Over Easy: Links From the Environment

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Requiem 2019:

Obama signals new focus on climate change, but will there be any realistic action or coordination with other countries?

The Arctic Council has an action group to address and reduce emissions, in an effort to halt climate change.

Changing climate is to blame for the whales that were trapped, according to locals.

Andean glaciers melting at ‘unprecedented’ rates. According to a study, the glaciers are melting at the fastest rates in 300 years.

6 Ways Climate Change Will Affect You

Best Space Pictures of 2012

“Fantastic” New Flying Frog Found—Has Flappy Forearms

Amphibians are in decline, and although the causes have not yet been determined, changing climate is one theory.

Use of Amphibians as Indicators of Ecosystem Restoration Success. Literally permeable, amphibians are very sensitive to any changes in the environment. We have not seen frogs in well over a year, and it was at least a year ago since we heard the songs of frogs.

Himalayas: Water Towers of Asia

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