White Male Superiority

We have seen it time and again. A small group of people in congress spewing out the most outrageous garbage and crap. Dog whistling about small government and states rights and religious freedom and what not. The same fine folks who began spewing out about the countries lack of morals and permissiveness. Law and order and patriotism. Respect for authority.

The very same people who see no harm in beating their kids or wives. And as Frank Schaeffer says in this essay from Alternet, a group of angry, scared white males – mostly from the south – who see their world dissolving in front of them.

I’m not talking about the white young male mass murderers we’re afflicted with carrying assault rifles courtesy of the NRA. I’m talking about the white far-right males who hijacked the 112th Congress and are set to destroy the 113th. They have metaphorically done to our country what the killer in Newtown literally did to 20 children, and for the same apparent reason: alienation from the mainstream and retreat to a paranoid delusional fantasy land of — literal — mental impairment.
This has less to do with politics and more to do with the fear and mental illness that grips a willfully ignorant minority of white males. But the mainstream media is talking about everything but the underlying racial, cultural and mental health issues afflicting the white male minority of far-right congressmen holding us all hostage. And the extreme insanity of the right-wing rhetoric over the last four years, from “birther” to Obama-is-a-Muslim etc., conclusively points to something other than politics.
The manufactured crisis we face are not about economics. These self-inflicted wounds are about a few people’s fear of being marginalized.

It’s not considered polite to mention race anymore. But I’m going to mention it anyway. We have a white problem.

These are the same people who really do feel that they have a right to say and do as they please. That really do not get the concept of rape because they do believe that white males should be able to have sex with whoever they please and when they please and women just have to comply. That white male authority should never be questioned.

And having a black man as president – a black man who is apparently more educated and intelligent that they are – a black man who is the opposite of they picture of all non-whites, goes straight to their resentment.

And why do they unquestionably support the elites in Wall Street ? This ought to be quite obvious, the elites represent – yey they actually are the embodiment of white male superiority. A superiority they see being attacked from all sides.

So as Frank Schaeffer points out and I agree, the whole point is to paralyze the government – to freeze the changes in their tracks.

A state of panic exists because Republican members of Congress demand a state of paralysis. They want to freeze the world as it is because the new world doesn’t have room for white male bigots who base their lives on Bronze Age mythology and white, privileged, Jeffersonian-style institutional racism. Their real ideology has nothing to do with gun rights, fighting against abortion or reducing the size of the federal deficit, but has everything to do with their own personal psychological turmoil.

Indeed to force a return to a world they knew, where white males called all the shots and everyone else “knew their place”. A world where bigotry and racism was the norm. The very idea that these people would find themselves having to to say “yes sir and no sir” to a black or latino or gay or woman, is completely foreign to them. From gerrymandered districts whose hated goes back to slavery, reconstruction and jim crow. They see no reason to change and resent having to do so.

And they see themselves being more and more marginalized each day.