price to the consumer.Nothing prevents the Insurance Industry from buying up, buying out, or even starting co-ops to prevent real competition. They can claim co-ops "work" without decreasing their profit margin or "triggering" a public option.

Now President Obama and the Insurance Industry, along with the Blue Dogs, are talking about a private run public option. So they can say we have a “public option.” This is not anymore viable than a co-op. It would succeed as private insurance, but would be like any other non-profit Insurance. All “profits” are used for expenditures, advertising, lobbying, outrageous salaries, etc. and written off. They do not lower prices because that would affect the profit margin for the entire industry. If Obama and the Blue dogs allow this, we’re screwed!

Senator Kennedy would never have compromised on both single payer and the government run public option. His integrity would never have allowed him to trade our health, financial stability and our nation’s solvency in exchange for repubican votes.

The republicans are out for blood, and it will be this way until Obama is defeated. Stop the "bipartisanship:" It only works if both parties are honestly working together. The republicans are not, and they will not. They are literally out to destroy Obama, and the Blue Dogs are cooperating.

These Members of Congress are more concerned about elections/re-election than our health and well-being. They are complicit in lies and dis/misinformation in order to deceive the public for political gain that will compromise our health, financial stability, and our nation’s solvency.

The fact that 45-53% believe all these lies is their responsibility and it is unconscionable. Members of Congress who lie, or constituents who believe and propagate those lies, must never be allowed to dominate. If they are truly concerned about their constituents and our nations solvency, then they will vote for real reform, even if it means losing their jobs.

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