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A New Nuclear Threat-The Russian Iskander Missile

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Stratfor email published by Wikileaks, reveal capabilities, accuracy, locations of Russia’s powerful Iskander Missile. The email was composed on December 13, 2009 by Lauren Goodrich. The email was addressed to “Secure List”, George Friedman. Some question this email raises are: Could this missile possibly defeat the United States Missile Defense Shield? A new nuclear threat? Is there a “secret” cold war arising? The information revealed in the Stratfor email will help answer these questions.


The Iskander is of great use to Russia and much focus. It has been highly successful both technologically and strategically. They consider the Iskander the most effective and deadly nonstrategic (and even perhaps strategic) ballistic missile in existence. It is better than the Oka, which worried the US so much because of its accuracy. But the Iskander is considered so much better. INF wiped out the Oka, but the Iskander falls underneath the INF-for now. The Oka was/is to replace the Elbrus, Tochka and Tockka-U and now the Iskandar replaces them both. If the United States was worried over the Oka missile, then the United States probably considers the Iskander a “serious threat”.


There are two types of Iskanders. The 9K723 Iskander-M that is now deployed in Russia and the 9K720 Iskander-E that is for export. The former’s range is of 450-500 km and the latter is of 280 km because of the MTCR limits. The Iskander has been equipped with a new and more modern highly accurate propellant of a short-range ballistic missile with a range of 500 km (310.685) miles. Its accuracy is now averaging of 10 meters or better. Each Iskander operational battalions has two TEL reload vehicles, two command and control vehicles and a crew. Russia has created missile brigades for each system-this is new for Russia. (Each brigade ideally-in the future– will have 3 missile battalions, with 12 TELs and 12 transporter-load vehicles with a total of 48 ballistic missiles). The state tests for Iskander were done in 2004 and the battalions were formed and put into service by the end of 2007.


The Iskander’s accuracy is now averaging of 10 meters or better. Its high velocity allows the missile to penetrate antimissile defenses. It can fly low and make evasive maneuvers in order to prevent interception by surface air missiles. It has conventional warhead options and more recently Russia has been toying with adding a nuclear warhead (but not officially). According to the evidence presented here, the Iskander missile maybe developing into a “deterrent”/answer to the United States Missile Defense Shield. The evidence also prove that Russia “unofficially” has indeed been toying with the idea of adding a nuclear warhead to the Iskander missile. I speculate, that Russia, possibly has some sort of long range ballistic missile plans for the Iskander missile. Secretive “Cold War” arising?


There are already 5 Iskander Missile Brigades in service and stationed across Russia. 26th – Luga, near St. Petersburg (in training and implementation stage) 92nd – in Kamenka, near Penza/Volga-Urals (done with training and implementation) 103rd – in Ulan-Ude, in Siberia (in training and implementation stage) 107th in Semistochni, near Birobidzhan/Far East (done with training and almost done with implementation) 114th in Znamensk, near Astrakhan in the Northern Caucasus. (in training and implementation stage) These are the brigades that did have the Tochka and Tochka-U. The 92nd and 107th were the first to get it and the 26th, 103rd and 114th are still currently being implemented and trained but should be completed by the end of 2011. Note that this does not include a Brigade in Kaliningrad, the two from Moscow district or the other Northern Caucasus brigades. These will have to wait until after the first 5 brigades are ready, trained and implemented. Also, the Kaliningrad decision is highly political, since it could reach into Germany or take out any American bmd (Ballistic Missile Defense) system. If the R-500 system were ever implemented, it would be able to take out targets all across Europe with highly precise accuracy-again, a political decision. The 630th Iskander Brigade – which trains the other Brigades – took part in the Russia-Georgia war. [LG: he wouldn't go further into how the Iskander was or the other missiles the Brigade uses were used in the war..... but I had heard of Iskanders possibly used against Georgian tank battalions in Gori, but never heard confirmation of such.... This seems like partial confirmation to me].


The developers of the Iskander system are toying with further development of its war fighting capabilities, including the integration of the high-precision R-500 subsonic cruise missile. The R-500 is a more conventional version of the old Soviet 3M10 long-range cruise missile with a range of 2600 km, which was put on the Russian nuclear attack subs. These were eliminated also under INF-for now. This testing will be wrapped up by the end of 2009, since it has been successful thus far. After that it is a political decision in whether to put it into service, though 6 missiles with the R-500s are already ready to be implemented So at present everything that Russia has “implemented” falls under INF-but that seems to be a short time issue at present, which is why Russia is playing with the options. By the time 2015 rolls around, 60 Iskanders will have been produced and implemented.


The evidence provided in the email reveal Kaliningrad decision is purely political due to the fact that it could reach targets in Germany. Kaliningrad is also political decision due to the fact that the Iskander missile can destroy any American Ballistic Missile Defense System. Proof positive that Russia is working on a defense system, courtesy of the developers of the Iskander, to defend against any threat by the United States via the US Ballistic Missile Defense System. Further information for research on the United States Ballistic Missile Defense System can be found here and here. The email also “unofficially” confirms that Iskander missiles were possibly used against Georgian tank battalions in Gori. History of the Georgian Armed Forces and War can be found here. With the United States bent on implementing a Ballistic Missile Defense System for its allies globally, and with the evidence presented here, there exists a good possibility that a “Secretive Cold War” being played out.


Even with the reduction of nuclear weapons, there exists weapons that can still be just as devastating against humanity. We must continue to educate future generations about these weapons. We must also continue the fight for transparency and anti-corruption. Julian Assange & Wikileaks have provided a useful model to combat corruption through dis-closure and transparency, to educate, ,help end future wars, and possibly save humanity from its destructive self. We can not expect to change the course of history overnight. There is a lot of history to be written. We must write this history without violence. For corrupt governments are looking for any excuse to make this world a global police “state” Civil Dis-Obedience and Violence will play right into the governments hands. Even though you may feel the urge to commit Violence or feel like Civil Dis-Obedience is the only way, please restrain yourself.

Stratfor CEO George Friedman On “Sexual, Financial, Psychological” Control

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Stratfor Emails, published by Wikileaks reveal the bizarre methods of control by none other then their very own CEO George Friedman. Link to email here. The email is dated December 5, 2011. The email is in reply to questions from Reva Bhalla. Reva Bahalla works as an Analyst for Stratfor and was currently working on obtaining information from a “Source” on Venezuela President Hugo Chavez’s health.


What advice is George Friedman going to give to Reva Bhalla on obtaining information from a valuable source? Sent from his I-phone on December 5, 2011 at 9:43am, to Reva Bhalla, George Friedman states: “If this is a source you suspect may have value, you have to take control of him.” What tactics does George Friedman expect Reva Bhalla to use to obtain information from her source? Friedman goes on to state: “Control means financial, sexual or psychological control to the point where he would reveal his sourcing and be tasked” Obviously, Friedman expects Reva to use the art of seduction and possibly go as far as to having sex with her “valuable” sources to reveal their sourcing. Sounds to me like Reva is expected to prostitute herself if the source is valuable enough. Another very interesting and perhaps important statement Friedman made is control via finance. Psychological Control aka Manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the perception of behavior of the source via deceptive abusive tactics.  Both negative and positive social influence would most likely be used to reveal a valuable persons sourcing and be tasked. Friedman then goes on to state the difficulty of this if you are affiliated with an “Intelligence Agency”: “This is difficult to do when you are known to be affiliated with an intelligence organization. The decision on approach would not come from you but from your handler. This is because you’re position is too close to the source and your judgment by definition suspect. Each meeting would be planned between you and your handler and each meeting would have a specific goal not built around discussing the topic of interest which would ideally be hidden but in analyzing him personally and moving toward control. The justification for the op would be specific classes of information and on gaining control the first step would be determining his access. If he failed the test contact would be terminated.” Friedman goes on to state the problems with Analysts and closes with helping Reva understand her core challenge in this case: “The problem of analysts in the field is that they tend to want to discuss the topic, which raises the targets awareness, rather than focus on establishing the control relationship. So from a professional point of view this target knows your affiliation, understands your interests and you have not established any control which is defined as a high confidence in his obedience. So washington is filled with gossip with people whose access is not established. Just laying this out so you understand the core challenge. To be effective your goal is the person and not the subject. Otherwise its gossip which is information that you cannot definitively confirm”


Reva Bhalla replied: “Yes, I have much to learn and I may be just an analyst, but i’m not 100% incapable of evaluating a source i’ve known for a while. I’ve listened to what you’ve told me about reading a source (the Turk with thetwitch.) I figured out what this source’s twitch is in reading his eyes. I’ve gotten much better in evaluating what info to take more seriously and what info to disregard. The info I included below is what I would consider more seriously and seems to check out with what we’ve seen elsewhere.”


In closing Friedman states to Reva: “The problem with analyst sources is they are unqualified. This means that we don’t have clarity on their sources and therefore can’t evaluate accuracy. This could be valuable humint or pure rumint. One of the reasons I want you to execute missions is to learn how to evaluate sources. This is a very difficult art but one you must learn. The gut is to be trusted only after its well trained”.


This email has exposed Stratfor’s underhanded deceptive tactics used to control valuable Sources. None other then George Friedman, CEO of Stratfor is guilty of these underhanded tactics. Going as low and underhanded as to use Sex as a form of control against Sources. One of the most important tactics to understand and think about is Control By Finance. Makes you think what other Companies, Agencies, maybe even Governments are using this same tactic?

Stratfor Emails Expose EU And Covert War Waged By Israel Against Iran

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February 26th, 2012, The Publisher Wikileaks started to publish The Global Intelligence Files. These Intelligence files consist of over 5 million emails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. In the email titled Isreal/Iran Barak Hails Munitions Blast In Iran, reveals a covert war between Israel and Iran. This email also reveals Israel’s largest military partners. Link to emails here. Further information on how Israel can not live with a nuclear Iran can be found here courtesy of Cablegate.


Fred Burton stated in an email on November 14, 2011: “An intelligence agency that secures a single piece of insight that is then corroborated by the infamous OS leads one to believe that either the same source is responsible for both or perhaps there is smoke that indicates a fire? We tend to not believe things unless there is OS. The best intel never see’s the light of day. I’m more circumspect when it is in the OS…unless of course, we planted it. ” This email reveals that Stratfor has been planting “intel” to further certain agendas. Those agenda’s probably being government agenda’s. Fred Burton goes on to state in a separate email dated 11/14/2011: “Guerrilla actions behind enemy lines.” A hint that Israel has waged a covert war against Iran. Fred Burton goes on to state; “Check INSIGHT I posted last week that everyone discounted. How come if its not in OS we nash our teeth? Intelligence agencies exist to have sources. That is what we are.” In reply to Fred Burton, Kamran Bokhari wrote an interesting email that furthers speculation of a covert war waged by Israel against Iran. Kamran Bokhari states: “Penetrating a major military installation and causing a blast is a totally different ballgame. Not saying it can’t happen. But we can’t assume that because they did stuxnet that they are capable of doing this blast as well. It is a huge leap in capabilities.” Could Stuxnet have been used as recruitment in this covert war? Sean Noonan answers this question.


November 14, 2011, Sean Noonan states in an email: “There are enough iranians who have aliyah’d to israel that they could easily train a persian looking, farsi speaking jew to go into Iran for sabotage and not get caught. I don’t know that this is happening nor do I assume that there would not be mistakes, but its very possible to do this undetected. The key is recruiting human agents on the bases. This was clearly done with stuxnet, though it may have been unknowingly.” We now have human agents that have unknowingly become a part of Israels covert war. Later this day, Sean Noonan states in a separate email reveals a second scenario for recruitment: “special operations forces do often move undetected. Don’t think of them as going in on a helicopter, think of them as going in with a group of migrant workers crossing the border. There used to be a lot of jews in Iran, not so much anymore, that’s who I would recruit form.” The scenario/possibility exists that Israeli Special Operations Forces could have already been in Iran.


Further proof of a covert war waged by Israel is revealed in an email by Chris Farnham sdated Novemebr 13, 2001. Chris Farnham states: “I think the info that Fred sent in previously needs to be looked quite seriously here. The insight seems like quite a stretch however it has been put out there for some reason or another and is now playing in to what we are seeing.” The scenario we are clearly witne3ssing today in Iran is a Covert War. The following Insight as revealed provides proof of this covert war waged by Israel as documented by Chris Farnham.

Source below was asked to clarify his remarks that the nuclear infrastructure had been destroyed. Source response: “Israeli commandos in collaboration with Kurd forces destroyed few underground facilities mainly used for the Iranian defense and nuclear research projects.” The “Insight” will now reveal what countries are Israel’s largest Military Partners. Yes the United States is one of those partners but there is two other countries. The “Insight” will also reveal who profits from a conflict between Israel and Iran.


Insight as further documented by Chris Farnham: “Not many people know that Russia is one of Israel’s largest military partners and India is Israel’s largest client. If a direct conflict between Iran and Israel erupts, Russia and Saudi Arabia will gain the advantages on oil increasing prices. On the other hand, China and Europe are expected to loose from an oil crisis as a result of a conflict. Based on Israeli plans, the attack on Iran will last only 48 hours but will be so destructive that Iran will be unable to retaliate or recover and the government will fall. It is hard to believe that Hamas or Hezbollah will try to get involved in this conflict” People now know that Russia and India are Israel’s largest military client’s. As expected Saudi Arabia profits from increasing oil prices due to this conflict. We are now witnessing this happen with gas prices hovering around $4.00 a gallon. Surprisingly Russia also profits from this conflict. “Insight” will now reveal that Israel will most likely not attack Iran since Commandos already destroyed a significant part of the program. Although mainstream media seems to be pushing this scenario. “In the open media many are pushing and expecting Israel to launch a massive attack on Iran. Even if the Israelis have the capabilities and are ready to attack by air, sea and land, there is no need to attack  the nuclear program at this point after the commandos destroyed a significant part of it. If a massive attack on Iran happens soon, then the attack will have political and oil reasons and not nuclear. It is also very hard to believe that the Israelis will initiate an attack unless they act as a contractor for other nations or if Iran or its proxies attack first”  Now for a final, surprising revelation:


11/7/11 Chris Farnham states in an email: “Ah, what? Israel has already destroyed the Iranian prog/infra and this is all being engineered by Europeans so people forget about the economy crisis?! Why is that we see the vast majority of the increase in pressure coming from Israel (I mean straight from people’s mouths) and from the US (Such as Albright in the WaPo)? Would anyone actually accept that this could let the Europeans forget about the Euro crisis, something they have been experiencing every day for over a year?! Do we attribute any credibility to this item at all? I don’t even see what possible disinfo purposes this could serve.” This is indeed very interesting. This whole Israel VS Iran, being played out by mainstream media is just a diversion used by the EU to distract from its own economic troubles/collapse. Talk about “Wag The Dog”

Later this day, Benjamin Preisler responded in an email: “Source was asked what he thought of reports that the Israelis were preparing a military offensive against Iran?

Response from Source: “I think this is a diversion. The Israelis already destroyed all the Iranian nuclear infrastructure on the ground weeks ago. The current “let’s bomb Iran” campaign was ordered by the EU leaders to divert the public attention from their at home financial problems. It plays also well for the US since Pakistan, Russia and N. Korea are mentioned in the report.”


These emails have exposed/revealed that Stratfor has in the past, present, “planted” Intelligence. Emails have also exposed the European Union attempt attempt at distraction via the “Lets Bomb Iran Campaign”. The “Lets Bomb Iran Campaign” is also being played out with the assistance of Mainstream Media and the United States Government. The emails confirm what we have suspected all along and that is Israel waging a Covert War against Iran. Yet again it is about profit via oil. As long as this “Crisis” persists Saudi Arabia and the Oil Companies/Corporations will make a hefty profit at our expense.

Governments, in cooperation with the assistance of “Global Intelligence”  and Security companies, are carrying out their Agenda’s Of Corruption. Governments are also using mainstream media to help advance these agenda’s via dis-information and “Wag The Dog” story lines. Indeed the Oscar for the Best Picture Of 2012 is shared by the governments of the US, Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the European Union.


“The world is a cess pool of dis-information and corruption and that is why we need Wikileaks and Journalist such as Julian Assange”

Special thank you:

To Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Christine Assange for Inspiration and Courage to report on the truth that is revealed



Analysis: 1998 Diplomatic Cable Published By Wikileaks Reveals Pre-9/11 Intel Received By US Govt Addressing Terrorist Threat By Bin Laden: Issue Raised With New York (United Nations)

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(photo: #9, flickr)

(photo: #9, flickr)

1998 Diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks reveals three years before the events of 9/11, the US government received intelligence about a Terrorist Threat from Usama Bin Laden. This intelligence was later shared with New York. The cable was created by Madeline Albright. Madeline Albright was the United States Secretary Of State from January 23, 1997 to January 20, 2001. She served under then President Bill Clinton. The subject of the cable was, approach to EU on Taliban support for Usama Bin Laden. Although the most common spelling is Taliban, in the cable Taliban is spelled Taleban. Further information, history, biography, of the Taliban can be found here. After the September 11, 2001 Terrorist attacks against the US, in New York and Washington DC, the Taliban were overthrown by Operation Enduring Freedom also known as the Afghanistan War.

1998, the US was concerned with a so called Fatwa issued by Terrorist Usama Bin Laden. A Fatwa is a Islamic religious ruling, a scholarly opinion on a matter of Islamic law. This so-called Fatwa issued by Usama Bin Laden called called on all Muslims to kill Americans. Albright then states in the cable, “We have raised this issue with the Taliban both in Kabul and in New York (United Nation)” Albright further states, “We are confident EU members share this concern“. “We believe there is merit in the Taliban realizing this concern is not limited to the U.S.” Posts are requested to draw from the talking points and convey them to the appropriate host countries a.s.a.p.

Brief Documentary On Evidence Against Usama Bin Laden And The Taliban:

In 1996 Bin Laden left Sudan an made his headquarters in Afghanistan. The Taliban assumed host to Terrorist Usama Bin Laden via consolidating control of southern Afghanistan. The Taliban pledge to shut down camps but would soon renege on this pledge. At this time, the Taliban also took control of a number of Terrorist training camps. The U.S. also wanted the Taliban to expel Bin Laden. The Taliban would not co-operate with the U.S. in their demands to expel Bin Laden but instead stated they would “Control” Bin Laden. U.S. officials wanted action taken by the Taliban against Bin Laden for his self styled Fatwa urging Muslims to attack U.S. interests, including civilians, and the interests of countries allied with the U.S. Taliban Officials refused demands from the U.S. against Bin Laden. Terrorist training camps continued to operate in Taliban controlled areas. Operation of these camps are as follows: Free passage to Islamic Extremists is allowed to a from these facilities via Taleban facilitation. In 1997, Bin Laden visited camps near Knowst in eastern Afghanistan. During Bin Laden’s visit to these camps, he issued public anti-U.S. statements. These statements were a warning that Bin Laden would not stop hsi struggles until he had expelled all Americans from Saudi Arabia. The U.S. had evidence that senior Taliban Leaders were in close contact with Usama Bin Laden. The evidence presented itself in Bin Laden’s financing of a large residential compound adjacent to the provincial Governor’s house in Qandahar in 1997. As long as Bin laden is a quest in Qandahar, the Taliban must share responsibility for his inflammatory remarks and Terrorist actions.

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Wikileaks: Secret Diplomatic Cable Spurs Analysis Of Saudi Arabia’s Role In The 9/11 Terror Attacks

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Alot of questions have been asked about the events that took place on 9/11/2001. Still, alot of questions remain unanswered about these events that took place. September 12, 2001, Secretary Of State, Colin Powell created a Secret Diplomatic Cable providing insight into the events that took place on 9/11/2001. The Wikileaks cable also spurs further analysis into the Saudis role of 9/11. Could the evidence reveal that it was Saudi Arabia behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks all along? A further analysis will answer this very important question.


September 11, 2001, the day America was attacked by Terrorists. Their weapon would be passenger airliners. Two hijacked planes flew into the World Trade Center towers in New York City. Soon afterwards the towers would collapse. Another plane would crash into the Pentagon. The combined casualties from these attacks were 2996. September 12, 2001 the DIA(Defense Intelligence Agency) released a Defense Terrorism Warning Report, advising that the four terrorist attacks that took place the day before maybe the first four in a series of 30 planned attacks on US interests worldwide. These later attacks would not take place. The Attorney General created a website, Http:// (No longer available), where the public could submit any tips/investigative leads. Federal Offices in the Washington area would open without delay and operate under an unscheduled/liberal leave policy. The Department Of Defense denied press reports of up to 800 dead at the Pentagon but did not release any casualty information.

In a surprising move, the Department Of Justice, authorized the Department to release manifests of the hijacked aircraft to foreign governments. I often wondered why sensitive information was released even before an investigation into the attacks. Later this day, FBI and DS were investigating the identities of five Arab passengers listed on the manifests of flight 175. Massachusetts Authorities reportedly seized a rental car at Logan International Airport. Authorities discovered in the car, Arabic – language flight training manuals Discovered also were two of the passengers held passports issued by the United Arab Emirates. One of the passengers turned out to be a trained pilot. We know know that these two passengers were pilot/hijacker Marwan Al-Shehhi and hijacker Fayez Banihammad (United Arab Emirati al-Qaeda members). Even in the wake of tragedy, money matters. On this day, Investors, seeking a safe haven for their money, drove up prices for US treasury bonds, gold, oil, and industrial metals.

John Howard, Australia’s Prime Minister at the time was in Washington DC at the time of the attacks. John Howard was one of the first to support George W. Bush in the worlds first War On Terrorism. Former US President Bill Clinton, extended his stay in Australia until September 14th. Palestinian Security Forces put down sporadic street celebrations following news of the US attacks. There have been no new demonstrations related to theses attacks, on this day, in Gaza or the West Bank. Arafat decided to delay a two day visit to Syria. Jordanian King Abdullah, was on a plane en route to the US when he decided to turn around and return to Jordan. Iran, labeled as one of the “Axis Of Evil” by George W. Bush condemned the terrorist attacks. Syria also announced condemnation of the terrorist attacks.Pakistani President Musharraf sent a letter to the President condemning the attack and offering condolences. Ambassador Chamberlain received Assurances from Musharraf that his countries full Intelligence Services are at the United States disposal. In the wake of the September 11th attacks there were numerous nations that offered disaster assistance to the US. The US claimed they had sufficient resources at the time and offered thanks to the nations that wanted to help. It does seem likely that the US did agree to assistance from the Israeli and Belgian relief teams since they were both notified they should not depart for the US until further notice. What country was the real “mastermind” behind 9/11? What country was the “muscle” behind 9/11? What role did the Saudi’s play in all of this? A further analysis of Saudi Arabia will answer these important questions.


Islamic Views, printed by the Saudi Government’s Armed Forces Printing Press, teaches Jihad was “an answer for certain religions and liars”. “Teach our children to love taking revenge on the oppressors, and teach them that our youngsters will liberate”. Saudi nationals have been leading the charge for global jihad against the United States. A survey taken in October 2001 by Saudi Intelligence, confirms that 95% approved of Osama Bin Laden and his agenda. The Bible is banned in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government has both desecrated and burned Bibles confiscated by it’s security forces and during raids on Christians worshiping privately. If a person is caught with a Bible is Saudi Arabia they maybe killed, arrested, or deported. In September 1993, Sadeq Mallallah was beheaded for owning a Bible. He was only 23 years old. Over 400,000 websites have been blocked by the Saudi government. Also the Saudi Government censors, redacts, tears out any material deemed offensive from magazines, books, & newspapers that make it into the Saudi Kingdom. Judging by the evidence so far, the Saudi Arabian government is an Oppressive, Totalitarian government. Saudi Arabia uses “Flogging” to punish people. Flogging weapons consist of wooden rods and metal cables that cause excruciating suffering and pain. No other Islamic nation in the world imposes such punishment. Now for the evidence that suggests it was Saudi Arabia along with Al-Qaeda that carried out the 9/11 attacks.


Human rights groups and Watchdogs have found proof in Saudi text books of the teaching of Jihad and the praise of Mujahideen(Holy Warriors) who volunteer to wage Jihad around the globe. 1979, Osama Bin Laden went to Afghanistan, formed the Mujahideen and fouggt against and won the war against the Soviets. Ironically the US supported the Mujahideen via CIA operation Operation Cyclone and was later celebrated by the US for his victory against the Soviets. Osama Bin Laden and his Mujahideen became known to the US as “Freedom Fighters”. Osama Bin Laden was also devote Wahhabi Muslim. Wahhabism is the dominate form of Islam in Saudi Arabia. All 19 September 11th hijackers were followers of Wahhabi. The goals of Wahhabism are the destruction of their enemies(Infidels) and global domination. Wahhabism mostly indoctrinates young people with a hatred of certain religious sects. The main themes of the Wahhabi religious instruction, which has been propogated by the highest religious authorities in Saudi Arabia, are “the Infidels as the enemy” and “war is a religion”. In Summary, Wahhabism indoctrinates with a hatred of traditional Muslims, Jews, and Christians. With the United States motto being “In God We Trust” and a majority of the population, govt Christian, the US would have been considered an “Infidel” by Saudi Arabia. Yet Osama Bin Laden did not turn down the monetary support of the “Infidel’s” in 1979. Could Saudi Arabian govt. and the Wahhabi’s launch a plan that would be a devastating blow to the US “Infidels”?


Osama Bin Laden was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He was the son of Mohammed bin Awad bid Laden, a billionaire construction magnate with close ties to the Royal Saudi Family. Bin Laden was raised as a devout Wahhabi. In 1979, Bin Laden joined the fight in Afghanistan against the Soviets. During this time training camps were setup by the late Abu Ebeida El-Banashiri for Bin Ladens Mujahdeen. These camps were then dubbed Al-Qaeda. Thus it would be likely that Saudi Arabia/Saudi Wahhabist’s would help support, build, finance these camps. August 2nd, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. Shortly afterwards the Saudi Monarchy invited US troop deployment in Saudi territory. Meanwhile Osama Bin Ladens offer to defend Saudi Arabia with the Mujahideen was denied. The Soviets have always been a super power and Bin Laden and the Mujahideen defeated the Soviets. Surely victory would be guaranteed against the lesser Iraqi army? This caused Osama Bin Laden to denounce Saudi Arabia’s reliance on the US military. 1992, the Saudis would vanish Bin Laden for publicly speaking against the Saudi government for harboring US troops while his family is allowed to stay. It would not have bode well for the Wahhabist having a Western “Super Power” “Occupying” their country. Further evidence will soon show, the Saudi government curriculum taught in Saudi Arabian schools, did indeed teach jihad. Saudi dissident Al al-Ahamed once stated to Frontline “The hijackers (9/11) they studied this destructive thinking in Saudi Arabia. Government curriculum inspired what happened in New York”. Badria bin Abdallah al-Bishr, lecturer at King Saud University, stated her 5th grader was taught that Bin Laden is a hero in her school. She also stated, her 3rd grader was instructed to draw a picture of 2 airplanes crashing into the world trade center towers. CIA veteran Robert Baer stated “The Kingdom’s secondary schools have become the West Point of global terrorism” Another CIA official admits that it was not only Bin Laden but also the teachings of the Saudi’s. Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit stated: “Bin Laden is indeed the poster boy of Saudi Arabia’s educational system”. Bin Laden confirmed this himeself when he stated in an 1998 interview: “Ever since I was a boy, I have had a hatred towrds America”. Michael Scheuer also stated, if Bin Laden wre captured tomorrow it will only be a matter of time before another pupil rises to the head of the class. This is damning evidence by a member of the CIA against Saudi Arabia. Damning evidence also exists after the 9/11 attack, in Saudi Arabia. Evidence will now show how the discreet Saudi’s, aka “Elite” celebrated 9/11. From PBS Frontline news program, this is Saudi dissident Dr, Saad al-Faqih account of what occurred after the attacks among the more discreet people/officials of Saudi Arabia. People received a text of congratulations and our prayers are with Bin Laden on their mobile phones. People killed sheep and camels for big feasts to celebrate the big event in America. When Saudi Prince Alwaleed met then New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for a tour of “Ground Zero”, Prince Alwaleed seemed unaffected by the site and what happened and even had a “Smirk” on his face. Saudi Prince Alwaleed knew damn well that 9/11 was the result of the Saudi’s.

In closing, Saudi Arabian government were the masterminds of 9/11 and Al-Qaeda were the muscle. 9/11 was one of the biggest “blindsides” in history and one of the most tragic, cold blooded, cowardly acts in history. Yet the “Masterminds” would remain free while the “Muscle” would suffer the consequences. Why? you ask. Simple, oil is thicker then blood and Saudi Arabia controls the worlds majority of oil.

Special thanks to and for further research Wikileaks, A Second Look At The Saudi Cause And Effect(PDF), Infoplease,, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia(Article 9/11, Article Al-Qaeda, Article Osama Bin Laden) PBS Frontline

Analysis: Breaking: Ruler Of Bahrain Shaikh Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa Involvement With/Ties To Terrorists And Osama Bin Laden

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A Guantanamo file published by the publisher Wikileaks has exposed Terrorists within the Bahrain Government/Royal Family. The evidence also exposes King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa link/relationship to these Terrorists and also an indirect link Osama Bin Laden. As evidence will show, money from the US Government received by Bahrain has been recieved by the former Taliban Embassy in Pakistan.

The file is dated May 13, 2005. The reference name of the detainee is Suleiman Al Khalifa. Born July 24, 1979, Muharraq, Bahrain. Detainee’s health status is good health, no known allergies, and is not on any medications, no travel restrictions. He is assessed as a possible Jihadist. Suleiman Al Khalifa’s statements will expose the hidden truth within the Bahrain government. One country that continues to support Bahrain is  the Unite States Of America.

I will now explore Suleiman Al Khalifa’s prior history. Suleiman Al Khalifa holds the title of Sheikh (Elder). He is a Prince in the Royal Bahraini family. Suleiman Al Khalifa is related to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the current ruler of Bahrain through a shared great grandfather. Suleiman Al Khalifa graduated high school in 1999. From September 1999 to April 2000 he attended a college in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He studied religion during this period. From March 7th to May 27, 2001, Suleiman Al Khalifa spent some brief time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before traveling to Cairo, Egypt. This would begin Suleiman Al Khalifa’s journey to being recruited by the Taliban. The evidence clearly shows the undeniable link to Al-Qaida and terrorism within the Bahrain government. Yet the United States continue to support this government.

Suleiman Al Khalifa contacted his father about his plans and travel to Afghanistan. Afghanistan at this time was ruled by the Taliban Government. His father the wired him $5000 USD . May 28, 2001 Khalifa traveled from Cairo Egypt to Islamabad Pakistan. Khalifa then met with and paid $5,000 USD to the Taliban officials at the Taliban Embassy. When converted to the Afghani/Taliban Currency, $5000 USD equals $32,000,000 AFA. Info. on the AFA here. Embassy officials assigned Muhammad Rusal as Khalifa’s guide. MAy 30, 2001 Khalifa and Rusal traveled Kandahar Afghanistan and met Muhammad Yuqub. Yuqub then took responsibility for Khalifa. Khalifa and Yuqub stayed at a Taliban guest house for one night. Khalifa arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan on June 5th, 2001 and stayed at another undisclosed Taliban guest house. A portion of the  money received by the Bahrain government from the United States, has been used to fund the Taliban. It is also interesting, the Bahrain governments links/involvement, support of the Taliban prior to 9/11. Most interesting is, documentation of Khalifa’s stay in Kabul will expose an indirect link to Khalifa’s association with Osama Bin Laden.

As the war in Afghanistan aka (Operation Enduring Freedom), Oct 7, 2001, neared Kabul, Khalifa decided to return home. Khalifa fled with Muhammad Abdullah, whom he believed was a member of Al-Qaida. They arrived in Khowst, Afghanistan. Khalifa then met Jalaluddin Haqqani, the Taliban Commander of Khowst. Jalaluddin Haqqani provided Khalifa a place to stay. Khalifa left Khowst and crossed the Pakistan boarder, Soon afterward Khalifa was captured and turned over to US forces.

At Guantanamo, Khalifa admitted to Mohammad Basardah that he was a fighter in Khandahar, Afghanistan when the bombing began. Khalifa also admitted to past ties with Al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya a tier 2 terrorist organization. Khalifa has not provided any details regarding this affiliation. The final revelation is Suleiman Al Khalifa is related to Abdullah Al-Noaimi, an admitted member of the Taliban/Al-Qaida network. Abdullah Al-Noaimi is also the son of a Bahrain Royal court member. Khalifa and Al-Noaimi are considered to be cousins.

Summary Of Evidence: Shaikh Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, Bahrain Government/Royal Family Involvement/Ties With The Taliban And Osama Bin Laden:

Suleiman Al Khalifa hold the title of Sheikh and is a Prince in the Bahraini Royal Family. His cousin, Abdullah Al-Noaimi, is the son of a Bahrain Royal Court Member and and admitted member of the Taliban/Al-Qaida network. Suleiman Al Khalifa is related to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa(Current ruler of Bahrain) through a shared great grandfather. Suleiman Al Khalifa father wired him $5,000 in United States Funds which Khalifa paid to the Taliban Embassy in Pakistan. Suleiman Al Khalifa, at Guantanamo, admitted to Mohammad Basardah that he was a Fighter in Afghanistan. He also admitted to previous ties with the Terrorist group Al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya. Jalaluddin Haqqani, Taliban Commander of Khowst provided Suleiman Al Khalifa a place to stay as he was attempting to leave Afghanistan. Now for the most important piece of evidence: At Khandahar, Suleiman Al Khalifa met with Abu Hafs Al-Mauritanian, Osma Bin Laden’s Spiritual Advisor. The evidence speaks for itself.

Again, the evidence from this Guantanamo file published by the publisher Wikileaks, exposes the Bahraini Governments Link, Involvement, Ties to the Taliban, Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden.

Special Thanks to Wikileaks, Wikipedia, & The Free Dictionary By Farlex

A True Patriot’s Sacrifice For Freedom: In Honor Of Bradley Manning’s 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

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“When a Government misleads its Citizens via Lies, Fear, and Mainstream Media, to slowly take away freedoms and push their own agenda, Citizens will remain in a “Slave” like state. Oblivious to the truth”. (AOT)

This is a Tribute to one of Americas and Britain’s Finest. The story of one mans Courageous act and sacrifice to not only protect our Freedom but rather to protect Freedom globally. His name is Bradley Manning.

What is the definition of a Patriot? Some define Patriot as a person who loves, supports, defends their country & its interests with devotion. While this is the most popular definition, people often forget the second definition. Patriot – A person who regards themselves as a defender of individual rights. Bradley Manning is such a Patriot and perhaps the last of the True Patriots. Bradley Manning made a sacrifice not only for our individual rights but also for our very freedoms that we enjoy that are slowly being taken away by government. First, a brief background on Bradley Manning.

Bradley Manning was born December 17, 1987 in Crescent Oklahoma. Crescents population as of 2009 is 1,431 with an estimated per capita income of 15,735 & median household income as of 2009 $28,799. Crescent was a small town and families probably did and still do struggle financially. Bradley attended Tasker Milward School in Haverfordwest, Whales. Somethings Brad was good at were science, saxophone, and computer games. I was pretty good at computer games myself and briefly played trumpet. Bradleys fascination with the army dates back to his elementary school days. His dad spent 5 years in the navy. I can remember having an interest in the military in Junior High School. I can relate. Bradley had his share of family problems which, unfortunately are all to common in today’s society. I am sure many of us can relate to that. Bradley was never afraid to speak up about anything. Teachers would often argue with him because their closed minded views kept them from finding common ground on subjects. Sadly, Bradley was often bullied in school yet he displayed  alot of strength, endurance, patience, and restraint. Alot of time, Bradley spent lunch time at the computer club building his own website. Although it was Mark Zuckerberg who was credited with Facebook, it was Bradley who first came up with the idea and created a primitive Social Networking site. As you can tell, Bradley had to grow up fast. Unfortunately alot of youths in the world today have to grow up fast. After Bradley returned to the states, he went through some difficulty and had to live in his car for a time. This turn of events did not discourage Bradley. Sure he was down temporarily, but he brushed himself off and got right back up. Finally he moved to Potomac, Maryland to live with his aunt. Bradleys road to Sacrifice For Freedom started in Oct 2007

October 2007, Bradley decided to enlist in the Army. After basic training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, Bradley moved to Fort Huachuca, Arizona, in 2008 to train as an Intelligence Analyst. That must have been a big change. Moving from Missouri to the Desert Southwest. An area I am very familiar with. What the US Military failed to realize was that Bradley could not be “Brainwashed” by them. Bradley was always one to voice his opinion and question. He was an Advocate for Truth. Bradley was later reprimanded for posting messages to friends that contained possible sensitive information. August 2008, Bradley was sent to Fort Drum, Jefferson County, New York, to await deployment to Hell. Hell in the case being Iraq. Bradley would soon find out that Hell hath no Fury like that of the US War Machine. Fall of 2008 something wonderful and positive would happen in Bradleys life. Bradley would find his first true love. Brings back memories about my first love! Tyler Watkins was Bradleys first true, serious, relationship. Watkins was studying neuroscience and psychology at Brandeis University near Boston. That’s amore! Yes, the future was finally bright for Bradley! Then 2009, Bradley made the Ultimate Sacrifice to Preserve Our Freedom.

In 2009, Bradley was finally deployed to Iraq. I can only imagine the shock when Bradley first arrived in Iraq. Bradley worked for the 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 10th Mountain Division. He was stationed at Forward Operating Base near Baghdad. I can only imagine the stories of the war he heard during his short time in Iraq. There was no other word to describe Iraq then Hell. I am sure his Brigade used to talk about how they were defending freedom, fighting terror, how many “kills” Soldiers had. Needless to say, I am sure Soldiers in his Brigade would not take to kindly to someone having a different opinion about the War or what was going on. After all they were part of the mighty US War Machine that was protecting the world from Terrorism and helping to remove a Dictator in the name of Democracy. But there was a hidden truth, a secret yet to be revealed. Bradleys eyes began to open to the truth hidden behind what the Mainstream Media was reporting. Then one day, something happened and Bradley was reprimanded for assaulting another officer. My guess would be that the officer involved disrespected or threatened Bradley. After all you do not speak out against the war or US government without repercussion. Bradley began to think. He had a feeling something about this war was so very wrong. It was not about toppling a Dictator for a foreign countries freedom. It was not about defending against Terrorist. Although the government and media used the Terrorism/Fear card followed by the Weapons of Mass Destruction card to mislead not only the American people, but people globally. Then one day Bradley came across a video. At first Bradley thought it was no big deal, then as he thought about it and went over the images of this video in his mind,  there was something criminal about it. This video weighed heavily on Bradleys conscience. I am sure he even lost sleep over it. Bradley Manning had discovered a video depicting a War Crime. Innocent Iraqi civilians were slaughtered, gunned down in cold blood, brutally murdered and innocent children in a van left to die from gun shot wounds courtesy the Us military. Bradley started thinking, Why the hell am I fighting this fight for the US War Machine? Who the hell am I going to tell about this? Bradley knew now that the truth had to be told. Bradley knew the US government was misleading not only their citizens but people globally and using mainstream media also to depict and verify the lies. Bradley Manning would now make a Sacrifice for our Freedom.

You maybe wondering how Bradley Manning Sacrificed for Our Freedom? Here is the answer: When a Government misleads its Citizens via Lies, Fear, and Mainstream Media to slowly take away freedoms and push their own agenda, Citizens will remain in a “Slave” like state. Oblivious to the truth.This is what was happening in the US Government. With his conscience weighing heavily, Bradley Manning would not take part in this. Thus began Bradleys quest and sacrifice to reveal the truth.

The US Military already was hard at work trying to discredit Bradley. They wanted him out of Iraq and out of the Military  and quickly. After all the US Military did not want the world to know that they had taken over the “Terrorist” role in Iraq. Most of the Soldiers either feared repercussion or were Us military puppets. Military puppets are soldiers who join for the thrill of killing innocent people. They are also the soldiers who are brainwashed/programmed by the military to be “Killers Without Conscience”. This was not Bradley. Bradley had a conscience and a heart filled with caring and love for others. He could never harm/kill innocent women, children, civilians. It took alot of strength and courage from Bradley to resist the demands/rules of the Us war machine. The military labeled Bradley as Adjustment Disorder. The military also turned their back on Bradley when he reported a corruption trial to his commanding officer. His commanding officer did not want to hear anything about this revelation. These revelations stemmed from 15 detainees who were detained for a scholarly critique of the Iraqi Prime Minister. Hmm isn’t this the same man George Bush favored for Iraq?  Then again part of his commanding officers job was to protect the US war machines agenda at any cost. To me a very cowardly decision/act by Bradleys commanding officer. Bradley was at a crossroads. Who do you turn to about a Cold Blooded, Senseless War Crime committed by the very country you are serving? The military was already plotting against Bradley even before he discovered the video. In the end with the military against Bradley and the break up of his relationship, it was as though Bradley only had himself to depend on.

“Blowing The Whistle On A War Crime Is Not A Crime” Courage To Resist. May 26, 2010, the day Bradley Manning lost his freedom for Us. On this day Bradley Manning was arrested. There were several violations, transferring classified data onto his personal computer, adding unauthorized software to a classified computer system in connection with the leak of a video of a helicopter attack in Iraq in 2007. communicating, transmitting and delivering national defense information to an unauthorized source and disclosing unauthorized information concerning national defense with reason to believe that the info could cause injury to the US. As I stated before, the US Military was hell bent of destroying Bradley since Bradleys first reprimand. The military knew Bradley was not like the other members of their War Machine. Bradley has a conscious and a heart and would never be apart of the US War Machine. Bradley was immune to all the tactics of the US military. Since Bradleys arrest, the US military’s prime objective besides the Occupation of Iraq & covering up their War Crimes in Iraq is torturing, humiliating, and total destruction of Bradley Manning.

Bradley Manning is still imprisoned and remains strong. September 28, 2011, Bradley Manning was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. We will continue to fight for Bradley Manning’s Freedom as he has fought for, and paid the ultimate price for our Freedom and Freedom Globally.

Special Thanks to and for further research: WL, Courage To Resist, Bradley ManningWikipedia, Save Bradley Manning, @SaveBradley on Twitter, and Collateral Murder.




War Crimes By The US War Machine; Children Pay The Ultimate Price

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2003, the year of the beginning of one of the most controversial wars ever that would last almost a decade. 2003 began the US invasion of Iraq. Some history of the War found here.  We have heard mostly of War Crimes committed by third world countries. Alot of times you fail to realize that your own Government is committing those same crimes. This is mostly due to the Governments being “Shrouded” in secrecy. One of the most shocking accounts of war crimes involving children come from Haditha, Iraq.

Haditha, Iraq 2005, children playing, talking, having fun with other children. There were a group of women watching and interacting with the children. Everyone was having a great time! This was a day, when in a time of war, it was like a time of peace and celebration. Little did anyone suspect that a US Marine, the same US Marines that were suppose to protect civilians/children of Iraq, was receiving an order to massacre a room full of innocent Iraqi women and children. Those women and children are the same women and children I just mentioned. This was to be a cold blooded, cold hearted killing, in response to a roadside bomb. Innocent women and children having fun, soon to be executed by the US War Machine for a crime they had no knowledge or part of.

The shoot to kill order was given to US Marines by their cold blooded, Commanders. These Commanders were obviously Natural Born Killing Machines, the type the US War Machine loves to recruit, no feelings, no regard for human life, ice in their veins. These women and children, without any knowledge of what is to come, are now happily enjoying the last hours of their lives. These children may have been the future leaders of their country. They will never get to experience all the good things in life, your first love, times with family and friends, good education, career, marriage, children of their own, becoming grandparents. All this taken away from them by the cold blooded US War Machine. The Soldier who was to commit this unthinkable war crime was Marine, Lance Humberto Mendoza. Surely, when Mendoza got enlisted in the Armed Forces, he probably though he would be defending Freedom, Fighting the Terrorists, Protecting Innocent Civilians and Children.

The thought of committing a War Crime never entered his mind. He was a person who could never kill an innocent person or child. As we know, the mighty US War Machine will train you to be a natural born killer. If you are a person with a conscious, they will try to erase that. If you have a heart, they will harden it. Mendoza was a Soldier with the Courage To Resist. He would not be “programmed” to kill by the US War Machine. Back at the house, there were now 5 children and 2 adults. This is the scene Mendoza witnessed when he opened the door. Then came the order to “Kill them all” from Lt Colonel Sean Sullivan. Mendoza refused to be a part of this cold blooded massacre and left. That was the last time Mendoza saw these innocent, scared, precious children & the 2 adults alive.

I could just imagine the scene. Two adults running to protect the children, the children huddled together, scared crying. First the two adults get shot, the children scream, tears running down their face, trembling with the M16 machine guns pointed at them. Then the shots ring out. How could anyone with the slightest bit of a conscious do this? How can anyone with a heart gun down with M16 machine guns innocent children? This is the US War Machine and this is what they are trained to do. More info. is available here to verify this article. These War Crimes must be prosecuted. There must be closure and justice for the Victims of these War Crimes. Most Important the US War Machine must be held accountable.

Other reports state, 1,000′s of innocent children have been abused, imprisoned, raped, even tortured. There is one account of a 12 year old girl, imprisoned at Abu Ghraib. Imagine being an innocent 12 year old girl imprisoned with all types of criminals. Everyday this girl was probably the target of a criminals verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. Imagine being in this girls shoes. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I can picture her probably crying for hours everyday.  According to further reports this same girl was stripped naked and beaten.

Imagine, being 12, imprisoned, Guards in camouflage, with guns, walking towards you & most likely ripping your clothes off while you try to resist. Then feeling the excruciating pain of every punch, slap, maybe even hit with their weapon. This child was most likely imprisoned, abused, and tortured to get information from her family. It could also  be for none other reason then she was Iraqi and someone had to pay the price. These horrific crimes were committed by The US War Machine. The very Soldiers enlisted to protect  and serve are now guilty of these horrible, inhumane War Crimes. This is only one child. There are 1,000′s more that fell victim to the US War Machine & it’s Cronies.

Then there is the accounts of what happened in Fallujah. This time future generations are paying the price. April and September 2004, Fallujah was hit hard by The US War Machine Offensives. 1.000′s of innocent civilians lost their lives in Fallujah, among them many women and children. Unconfirmed reports have stated that white phosphorus and depleted uranium were used in these offensives. Fast forward to the present, birth defects in Fallujah have spiked. These are the children of future generations and possibly future leaders. Now there future is uncertain due to the actions of the US War Machine. Further information available here. I also wonder what effects, if any, will the use of these chemicals have on the parents of these children in the future? and also what effects it will have on the Citizens of Iraq overall?

I often wonder how any member of the US Military Personnel, could take aim with M16 machine guns on a group of innocent children? Do they feel anything before they pull the trigger? Do they even care? What really goes through a Soldiers mind as they are killing these children in cold blood? After they pull the trigger, killing everyone in site, do they even feel an ounce of remorse or guilt for the crime they just committed? How the hell do they live with that memory & pictures in their mind the rest of their lives?

Why the hell didn’t anyone step-up and stop these inhumane acts? The Soldiers need to wake up and realize, that this war was not about defending freedom, making the world safer, terrorism, removal of a Dictator, it was about pushing a political agenda on an unsuspecting country, rich in oil. The Soldiers and the Military Personnel who authorized these inhumane crimes must be held accountable and brought to justice. Sadly, 95+% of these crimes will never be prosecuted. These children have paid the Ultimate Price and for what? This is not Patriotism, this is cold blooded, cowardly, crimes against humanity. Makes you ponder, who the real “terrorists” are. More info on Iraq War here. What did the children of Iraq/Afghanistan learn for the US War Machine? This following pic will show you what they have learned:

We shall never forget the War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan committed by the US Military. We will not cease seeking justice for the Families of Iraq and Afghanistan who’s lives are forever changed, saddened, by the actions of the US Military. We will not cease seeking justice for these War Crimes. Hopefully more Soldiers will come forward and tell their stories without fear of repercussion or punishment from the US Military and Government.

In Loving Memory of all the Children & Civilians that have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Analysis: Evidence Of Illegal Use Of White Phosphorus in Fallujah, Iraq And US Soldiers Desecration Of Iraqi Corps Obtained By Association Of Truth

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There has been much speculation over the use of White Phosphorus in Fallujah, Iraq during the US invasion, November 2004, code named Operation Phantom Fury. There has also been speculation over US Soldiers inappropriate behavior. Inspired by Julian Assange, Wikileaks, the Iraq War Logs, and Collateral Murder, I started an investigation to help get the truth out about this illegal war. Countless hours, days and weeks were put into this investigation.

Finally, I’ve achieved success! I found  a US soldiers blog that proves White Phosphorus was indeed used in Fallujah. The blog also documents the use of High Energy Explosives(HE) in Fallujah.That blog also reveals an account of a US Soldiers defilement of a dead Iraqi Insurgent. The blogger is Neil Prakash, Tank Platoon Leader in the US Military, and served in Fallujah Iraq. Neil Prakash was also interviewed by CNN in December 2004 about a successful Military Operation in Fallujah that killed 50-70 Iraqi Insurgents and several Leaders. Prakash was skeptical about this interview.

He did not want any damaging info. to get out about him or the Military. Information he failed to release to CNN, he released in his blog. I wonder what CNN’s reaction to the truth would be? Will this investigative article lead to justice or an investigation into the abuses by the US military? Probably not but at least the truth will be revealed. Now that this article is released, I would not be surprised if Neil Prakashs’ blog was to be taken down. Link to blog is here.


I will first begin by exposing a US Soldier that desecrated a dead Iraqi Corpse, who will be known as Red 8 Lima. This event took place Nov 12-13, 2004 in Fallujah. A tank pulls up next to a dead Insurgent on the ground.

“Red 6, this is Red 8. Red 8 Lima wants to bet 20 dollars that he will get on the ground to turn this dead guy (Insurgent) over” Turning the dead guy over means to defile the dead corps.  Next, the Sargent (SGT) of the group gets involved.

“Red 8 Lima, this is Red 6 Gulf. You don’t have a hair on your ass to do it”, SGT P called out.

A high ranking US Military Official, a Leader, instigating/inciting defilement of an Iraqi corpse. Red Lima 8 jumped to the ground. Red Lima 8 then preceded to the dead insurgent, picked up the body, and straddled it. He then pretended to hump/simulate sex with the dead insurgent while standing up. As he was doing this, he  flipped both middle fingers at the corpse. After two more pumps with his hips, he pulled out a camera and preceded to take pictures of the act.  Everyone laughed after that. Here we have a Soldier of the “Great” US Military, straddling a dead insurgent and pretending to hump/have sex with the corpes.

Red Lima 8 could have easily been stopped/restrained by other soldiers in the platoon. Not even SGT P stopped this heinous act. Red Lima 8 was not reprimanded or punished for this act.

“This is 8 Lima. Its cool. I got some great pictures”

But this would not be the only incident of defiling Iraqi corpses.  SGT P spots an RPG standing straight up and down, next to a pack of smokes, and a shoe. Laughing, SGT P stated “Oh shit, look at that! HA! HA!”.

Behind the RPG there was a dead Iraqi Insurgent. A soldier grabbed the binoculars, a noticed the corpses buttocks were missing. The soldier laughed at this. Neil Prakash, who was the platoon leader, stated that they found the scene “terribly amusing”.  Prakash stated he did not want to leave his position because they were just starting to have fun with the dead guy.

The evidence presented here proves US Soldiers were defiling, abusing, disrespecting dead Iraqis. These actions are  sick and psychotic, and will not and should not be tolerated. To think, that these are the same soldiers some children look up to. This is pathetic. These actions should be considered criminal and appropriate action taken. The truth, as stated by a soldier of the US military, in Fallujah, Iraq is finally exposed!


“Pop Smoke when your ready” Neil Prakash called over the platoon net to Staff Sargent T (SSG T) and the Bradley tanks. SSG T ordered everyone to get down in their turrets and close their hatches. SSG T gave an explanation of how dangerous firing smoke grenades can be. Smoke grenades are white phosphorus. Imagine being outdoors, in the area of these smoke bombs when they are launched. You would be burned to death. Now for the proof that white phosphorus (WP) rained down on Fallujah. The citizens of Fallujah had no idea that fire from the sky was about to rain down on them.

I ask you, to think about all the innocent women and children who would be burned to the bone from white phosphorus and the use of high (HE) explosive shells. Think of the cries of the children who are in severe pain and suffering. I can almost hear the children’s cries while writing this article. November 8, 2004 the day Fire fell from the sky onto Fallujah. The following is from  Neil Prakashs account of that day.

“In preparation for the assault, artillery guns dropped white phosphorus or “Willy Pete” on the city. The FA guys later told us this was the newest WP in the way it deployed. As the rounds came in, they burst in the air several hundred feet above the ground. They streaked towards the ground in little “spider trails” burning bright orange. The WP hit the ground, creating a thick, white, smoke screen, but it still burned bright orange on the ground.”

Neil Prakashs’ mention of High Explosives (HE) will now be revealed. Neil Prakash stated:”

I kept turning and cranking my neck to see the HE burn in.”

Prakash then stated:

” God, it must suck to be on the receiving end of that”. This is positive proof that white phosphorus & high explosives were used on Fallujah.

This was the equivalent to Chemical Warfare. The effects of white phosphorus and high explosives are still being felt today in Fallujah. There has been an increasing amount of  birth defects in Fallujah, attributed to the use of chemical weapons used on Fallujah. There has not been any investigation by the US government into the events that unfolded in Fallujah. Again, I ask you to remember all the innocent Iraqi civilians, children maimed/scarred for life, all the Iraqi families affected by this, and all the women with children who have suffered birth defects. I also ask you to remember all the innocent men, women, and children killed in this chemical attack on Fallujah.


The facts reveal the truth about Fallujah and Chemical Weapons used by the US Military. Also the facts reveal abuses by a US Soldier involving desecration of a dead Iraqi Insurgent. This must not be tolerated. Again, I ask all the readers to think about and remember all the Iraqi families, men, women and children affected by the use of these chemical weapons. Think about and remember all the Iraqi children that lost there lives due to the use of chemical weapons.

Children who could have grown up to be future leaders or making the world in general a better place. Think about what you would do if your loved ones lost there lives or were maimed for life by the illegal use of chemical weapons. Now think about what you can do. You can share this article with family, relatives, friends, etc. You can become an Activist and write to your local congress person. You could even write to the White House. The PEOPLE have the power to help stop these War Crimes committed. The choice is yours. In memory of all the innocent live lost due to the use of chemical weapons in Iraq.

Very special thanks to Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Iraq War Logs, Collateral Murder, for knowledge, truth, & inspiration to research  the truth, retrieve the facts, and reveal these horrible war crimes and illegal war.