A Sobering Thought…

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Good Night

Good Night – Flicker Creative Commons

My mother is 90. She owns her house but lives on Social Security and Florida retirement. My brother lives with her unable to work, he helps her out but she has to support him as he is unemployable.

I too live on Social Security and Florida retirement. We both face the same possible dilemma. Mine would be worse however. If both of these are severely cut or eliminated, we would be hard put.   I would be out in the cold. She would have to rely on my sisters and other brother for materiel support but neither of them are really financially capable of this as they are both just getting by. And her house needs work which nobody can afford.

This is the likely scenario facing a number of people today. Far too many, I fear. As this article describes, pensions even at the state level are disappearing.   I will not go into what is being contemplated to SS and Medicare, as this is covered in another diary.

What would then also happen to those who count on their private retirement if and when that too fails ? All of this was not a major problem when we had extended families and closer communities. And when people first decided to “go it alone” in the 1950s, it was not even considered. We are all aware of what needs to be done and what should be done but that is of little help unless we know it will be done.

So we need to begin planning and working now to this possibility or there will be more and more people on park benches or we will see a lot more elderly living out there years on park benches or worse.